January 28, 1924

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News from January 28, 1924

News from January 28, 1924 (The Buffalo Commercial, via Newspapers.com™)

Crimes In Los Angeles And New York

On January 28th, 1924, newspapers reported that crime rates had escalated across the United States.

One notable incident took place in Los Angeles, where a woman was robbed. She was relieved of her treasured possessions, including jewelry valued at a staggering $10,000.

The woman wasn’t the only victim; a pawnshop on Seneca Street in Buffalo also succumbed to this tide of crime. Perpetrators smashed the store’s window with a brick in broad daylight.

Notably, there was an incident involving two youth, Frederick Bowers, fifteen, and Frank Bednarz, thirteen, who were implicated in breaking in and stealing searchlights from E.H. Frank & Son.

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