December 27, 1923

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News from December 27, 1923

News from December 27, 1923 (Ithaca Journal-News, via™)

Papers Cover the Aftermath of the Sonora Quakes

On December 27, 1923, reports emerged of a relentless earthquake sequence that had recently transpired in Huasabas, Sonora, Mexico. These seismic events began on December 18 and persisted until December 24. Over the course of this week, 28 separate tremors were reported, all varying in magnitude. The most severe of these shocks were experienced on the inaugural day of this seismic spree, December 18, and the succeeding morning.

The consequences of these geological convulsions were deeply distressing. Twelve lives were tragically lost amidst these violent undulations of the earth. In addition to the human lives lost, the earthquakes wreaked havoc on the infrastructure of the region. Huasabas was severely affected, reduced to rubble in the wake of these relentless jolts.

A neighboring town, Granados, located 15 miles away, was also severely impacted with significant damage inflicted by the quakes. Initial estimates attribute the complete eradication of 29 houses in Granados to these earthquakes.

The hardships faced by the inhabitants of these regions were further amplified when they were struck by a storm following the quakes. This left a significant number of families destitute. Preliminary reports suggested that approximately 125 families were left homeless due to the compounded impact of the earthquakes and the subsequent storm in Huasabas alone.

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