January 24, 1924

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News from January 24, 1924

News from January 24, 1924 (Star-Gazette, via Newspapers.com™)

Disaster Studied To Better Prepare For Next Event

On January 24, 1924 newspapers reported that Dr. Thomas A. Jagger, Jr., director of the American government’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, formulated an examination of the recent earthquake disaster in Japan. This disaster had far-reaching impacts, affecting Tokyo and Yokohama, significant Japanese cities, where the toll was particularly severe. Jagger’s analysis yielded crucial insights that had potential implications for contemporary urban planning.

Jagger, a recognized figure in the fields of volcanology and seismology, went to Japan to investigate the aftermath and confer with local scientific experts due to the complexity and enormity of the disaster, which was a mix of an earthquake, consequent fires, and a tidal wave. Reports suggest the catastrophe resulted in an estimated 400,000 fatalities and property damage around an estimated $8,000,000,000.

Dr. Jagger pointed out a specific issue that arose during the calamity, related to the problem of motorcar congestion in affected areas. He noted that the multitude of vehicles aggravated the situation by obstructing rescue efforts, particularly firefighting attempts, in Tokyo and Yokohama’s narrow streets. These automobiles, along with the hundreds of gasoline filling stations around the city, also acted as fuel sources for the myriad fires that broke out.

Dr. Jagger envisaged a solution involving large cities adjusting their management of automobile traffic, foreseeing a time when cities might consider the provision of designated parking areas or buildings. These adaptations would circumvent the problem of vehicles obstructing pathways necessary for emergency services during disasters.

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