April 03, 1924

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News from April 03, 1924

News from April 03, 1924 (Buffalo News, via Newspapers.com™)

Saint Luke’s Hospital Rebuilds after Earthquake in Japan

In the wake of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, Tokyo faced immense destruction. Among the buildings destroyed was Saint Luke’s International Hospital, an institution of the Episcopal Church of America located in the Tsukiji area, near Tokyo’s waterfront.This event led to a significant health crisis as countless individuals were left injured.

In the days following the earthquake, there emerged a makeshift medical facility on the remnants of Saint Luke’s International Hospital. Several hundred Japanese carpenters began constructing more permanent barracks to house the medical operations. This initiative was under the direction of Dr. R. B. Teusler, the manager of the hospital, who was in America at the time of the earthquake. Upon learning of the disaster’s impact, Dr. Teusler solicited funds for rebuilding.

Six months post-disaster, the provisional hospital was operational, marking a significant effort in continuing the hospital’s mission amidst adversity. The temporary setup included tents and barracks that served various medical departments such as Pediatrics and Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat. Nurses and patients navigated the space, highlighting the ongoing need for medical care in the disaster’s aftermath.

Though the temporary accommodations were not equivalent to the hospital’s previous capacity, this setup played a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare services remained available.

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