Theodore Roosevelt in Newspapers

Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Canyon at Granite Gorge

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a mile-deep, 277-mile-long steep-sided gorge in Arizona, formed over millennia by the Colorado River. Location  The Grand Canyon lies in the southwestern part of the United States, in the southwestern portion of the Colorado Plateau. The main path of the canyon courses from the mouth of the Paria River, near the …Read More

Spanish-American War: “Colonel Roosevelt and his Rough Riders at the top of the hill which they captured, Battle of San Juan,” by William Dinwiddie

Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War was fought between April 21 and August 13, 1898. The U.S. victory against the Spanish resulted in the collapse of what remained of Spain’s colonial empire and heralded America’s entrance as a major player on the world stage. Causes The catalyst for America’s declaration of war was the sinking of the USS …Read More

A ship sails through the Panama Canal in 1915

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a 48-mile-long man-made waterway located in Central America. It connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through a series of locks, channels, and artificial lakes. The canal was begun by the French in the late 1800s, but that project ended in failure. It became the pet project of President Theodore Roosevelt, and …Read More