December 31, 1923

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News from December 31, 1923

News from December 31, 1923 (The Post-Star, via™)

A Review of 1923’s Pivotal Sporting Events

In the United States, 1923 was filled with diverse and remarkable sporting events. The year began with a captivating football match in January, where Southern California University triumphed over Penn State. Shortly after in February, Anders Haugen claimed victory in the national ski championship. In March, Joie Ray set a new world record in his 5,000-meter race against Ritola of Finland.

One of the most sensational events of the year was the heavyweight championship fight held in New York. The battle between America’s Jack Dempsey and Argentine Luis Angel Firpo was an exciting spectacle. Dempsey emerged victorious, marking a significant event in the history of sports in 1923.

In international tennis, American players William Tilden, Billy Johnston, and Dick Williams showcased impressive performances. The American Davis Cup team, with Tilden at the heart, stood victorious, and Johnston added to the glory by winning the British singles championship at Wimbledon.

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