December 21, 1923

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News from December 21, 1923

News from December 21, 1923 (Binghamton Press, via™)

Towns in Sonora, Mexico, Are Devastated by Earthquake

In the winter of 1923, an unfortunate event occurred in Mexico with an earthquake destroying several towns in the Sierra Madre mountains of Sonora. The towns devastated by this natural calamity included Granados, Huasabas, and Oputo. The population of these towns collectively amounted to around 5,000.

The news of this dreadful incident was conveyed by a courier, who shared his experience after an arduous journey across the mountains to Nacozari, a town approximately 75 miles south of the international border. His narrative described the catastrophic scene, including tales of adobe houses collapsing onto the inhabitants. His recollections of the tragic event were described with the words “Many, many dead,” underlining the catastrophic loss of life that occurred.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, a plea for basic essentials such as food, tents, and blankets was made on behalf of the survivors, who had been rendered homeless due to the tragedy. This appeal was directed to President Durazo of Agua Prieta, situated across the border from Douglas, Arizona. In response to this urgent request, President Durazo announced that supplies would be dispatched via rail to Nacozari, following which they would be transported by stage to the affected towns.

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