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Photo from the Golden Spike Ceremony at Promontory Summit, May 10, 1869

Golden Spike Ceremony

On May 10, 1869, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads were connected at Promontory Summit in Utah Territory, completing the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. Background The Central Pacific Railroad had started building east from Sacramento, California, in 1863, while the Union Pacific Railroad had started building west from Omaha, Nebraska Territory, …Read More

Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, 1869

Transcontinental Railroad

Summary The Transcontinental Railroad (also called the Pacific Railroad or Overland Route) was the first railway to span the continental United States. Begun in 1863, it was completed in 1869, when eastbound and westbound railroad lines were connected at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. Background The most prominent early supporter of a transcontinental railroad was Asa …Read More