February 29, 1924

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News from February 29, 1924

News from February 29, 1924 (Press and Sun-Bulletin, via Newspapers.com™)

Boy Caught Robbing Home

In Endicott, New York, on February 29, 1924, Richard Evanick, 15 years of age, was taken into police custody for several incidents of burglary. Evanick was apprehended at the abode of John T. Evans, manager of the E J Workers’ store, located at 1,100 North Street. The events leading to his arrest began after Evans dispatched an employee to investigate a suspected robbery at his domicile, as reported by a neighboring individual.

Upon apprehension, Evanick was found with $50, slightly more than was missing from Evans’ residence, and he confessed to the theft. Chief-of-Police Daniel Frutiger indicated that Evanick was implicated in additional robberies, including the theft of $20 from the home of Mrs. Harris at 29 Rogers Avenue and the removal of $18 from a dwelling at 30 Arthur Avenue about a week prior. Evanick was revealed to be on parole from the State Industrial School at Industry, New York.

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