Patrolman Edwin Brough Dyer captures assassin in the 4th Ward.

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Patrolman Edwin Brough Dyer captures assassin in the 4th Ward. - FIRST EDITION EAGLE OFFICE, a P. M. STILL...
FIRST EDITION EAGLE OFFICE, a P. M. STILL ANOTHER MIDNIGHT ftSSaSSINlTION HORROR PILED ON HORROR. A Desperado Caught In tlie - Act of Assassination Assassination Ee Is Pursued, Taken aud Identified An Air Gan and Otlicr Bur - glarlous Implements Found The Vll - lain an Ex - Scrgeaut of Police - His Victim Victim must Die Full Details of tlio Darfc Transaction. A desperate assasination occurred at about ono o'clock this morning, near the corner of Gold aud Johnson streets, In the Fourth "Ward, which revives ail the thrilling incidents connected with tho career aud death of Jlouzani, the Eastern District desperado. It comes upon the public mind with double force just after the mnrder in Hudson avenue, recorded yester - yay, and will add to the general feeling of uncertainty which pervades the mind of the boldest as he walks tho streets at nij;ht, darkened as they now are by tho absence of any lighted gas lamps. The assassination of this morning is one of the boldest and most desperate desperate which has yet been bro - .tght to lif;ht in onr city, and roveals a system, coolness and courage which in any other walk than that of crime should coimaand entire success. The perpetrator, Wm. T. Skidmoro bv name ia an Es - Sergeant of Police, havintr served in and formaly been discharged from the Forty - fourth precinct, Captain Waddy. His experience upon the force, enabled him to avail himself of many points which common villains might bo easily learn, aud time the movements of respective policemen to most of whom he was personally known, with un exactness that gave him great advantages. How well he availed himself of these points in his favor, how he prepared, disguised and conducted himself will be seen by tho following account ofhis capture and murderous deed this morning : THE SCENE OF ASSASSINATION. At one o'clock thi. - i morning, Officer Edwin Dyer, patrolman of the Forty - llrst Precinct, (Captain Smith,) found himself at the corner of Gold and Johnson streets, which is a portion of the territory ho i - .s expected expected to cover while on patrol at night. Iu the dim darkness Dyer discovered a man standing on tho north, cast corner, and, thinking his movements somewhit peculiar, ho kept an eye upon the man, himself unobserved. unobserved. The stranger soon crossed over to tho southeast corner of tho street, and there stood as if awaiting the arrival ol' some one expected. At abont tho same time footsteps were heard on the east side of Gold street, in the direction of Myrtle avenne, and a mini came on unsuspecting the fate in store for him. He readied the corner of Johnson ' street, Dyer on the opposite fide of tlie street watching' and Skidmore laying low for his coming on the casj side of Gold, beyond Dyer. Skidmore made sure of his prey by waiting until the man had advanced to within two yards, when a report, not loud enough for a pistol, was beard, and Instantly the unsuspecting pe destrian fell to the flagging. THE rCRSTJIT ANT) CAPTURE. Then Officer Dyer jumped from his place of conceal, ment and run for the assassin, who, in turn.fonnd himself himself ill a very dangcrons locality. Those who know Officer Dyer, need not be told that he has speed as well as determination, but ho little expected he had a trained policeman to overtake. Dyer was about seventy - five feet or bo behind Skidmore as the latter dashed np Gold street In the direction of Myrtle avenue. Across Myr. tie avenue went pursuer and pursued, Dyer keeping bis man well In sight, and when near "vVillonghby street the assassin looked around at the coming oulcer. Preferring to become a Scott rather than a Ilipwell, he drew his revolver and Drcd. Fortunately, or unfortunately, unfortunately, as the reader may conclude, he missed his aim, if be took one, and the two turned the next cur - ner into Willoughby street, the officer evidently evidently gaining. Away they both went to. wards Prince street, and down Prince lo Fleet street. At the corner of Priuce Oflicer Nash, who had heard the report of Dyer's revolver, joined in the chase, aud the pursued gave up. and was captured at the corner of Fleet and Prince streets. II0W HE WAS ARMED AND DIS:;UrED. The officers took the panl ing prisoner to the Forty" First Precinct Station - house, where he wa recorded as Wm. Skidmore, aged 35 years, and a carpenter by occupation. Upon bis person was found a pair cf false whiskers, and a small cap. lie had on a black slouch hat, and had