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Gelatin-based foods date back centuries. But the invention of commercial powdered gelatin in 1845 (and the flavored gelatin product Jell-O® in 1897) made it more accessible and convenient for home cooks.

This page contains a collection of vintage gelatin salad recipes: from savory molded entrées to sweet side dishes and more.

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Articles and Clippings about Gelatin Salad Recipes

Jello Shrimp SaladJello Shrimp Salad 24 Mar 1912, Sun The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.comSomething New in SaladSomething New in Salad 24 Nov 1927, Thu The Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Newspapers.comCucumber Jelly SaladCucumber Jelly Salad 22 Nov 1927, Tue The Age (Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia) Newspapers.comJellied Pineapple Relish SaladJellied Pineapple Relish Salad 16 Nov 1930, Sun The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana) Newspapers.comHam and Celery LoafHam and Celery Loaf 19 Apr 1931, Sun The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana) Newspapers.comJelly SaladJelly Salad 21 Apr 1939, Fri Liverpool Daily Post (Liverpool, Merseyside, England) Newspapers.comCorn and Tomato AspicCorn and Tomato Aspic 25 Aug 1942, Tue The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio) Newspapers.comTuna Fish Mousse With Cucumber SauceTuna Fish Mousse With Cucumber Sauce 24 Jul 1944, Mon The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, Ohio) Newspapers.comWaldorf Gelatin SaladWaldorf Gelatin Salad 01 Mar 1944, Wed Press and Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, New York) Newspapers.comSalmon MoldSalmon Mold 12 Aug 1948, Thu Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.comCranberry Salad Mold Cranberry Salad Mold 22 Dec 1949, Thu The Herald-News (Passaic, New Jersey) Newspapers.comMolded Chicken SaladMolded Chicken Salad 27 Nov 1953, Fri Argus-Leader (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) Newspapers.comMy Favorite SaladMy Favorite Salad 24 Feb 1954, Wed The Ponca City News (Ponca City, Oklahoma) Newspapers.comGinger Ale Salad Mold Ginger Ale Salad Mold 17 Sep 1954, Fri The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California) Newspapers.comConfetti MoldsConfetti Molds 09 Feb 1956, Thu The Province (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) Newspapers.comEmerald SaladEmerald Salad 10 Mar 1961, Fri The Ephraim Enterprise (Ephraim, Utah) Newspapers.comWinter Salad Mold Winter Salad Mold 21 Dec 1963, Sat Rutland Daily Herald (Rutland, Vermont) Newspapers.comLemon Jello SaladLemon Jello Salad 09 May 1964, Sat The Ottawa Herald (Ottawa, Kansas) Newspapers.comWhipped DelightWhipped Delight 16 Apr 1969, Wed The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana) Newspapers.comWinter Garden LoafWinter Garden Loaf 18 Sep 1969, Thu The Payson Chronicle (Payson, Utah) Newspapers.comOrange Pineapple SaladOrange Pineapple Salad 24 Nov 1974, Sun The Bradenton Herald (Bradenton, Florida) Newspapers.comStrawberry Pretzel SaladStrawberry Pretzel Salad 07 Oct 1975, Tue Enterprise-Journal (McComb, Mississippi) Newspapers.comVegetable Yogurt Salad Vegetable Yogurt Salad 12 Apr 1978, Wed The Daily Item (Port Chester, New York) Newspapers.comMelon Layered SaladMelon Layered Salad 10 May 1978, Wed Daily Record (Morristown, New Jersey)
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