December 05, 1923

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News from December 5, 1923

News from December 5, 1923 (The Buffalo Commercial, via™)

Buffalo NY Organizes “Flying Squadron” of Detectives

In Buffalo, New York, cases of audacious crimes were becoming increasingly prevalent.

In November, a jewelry store based on William Street had fallen victim to a daring daylight robbery. The criminals showed no fear of potential witnesses or consequences, as they boldly smashed the store window with a brick, making off with valuable watches, diamonds, and other jewelry pieces.

In response to the surge in criminal activities, the then Police Chief of Buffalo, George Zimmerman, initiated a “flying squadron” of detectives. These detectives were assigned for citywide patrolling operations round the clock with a primary focus on detecting early signs of major crimes, including potential burglaries and holdups. Despite numerous efforts, combatting the evolving face of crime proved to be a challenge.

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