Great Depression Photos (U.S.)

Great Depression Photos: "Thousands Wear Dust Masks in Kansas," 1935 (The Billings Gazette, via

Great Depression Photos: “Thousands Wear Dust Masks in Kansas,” 1935 (The Billings Gazette, via™)

This collection features newspaper photos of the Great Depression in the United States. This global economic downturn began in 1929, and in the U.S. lasted until roughly 1939. In the American Great Plains states, the financial hardships of the Depression were compounded by a drought known as the Dust Bowl.

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"Stocks Hit Bottom?" 30 Oct 1929, Wed Daily News (New York, New York)"Wait for News on Which Fortunes Depend" 31 Oct 1929, Thu The Greensboro Record (Greensboro, North Carolina)"1,700 Unemployed Men Are Given Food In Soup and Bread Line in Grant St." 18 Mar 1930, Tue The Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)"Breadline Grows to Mob" 10 Apr 1930, Thu Yonkers Statesman (Yonkers, New York)"Chinatown Gets Its Census Taken" 03 Apr 1930, Thu The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)"Hoover Passes Half-Way Mark" 05 Mar 1931, Thu The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)"Mexicans and Families about to Embark on Trek Back to Native Land" 24 Apr 1931, Fri The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California)"Troops Burn Camps of Bonus Army in Washington, Clearing Streets by Gas Attack After Fatal Riots" 29 Jul 1932, Fri Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)"Bonus Army, Driven from Capital, Marches to Johnstown, Pa., as President Hoover Asks for Inquiry" 30 Jul 1932, Sat Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)"'Give Us Home, Not More Evictions,' Says Hooverville" 11 Oct 1932, Tue The Indianapolis Times (Indianapolis, Indiana)"Hooverville Moves Before Hoover Will" 03 Jan 1933, Tue Daily News (New York, New York)"Scenes at President Roosevelt's Inaugural Ceremonies in Washington" 06 Mar 1933, Mon The Rock Island Argus (Rock Island, Illinois)"No Cash, So They Trade Wares" 16 Mar 1933, Thu The Dexter Messenger (Dexter, Missouri)"Chicago's Unemployed Stage Another March" 16 Mar 1933, Thu The Dexter Messenger (Dexter, Missouri)"Scenes As The Nation Turned Away from Prohibition After 13 Years" 06 Dec 1933, Wed The Central New Jersey Home News (New Brunswick, New Jersey)"The Drouth" "A Stirring Pictorial Record Of an American Tragedy" 31 Aug 1934, Fri Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Arizona)"Striking Federal Relief Workers" 01 Nov 1934, Thu Casper Star-Tribune (Casper, Wyoming)"Death and Destruction Ride Midwest Dust Storm" 22 Mar 1935, Fri Daily News (New York, New York)"Havoc Grows in Wake of Dust Storms in Texas" 21 Apr 1935, Sun The Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, Florida)"Negra Tolvanera Llegando a un Pueblo" 28 Apr 1935, Sun El Heraldo de Brownsville (Brownsville, Texas)"Here and There on Some of Boise's Federal Relief Projects" 17 Feb 1936, Mon The Idaho Statesman (Boise, Idaho)"Chicagoans Pack Stadium to Hear Landon's Address Attacking New Deal's Record on Spending" 10 Oct 1936, Sat Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)"Roosevelt Hails New Deal Accomplishments" 17 Oct 1936, Sat The Brattleboro Reformer (Brattleboro, Vermont)"Flood Control Project" 17 Dec 1936, Thu The Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.comMothers from Duck Valley Indian reservation bring their children to be examined by WPA nursesMothers from Duck Valley Indian reservation bring their children to be examined by WPA nurses 15 Mar 1937, Mon The Idaho Statesman (Boise, Idaho)"Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" 07 Nov 1937, Sun The Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa)"Adults Attend W.P.A. Night Schools" 11 Dec 1937, Sat The Omaha Guide (Omaha, Nebraska)"Get Chance for Skilled Jobs" 25 Mar 1938, Fri St. Paul Recorder (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Newspapers.comDust Bowl migrants in CaliforniaDust Bowl migrants in California 16 Apr 1938, Sat The Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)"Madonna of the 'Migs'" 17 Aug 1939, Thu Columbia Missourian (Columbia, Missouri) Newspapers.comH. L. Hinkle, his wife, and daughter stop in California to get information on harvest jobsH. L. Hinkle, his wife, and daughter stop in California to get information on harvest jobs 24 Sep 1939, Sun The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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