January 21, 1924

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News from January 21, 1924

News from January 21, 1924 (The Buffalo News, via Newspapers.com™)

Fire Damages Geneva Daily Times Building

An entry in a January 21, 1924, newspaper reported that the city of Geneva, New York, witnessed a considerable event. The building of the Daily Times, a local newspaper, was caught in a fire. The fire broke out in the building on January 20, causing damage estimated around 25,000 USD.  Interestingly, the incurred loss was mostly due to water damage – a collateral result of fire control efforts.

Simultaneously, the raging fire seemed to have significantly disturbed ongoing church services, drawing the attention of a large part of the city’s population towards the incident. Amid this, several thousand individuals watched the fire from afar.

The fire destroyed the Daily Times’ printing plant. Reports indicate that the fire likely started in the furnace room and quickly spread throughout the building. However, it was also reported that the Daily Times had adequate insurance coverage, indicating that the financial loss from the incident was substantially covered.

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