November 23, 1923

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News from November 23, 1923

News from November 23, 1923 (Ithaca Journal, via™)

Flapper Fashions Shift to a More Mature Aesthetic

In 1923, a shift in fashion trends was observed, particularly in women’s attire. The fashion industry was undergoing a transformation, moving away from the flapper style and embracing a more womanly and mature aesthetic. This shift was not only evident in the clothing styles but also in the accessories that women chose to adorn.

The flapper style, characterized by short skirts, bobbed hair, and flat-heeled shoes, was gradually being replaced by a more graceful and charming silhouette. The new fashion edict was to embrace the womanly figure, with an emphasis on simplicity and a complete absence of affectation. The fashion industry was moving towards individuality, allowing young women to express their personality through their attire.

Handbags were a popular accessory, with pouch purses and tuck-under-the-arm bags being the preferred choices. These bags were not just functional but also added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look.

The fashion industry also saw the introduction of new materials and fabrics. Velour, a soft, plush fabric, was becoming increasingly popular for making frocks and skirts. The fabric was available in a variety of patterns, including small, medium, and large square checks, and small and medium oblong checks. The color combinations were also diverse, ranging from gray and navy to tan and brown, black and white, and black and tan.

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