lie been able to get out of siht i'oi - a moment he could have disguised himself as ho ran, and perhaps by that means avoided arrest. As soon as Skidmore had been placed in a strong cell, officers went over tlie route of his flight and Oflicer Livingston picked up an air - gun, the weapon weapon with which the assassinated party was shot, in the front yard of No. 277 Gold slreet. Oflicer Nash found an old Sergeant's overcoat in the ar. - a of a hou. - e at the corner of Prince und Willoughby streets. THE WOUNDED MAN. Meantime Sergeant Boyd and Patrolman McLaughlin McLaughlin conveyed the injured man lo Ihe City Hospital where a medical examination was made, and it wa s ascertained ascertained that il ball had entered the brain, just above (he left eye and lodged there. The wound was pronounced mortal. On examination of the pockets pockets of Ibe unfortunate man, it was found that his name was William Bishop Carr, an Englishman, aged 43 years, and residing at No. i7 Gold street. He was evidently on Ins way home, and bad almost reached his own door when so wickedly stricken down. Mr. Carr has a wife and family of Ave children, at the number named; he is the inventor of the wooden ball to which is attached an elastic cord, known as tho rebounding ball, with which our juveniles have had so much fun for Ihe past year. Undoubtedly, the attack upon him was made by Skidmore for tho purpose of highway robbery ; but he would have been sadly disappointed disappointed had ho not been disturbed iu his nefarious scheme, as Mr. Carr had only $7 upon his person. ANTECEDENTS OF THE ASSS.VSSIK. Wm. T. Skidmore ia an ex - - meniber of the police, ruder the old municipal force he rose to the grade of an assistant captain, and was subsequently made n Sergeant in the present Metropolitan force. He remained remained on the police until the Uth of August, 1,'lli, when the charge of drunkeness was proven against him and he was allowed to resign to save expul - iou. He has since canted the reputation of a perfistent loafer but no one thought him the desperate character which he shower, himself to be this morning, tin the second of January, lftil, hy good recommendations, he received received a re - appointment on the police, and was assigned assigned to the Forty - first Precinct, but Inspector Folk, who knew the man, nsed his personal influence against him on the ground that he was an inebriate and a licentious licentious man. and he was again allowed to resign, having done no duty during the fonr days ho was counted as upon the force. A bunch of skeleton keys was found on Skidmore. He is a widower and resides in Flushing avenue, near Broadway. The honse was visited this morning, and a pump by which the air gun found is HI led with air, was discovered. Some three years ago thcro was a story to the effect that Skidmorc s wife, who died very suddenly, had been poisoned by him, but the afl'air blew over, aud since then lie has run on from bad to worse, year by year, until now he Is compelled to face a murderer's doom. The air - gnn is now at tho Forty - flrst Precinct, as is also the man who flred it. It resembles a heavy cane, and can bo carried without oven tho remotest suspicion being excited. A tine rifle bore ensures accuracy of aim, and it can be loaded at home, leisurely, so as to lire several balls, either of which possess sullicieut force to break through the skull, as in this case. CARR'S CONDITION AT NOON. At noon to - day Carr was still alive at although no hopes are entertained of HI, recovery From the nusightly wound over the left eye, the brains' protrude to the quantity of half a teacup full, and the unhappy man seems all unconscious of the fact that be still lives. U When Officer Scott shot Monzani, in the E - istorn District, of this city, he did u good thing and was rewarded rewarded by promotion to a Roundsman and received over $1,000 in money. This morning, Oflicer Dyer performed his duty iu a manner equally praiseworthy energetic and courageous. He too secured without killing, a man dangerous to society upon whose person the evidences of a long career of crime were found and whose quietus wi' measurably relieve society at large. It remains to be Eeen how Dyer will fare at the bands of those whom he has protected. The Forty - first police protect the central portion of our city, and have been very prompt in securing all possible evidence of this midnight assassination. assassination.

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 21 May 1867, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • Patrolman Edwin Brough Dyer captures assassin in the 4th Ward.

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