Bread Recipes

Artisanal bread and baguettes

Artisanal bread and baguettes

This page features a collection of bread recipes found in newspapers from across the decades. Includes recipes for breads, muffins, biscuits, and more.

Learn more about bread recipes through historical newspapers from our archives. Explore newspaper articles, headlines, images, and other primary sources below.

Articles and Clippings about Bread Recipes

Potato bread (1893)Potato bread (1893) 21 Apr 1893, Fri Seward County Populist (Springfield, Kansas) Newspapers.comNo-Knead Bread (1902)No-Knead Bread (1902) 13 Apr 1902, Sun The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) Newspapers.comWheat-Corn Yeast Bread (1918)Wheat-Corn Yeast Bread (1918) 31 Jan 1918, Thu Osawatomie Graphic (Osawatomie, Kansas) Newspapers.com3 Banana Bread Recipes (1918)3 Banana Bread Recipes (1918) 09 Feb 1918, Sat Hilo Daily Tribune (Hilo, Hawaii) Newspapers.comPumpkin Corn Bread (1922)Pumpkin Corn Bread (1922) 15 Dec 1922, Fri Minneola Record (Minneola, Kansas) Newspapers.com3 Recipes for Rice Muffins (1923)3 Recipes for Rice Muffins (1923) 06 Apr 1923, Fri The Richmond Item (Richmond, Indiana) Newspapers.comSweet Potato Biscuits (1923)Sweet Potato Biscuits (1923) 08 Apr 1923, Sun Pittsburgh Daily Post (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Newspapers.comBlueberry Muffins (1924)Blueberry Muffins (1924) 26 Aug 1924, Tue Star-Gazette (Elmira, New York) Newspapers.comBanana Bread (1930)Banana Bread (1930) 19 May 1930, Mon Los Angeles Evening Express (Los Angeles, California) Newspapers.comCranberry Bread (1933)Cranberry Bread (1933) 27 Nov 1933, Mon The Millville Daily (Millville, New Jersey) Newspapers.comPumpkin Spice Bread (1937)Pumpkin Spice Bread (1937) 29 Oct 1937, Fri Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Newspapers.comStrawberry Muffins (1940)Strawberry Muffins (1940) 03 May 1940, Fri Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) Newspapers.comOatmeal Scones (1942)Oatmeal Scones (1942) 28 Oct 1942, Wed Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Newspapers.comMichigan Apple Muffins (1943)Michigan Apple Muffins (1943) 03 Apr 1943, Sat Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan) Newspapers.comBaked Brown Bread (1943)Baked Brown Bread (1943) 06 Apr 1943, Tue Wilmington Daily Press Journal (Wilmington, California) Newspapers.comCorn Biscuits (1945)Corn Biscuits (1945) 29 Apr 1945, Sun The Star Press (Muncie, Indiana) Newspapers.com200-Year-Old Bread Recipe (1953)200-Year-Old Bread Recipe (1953) 06 Dec 1953, Sun Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Newspapers.comCranberry Glazed Biscuits (1956)Cranberry Glazed Biscuits (1956) 18 Nov 1956, Sun The Times (Munster, Indiana) Newspapers.comMandel Bread (1960)Mandel Bread (1960) 20 May 1960, Fri Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Newspapers.comWassail Bread (1976)Wassail Bread (1976) 19 Dec 1976, Sun The Paris News (Paris, Texas)
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