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Dogs in the News: Photo of an Alaskan mail dog and his owner (Los Angeles Evening Express, via™)

Dogs have been featured in newspapers for hundreds of years. This page features a collection of some of those news items–from heartwarming articles and inspiring true stories to funny anecdotes, adorable photos, and beyond.

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Articles and Clippings about Dogs in the News

Lost dog ad published in a newspaper in 1701 - Lost dog ad published in a newspaper in 1701 - "A large black Dog, with a white Nose and Belly" 23 Jan 1701, Sun The Post Man and The Historical Account (London, Greater London, England) "Canine Sagacity" - Dog rescues drowning man at Yarmouth Beach 04 Nov 1819, Thu The Morning Post (London, Greater London, England) "Employment of Dogs to Rescue Drowning Persons" (excerpt) 23 Aug 1839, Fri Liverpool Mercury, etc. (Liverpool, Merseyside, England) Family buries beloved Newfoundland dog in casket at Greenwood cemeteryFamily buries beloved Newfoundland dog in casket at Greenwood cemetery 26 Nov 1879, Wed The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Newspaper reports on death of Monmouth Beach's hero dog, GunnerNewspaper reports on death of Monmouth Beach's hero dog, Gunner 06 Aug 1881, Sat The Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) Dog saves hotel guests from fire in Christchurch, New ZealandDog saves hotel guests from fire in Christchurch, New Zealand 25 Nov 1881, Fri The Hawke's Bay Herald: and Ahuriri Advocate (Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand) Newfoundland dog named Newfoundland dog named "Heck" saves St. Elmo Hotel guests from fire in Pennsylvania 26 Sep 1884, Fri The Brantford Daily Expositor (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) "How a Dog Saved Its Master's Life" - Story of a St. Bernard dog in France 13 Mar 1891, Fri Christian Colonist (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) "A Dog Who Saved His Master" - Dog waits for owner for two years outside of a prison 13 Jan 1893, Fri The New Zealand Mail (Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand) "Bummer and Lazarus. The Story of a Generous Dog" - Article about 2 famous dogs in San Francisco 31 Jul 1894, Tue The Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania) "Dressed Dog" - Clothes for dogs in the 1890s 04 Sep 1896, Fri The Westminster Budget (London, Greater London, England) "Dog Rides a Horse or a Bicycle" - Description of a talented cocker spaniel named "Matt" 24 Sep 1902, Wed Free Press Prairie Farmer (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) "When Doggie Goes Automobiling" - Clothes and accessories for dogs to wear while riding in cars 10 May 1903, Sun The Butte Miner (Butte, Montana) "Christmas Gifts for Dogs" 23 Dec 1905, Sat Daily Mirror (London, London, England) "Heroism of Dogs" (including the story of Barry, the famous St. Bernard) 13 Oct 1907, Sun Evening star (Washington, District of Columbia) "The Red Cross Dog in Action" - Thousands of lives saved by dogs during World War I 21 Jul 1918, Sun Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota) "Oregon Collie Receives Decoration" - Newspaper article about Bobbie, the Wonder Dog 14 Mar 1924, Fri The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington) "Sheep Dog Proves Forest Fire Hero. Saved Entire Flock of Sheep When Herders Had Failed" 17 Oct 1929, Thu The Danville Morning News (Danville, Pennsylvania) "Dog Hero of North Has Only Growl For Soft Climate of Los Angeles" - Story of Alaskan mail dog, Moy 10 Apr 1931, Fri Los Angeles Evening Express (Los Angeles, California) "Just Like a Dog, Sticks to Master Even in High Dive" - Photo of Lady Bunty, a Boston terrier 18 Jun 1931, Thu The Minneapolis Star (Minneapolis, Minnesota) "Dog with Hen Instinct Adopts Chicken" - Photo of a terrier named "Peggy" and her adopted chick 29 Jun 1931, Mon Santa Rosa Republican (Santa Rosa, California) "Dog 'Picks' Latch. Refrigerator Doors No Obstacle to Great Dane 'Cheese Hound'" 24 Jul 1931, Fri The Kentucky Post (Covington, Kentucky) "Dog Saves Child from Drowning. Seized by Arm After Fall Into Deep Stream" 12 Dec 1931, Sat Daily Mirror (London, London, England) "A Famous Dog Passes" - Balto passes away in 1933 19 Mar 1933, Sun Argus-Leader (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) "Kittens Being Nursed by Mother Dog in Animal Kingdom Mixup" 10 May 1933, Wed Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) "Big Dogs Rescue Injured Puppy. Get Him to Safety After Being Hit by Car, Keep Him Warm" 08 Mar 1935, Fri The Minneapolis Star (Minneapolis, Minnesota) "Dog Rescues Dust Victims" - Pet dog helps children lost in dust storm 15 Apr 1935, Mon Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, Montana) "Dog Saves Dog From Drowning At Sault Ste. Marie; Catches Ear" 21 Aug 1935, Wed The Sun Times (Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada) "Dog Leads Federal Agents To Still In His Master's Home in Cleveland" 08 Nov 1935, Fri Springfield News-Sun (Springfield, Ohio) "Royal Princess May Popularize the Corgi, Welsh Breed of Dog" 01 Mar 1936, Sun The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York) "'Two-wheeled' Dog Gets Around Despite a Broken Back" - Dog recovers after three-story fall 04 Apr 1938, Mon The Minneapolis Star (Minneapolis, Minnesota) "Army Dogs . . . they enlist for the duration" - Photos of World War II army dogs 17 Oct 1942, Sat The Australian Women's Weekly (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) "Bradley Dogs' Photo Softens Dad; General Adds Letter for 'Pressure'" - Boy writes to WWII general 02 Oct 1944, Mon Asbury Park Press (Asbury Park, New Jersey) "Dog Takes 2300-Mile Hike To Return to Knoxville Home" - Bosco walks from California to Tennessee 27 Jun 1945, Wed The Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) "Ollie. Mongrel 'Attends' Mound High School" - Story & photos of a rescue dog who now goes to school 17 Mar 1946, Sun Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota) "Millions to be Spent for Dogs This Christmas" 20 Dec 1951, Thu The Indiana Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania)
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