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Behind The Headlines of History podcast: Christmas Special

Christmas Special: Mock Marriages & The Great Christmas Coat Robbery

We’re back in your ears for a Christmas special of Behind The Headlines of History! All our stories in this episode have a seasonal slant, although perhaps not in the way you’d expect… Take a listen to discover the festive resonance of Brad’s headline: ‘Alleged Mock Marriage’ (from the Western Mail on December 24th, 1890) …Read More

'Behind The Headlines of History' podcast

Episode 1: The Great Bullion Robbery (a love story) and Hazelnut Theft

In the first episode of Series 1, Michala shares the love story behind The Great Bullion Robbery that was reported in the press in 1855, and Brad’s research reveals how the perpetrator of a hazelnut theft, covered by The Hampshire Advertiser in 1877, is linked to Downton Abbey! To round the episode off, this week’s …Read More

'Behind The Headlines of History' podcast, Episode 10

Episode 10: The Only Female WWI Soldier and a ‘Crumby’ POW Kickabout

It’s the last episode of our inaugural season of Behind The Headlines of History, and this week we’re marking Remembrance Day with stories related to the lives of people during WWI. Michala starts the episode with the incredible tale of Sapper Dorothy Lawrence – the ambitious female war correspondent who dressed as a man to …Read More

Episode 2: Old Jane Cakebread, A Near Miss and 19th Century Dentistry

In episode two, Michala tells the story of the colourful life and times of Old Jane Cakebread, who was making her 271st appearance before the North London Magistrates’ Court (as reported in the Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser, Nov 1894) and Brad makes an impressive segue from a near drowning (covered by the Preston …Read More

Episode 3: The Impact of Industrial Disasters and An Enormous Rat

There’s a somewhat sombre tone to episode three, with Brad and Michala each sharing a story and research stemming from the tragic year of 1862 – from a boiler explosion in Leicestershire (reported in the Bury and Norwich Post, 25 Jan. 1862) to the Hartley Colliery disaster (covered by the Newcastle Weekly Courant, 24 Jan. …Read More

Episode 4: A Flying Pony and The Victorian Bigamist

This week, Brad takes us up, up and away with a dramatic, theatrical and ultimately tragic tale of aeronaut Lieutenant George Gale and his flying pony (covered by the London Examiner on 14 September 1850), and Michala’s story of a Victorian bigamist (reported in the Newcastle Weekly Courant, 20 August, 1858) rivals the plot of …Read More

Episode 5: The Flowerpot Trailblazer and you know *something*, John Snow

If anyone can link a man being attacked on the street to a woman shopping for flower pots (covered in The Illustrated Police News, 6 September, 1879), Brad can! Stick with it, it’s a good’un! And Michala seamlessly takes us from ‘Snow’ to water, uncovering one of her history heroes (reported in the Yorkshire Herald, …Read More

'Behind The Headlines of History' podcast

Episode 6: The Dudley Femme Fatale and Cattle Pilfering

This week, Michala introduces us to Fanny Oliver, a Victorian femme fatale who murdered her husband by arsenic poisoning (as reported in Berrow’s Worcester Journal, 24 July 1869) and Brad digs into a family rift triggered by the stealing of cattle (covered by the Yorkshire Herald, 24 October 1881). And listen to ‘News In Brief’ …Read More

'Behind The Headlines of History' podcast, Episode 7

Episode 7: Looking for Loved Ones and The Del Boy Of The History World

Brad’s tasked himself with the challenge of trying to answer someone’s plea to help them find living family members (from Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, 9th Sep, 1900) and Michala’s story this week focuses on the surprising tale of Sir Gregory Lewin, a barrister gone bad: ‘”The Del Boy of History”! (Sparked by a news report in …Read More