November 15, 1923

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News from November 15, 1923 (Binghamton Press, via™)

News from November 15, 1923 (Binghamton Press, via™)

Germantown Fire Causes Major Damage

On November 15, 1923, newspapers reported that a fire had broken out in the business district of Germantown, New York, the night before. The fire is believed to have started from defective wiring on the upper floor of the Grange Hall and quickly spread to adjacent buildings. Despite the efforts of local firemen and additional forces from Hudson, Tivoli, and Rhinebeck, the fire resulted in significant damage.

The fire destroyed several buildings, including shops and residences. The post office, a grocery store, a barber shop, a restaurant, an ice cream parlor, a doctor’s office, and several homes were among the structures reduced to ruins. Several families had to evacuate their homes without the opportunity to save their possessions and spent the night in the homes of their neighbors.

The total financial loss from the fire had not yet been estimated, but it was thought it could approach $75,000. This figure did not account for the loss of personal belongings, the displacement of families, and the disruption to local businesses.

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