January 19, 1924

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News from January 19, 1924

News from January 19, 1924 (The Chat, via Newspapers.com™)

Children’s Christmas Party Held in January

In January 1924, the Church of St. Matthew in Brooklyn, New York, held a children’s Christmas party. This annual event was typically put together for the children of the kindergarten class. However, that year, the celebration was postponed until the New Year.

Within the parish hall, a Christmas tree, a prominent symbol of the festive season, continued to stand. It was lit up again for the occasion, adding to the atmosphere as the children arrived, each being presented with a fancy cap.

Under the supervision of Dr. Norris, the children engaged in a series of games. These included classics like “Farmer in the Dell”, “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”, “Did You Ever See a Lassie”, “I Put My Right Hand Up”, “A Tisket a Tasket”, and “Little Sally Waters”. Later in the event, these games turned into a singing session, where the children voiced renditions of Christmas songs like “Away in a Manger”, “Little Town of Bethlehem”, and “The Little Candle in the Corner”.

The merriment continued with a unique game involving the pinning of eyes onto a pumpkin head. Jackie Dodge, one of the participating children, emerged as the winner of this game. After the festive competition, the children gathered around a table adorned with red and white decorations where they enjoyed servings of ice cream and cake.

As the party came to a close, each child was given a small gift from the still-decorated Christmas tree. These keepsakes served as a reminder of the event.

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