January 05, 1924

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News from January 5, 1924

News from January 5, 1924 (Elmira Star-Gazette, via Newspapers.com™)

Theodore Roosevelt Named as Likely Candidate for Governor

In the early part of 1924, according to the Elmira-based Star-Gazette, Theodore Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, was seen as the leading Republican candidate for governor of New York.

With the state’s legislative assembly in recess until that next Monday night, the interim was punctuated with speculation about the upcoming gubernatorial race. Political observers pointed to clues that the party’s leadership was shifting towards Rooseveltian ideas, as outlined in an announcement by George K. Morris, chair of the Republican State Committee. These policies were viewed as progressive, indicating an inclination towards Roosevelt’s socio-political ideas.

Included in the Republican program were proposals that had faced opposition within the Republican party the previous year. An example was a forty-eight-hour-week law for women and minors in industry. This proposal echoed a measure introduced by Roosevelt himself, back in 1921, when he served as an Assemblyman.

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