Vintage Crochet Patterns

Vintage Crochet Patterns: Pattern for a fishnet dress, 1932 (via

Vintage Crochet Patterns: Pattern for a fishnet dress, 1932 (Vancouver Sun, via™)

From sweaters and hats to rugs and pillow shams and beyond–this page features a collection of vintage and heirloom crochet patterns found in newspapers.

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"Shoulder cape" crochet pattern (1888) 08 Dec 1888, Sat New England Farmer (Boston, Massachusetts)"Crocheted pillow sham" pattern (1895) 23 Mar 1895, Sat Leicester Chronicle or Commercial and Leicestershire Mercury (Leicester, Leicestershire, England)"Child's crocheted jacket in pique stitch" pattern (1913) 04 May 1913, Sun The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)"Crochet edging and insertion for lingerie towels and pillow cases" pattern (1915) 11 Apr 1915, Sun Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)"Scarf shawl" crochet pattern (1915) 24 Apr 1915, Sat The Walsall Observer, and South Staffordshire Chronicle (Walsall, West Midlands, England)"Dainty edging in crochet" pattern (1916) 21 Oct 1916, Sat Capper's Weekly (Topeka, Kansas)"Pretty edge for towels" crochet pattern (1919) 20 Feb 1919, Thu Missouri Rural (Topeka, Kansas)"Crocheted jacket and bonnet" pattern (1924) 10 Jun 1924, Tue The Age (Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia)"Child's crochet petticoat" pattern (1926) 02 Nov 1926, Tue The Age (Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia)"Pancake beret" crochet pattern (1932) 27 Jun 1932, Mon Cumberland Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland)"Summer sweaters for children" crochet pattern (1932) 13 Jul 1932, Wed Public Opinion (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)"Collar and cuffs of ribbed stitch" crochet pattern (1932) 16 Aug 1932, Tue Times Union (Brooklyn, New York)"Fishnet dress" crochet pattern (1932) 20 Aug 1932, Sat The Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) Newspapers.comVictorian-style Victorian-style "bed jacket with crocheted edge" pattern (1932) 26 Oct 1932, Wed The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin)"Sweater blouse" crochet pattern (1932) 01 Dec 1932, Thu Courier-Post (Camden, New Jersey)"Baby cap, mesh gloves, and sea shell bag" crochet patterns (1934) 18 Sep 1934, Tue Times Union (Brooklyn, New York)"Daisy yoke dress" crochet pattern (1935) 31 Mar 1935, Sun The Billings Gazette (Billings, Montana)"Tailored blouse" crochet pattern (1935) 17 Oct 1935, Thu The Windsor Star (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)"Short coat" crochet pattern (1936) 24 Apr 1936, Fri Stockton Evening and Sunday Record (Stockton, California)"Crocheted gloves" pattern (1936) 09 Aug 1936, Sun The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, Colorado)"Clever little blouse" crochet pattern (1936) 29 Aug 1936, Sat The Times (Munster, Indiana)"Luncheon set" crochet pattern (1938) 26 Oct 1938, Wed The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware)"Crocheted cotton rug with tufted edge" pattern (1942) 09 Oct 1942, Fri The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, Ohio) Newspapers.comCrocheted Crocheted "Collar that will make an ideal gift" pattern (1942) 07 Dec 1942, Mon The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, Ohio)"Padded roll brim hat" crochet pattern (1948) 02 Apr 1948, Fri Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas)"Juliet cap," "small gold clutch bag," "Roman sandal" crochet patterns (1949) 28 Feb 1949, Mon Public Opinion (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)"Bedroom slippers" crochet pattern (1951) 16 Dec 1951, Sun The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia)"Crocheted jacket" pattern (1952) 26 Jan 1952, Sat The Province (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)"Crocheted hat and bag" patterns (1952) 21 Jun 1952, Sat The Province (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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