Pie Recipes

Pie Recipes: Cherry Pie

Pie Recipes: Cherry Pie

This page features a collection of sweet pie recipes found in newspapers from across the decades.

Learn more about Pie Recipes through historical newspapers from our archives. Explore newspaper articles, headlines, images, and other primary sources below.

Articles and Clippings about Pie Recipes

Squash Pie (1912)Squash Pie (1912) 24 Nov 1912, Sun The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) Newspapers.comMock Cherry Pie (1914)Mock Cherry Pie (1914) 25 Oct 1914, Sun The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) Newspapers.comAmber Pie (1934)Amber Pie (1934) 28 Jan 1934, Sun Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) Newspapers.comVinegar Pie (1936)Vinegar Pie (1936) 04 Sep 1936, Fri Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Mississippi) Newspapers.comApple Sauce Custard Pie (1939)Apple Sauce Custard Pie (1939) 30 Jan 1939, Mon Garrett Clipper (Garrett, Indiana) Newspapers.comBlack Currant Meringue Pie (1939)Black Currant Meringue Pie (1939) 20 Jul 1939, Thu Birmingham Post (Birmingham, West Midlands, England) Newspapers.comCarrot Cream Pie (1939)Carrot Cream Pie (1939) 24 Sep 1939, Sun The Minneapolis Star (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Newspapers.comEnglish Blakewell Pie (1940)English Blakewell Pie (1940) 30 Jan 1940, Tue The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Newspapers.comSugar Pie (1940)Sugar Pie (1940) 15 Nov 1940, Fri The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Newspapers.comMock Apple Pie (1945)Mock Apple Pie (1945) 20 May 1945, Sun The Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.comStrawberry Custard Cream Pie (1946)Strawberry Custard Cream Pie (1946) 31 May 1946, Fri Republican and Herald (Pottsville, Pennsylvania) Newspapers.comGeorgia Pecan Pie (1946)Georgia Pecan Pie (1946) 05 Dec 1946, Thu The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Newspapers.com

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Strawberry Ice Cream Pie & Lime Ice Cream Pie (1947)Strawberry Ice Cream Pie & Lime Ice Cream Pie (1947) 05 Jun 1947, Thu The Sandusky Register (Sandusky, Ohio) Newspapers.comCherry Chiffon Pie (1953)Cherry Chiffon Pie (1953) 20 Feb 1953, Fri Corpus Christi Times (Corpus Christi, Texas) Newspapers.comUpside Down Pecan Apple Pie (1953)Upside Down Pecan Apple Pie (1953) 28 Feb 1953, Sat The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California) Newspapers.comBanbury Apple Pie (1957)Banbury Apple Pie (1957) 23 Apr 1957, Tue The Age (Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia) Newspapers.comBlueberry Pie Imperial (1957)Blueberry Pie Imperial (1957) 05 Jul 1957, Fri St. Louis Globe-Democrat (St. Louis, Missouri) Newspapers.comFresh Grape Pie (1958)Fresh Grape Pie (1958) 02 Oct 1958, Thu The Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) Newspapers.comGerman's Sweet Chocolate Pie (1959)German's Sweet Chocolate Pie (1959) 23 Feb 1959, Mon The Daily Times (Davenport, Iowa) Newspapers.comRum Butterscotch Pie (1959)Rum Butterscotch Pie (1959) 02 Apr 1959, Thu Journal and Courier (Lafayette, Indiana) Newspapers.comChess Pie (1960)Chess Pie (1960) 22 Jul 1960, Fri The Windsor Star (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) Newspapers.comOld-Fashioned Rhubarb Pie & Rhubarb-Pineapple Pie (1962)Old-Fashioned Rhubarb Pie & Rhubarb-Pineapple Pie (1962) 28 May 1962, Mon North Bay Nugget (North Bay, Ontario, Canada) Newspapers.comShaker Lemon Pie (1964)Shaker Lemon Pie (1964) 04 Nov 1964, Wed The Journal Herald (Dayton, Ohio) Newspapers.comMarshmallow Pie (1965)Marshmallow Pie (1965) 17 Nov 1965, Wed Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.comBanana Cream Pie with Meringue (1966)Banana Cream Pie with Meringue (1966) 11 Apr 1966, Mon The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) Newspapers.comOatmeal Pie (1967)Oatmeal Pie (1967) 26 Apr 1967, Wed Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.comFrosted Coconut Pie (1968)Frosted Coconut Pie (1968) 10 Jan 1968, Wed Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.comButterscotch Ice Cream Pie (1968)Butterscotch Ice Cream Pie (1968) 28 Aug 1968, Wed The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California) Newspapers.comChocolate Sundae Ice Cream Pie (1969)Chocolate Sundae Ice Cream Pie (1969) 14 Aug 1969, Thu The Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawaii) Newspapers.com
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