Majestic Theatre Freeport Journal Sept. 10, 1908 Page Two

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Majestic Theatre
Freeport Journal
Sept. 10, 1908 Page Two - RECALLS DAYS WHEN PRIEST WAS ACTOR j*...
RECALLS DAYS WHEN PRIEST WAS ACTOR j* (Continued from Page 6.) he wai3 aroused by the sound of a familiar voice. He looked up and there his eyes confirmed what his hearing told him was the fact. Annie Mack Berleln was playing one of the principal parts in the piece. At the conclusion of the performance he sent back his card. Miss Berlein failed to co,nncct tlie name of Father Vaughan with that of the young man who had played leads with her so many years ago. But it was the card of a priest and she received him. Of course when she aaw him she at once knew him for time had not made any ravages or changed the man. He was still the same lithe figure, the same idealism shone from his dark eyes, even 'the chautauqna work had not hardened hia soft and mellow voice. The actress and the priest had a good visit during which the hopes and aspirations of other days were discussed. Finally Miss Ber- leln said, "Father Vaughan, you should write me a play."' "May be I will," he replied after a long pause. And he did. He wrote "A Woman of the West." At tin* Cirancl Tonight. Patrons of the Grand will have an opportunity tonight of meeting a genuine "Indian Princess Wah-ta- Wa-so," who plays the part of "Pam- nena" in VV. F. Mann's production "As ToJcl in the Hills." "Wah-ta- Waso" signifies "Bright Star" in classic Iroquois, and this ruddy dusk} maiden of twenty summers is .as bright and Interesting as her pretty name, and it fits her as the dew does the rose. "Princess Wah-ta-Waso' is the granddaughter-of the famous Iroquois Chief Red Jacket of the Six nations. She graduated from Notre Dame convent, Montreal, and her English is aa pure as yours. .Power's Theatre, Chicago. "The Servant in the House," has passed its second extra-ordinarily successful successful week at Powers' theatre, Chicago. Chicago. The outlook is that its total run of ten weeks will break the attendance attendance record of the playhouse. So great has the demand been for seats that tickets for four 1 weeks in advance advance have been placed on sale, and, to accommodate prospective out-of- towu and suburban patrons, a mail order department haa been established. established. As was expected, the interest in "The Servant in the House," comes from every source. The audiences are divided between those who attend merely to see a superb play splendidly splendidly acted, and those who are interested in it for the great lesson it teaches and the tremendous uplift it produces. produces. People are seeing "The Servant Servant In the House," who, on account of scruples against the theatre, have coming star even if she has not already already arrived in stardom will offer her songs and imitations which indicate indicate unusual talent and are always pleasing to the audience. Irmo Fox a distinguished magician, who has escaped from the old channels of time worn black art and developed many new features is another member of this brilliant programme and Qalet- tis monkeys, among the best educated simians now before the public may be depended upon to interest all the children and entertain the older people. people. Aside from these there are six or eight other novelty features worthy of attention all combining in one of those uniformly excellent bills always to be seen at this beautiful theatre { This Date in History. not been inside a years. That is the playhouse secret of for the play's unusual popular success—it. chains the .attention of the regular blase theatregoers and enthralls that one who attends but seldom. -*— Majestic Theatre, Chicago. For the week of September 14th at the Majestic theatre, Chicago, the Four Mortons will continue to be the stellar headline attraction after one week of enormous success in that capacity. This, the second, is also the last week of their stay since these popular artists are booked ahead In such fashion that it is impossible for them to continue longer at the Majestic. There have been other families, notably the Cohan's, with one or two members carrying the burden of the day and the other added added merely for the sake of number, but each one of the Mortons is an artist in song, dance and comedy and the result is the combination which has continuously held the stage for some years and is stronger today than ever before. The character work of Mr. and Mrs. Morton is in the genuine line of Irish comedy, full to overflowing with good humor while pretty Clara Morton Is by many thought to be the daintiest soubrette. on the American stage, and Paul,, her brother is an excellent all around comedian. Another smart attraction will be the Jessie Kellar troupe of trick cyclists. This brilliant combination of night young men and women has created a sensation by their apparently apparently impossible feats on the trick cycle. Not satisfied with the ordinary stock in trade of bicycle riders they have developed some remarkable remarkable new movements and many acrobatic feats which hitherto have not been associated with this difficult machine. May Holey, the pretty and dainty little comedienne, who has delighted delighted audiences for the past two or three; seasons and is regarded as a ^ r ^^^^^^^r^vjv | MHP94^4 | 4»4MM^ „„ i ,' . Unl * ed States and Prussia concluded a treaty of amity and commerce. commerce. 1810. James Pollock. o f Pennayl- r of congress ... „ coins the mot- 10 In God We Trust," born. 1813. American fleet under Commodore Commodore Perry defeated the British Meet under Commodore Barclay in battle of Lake Erie. 1828. Don Pablo Obregan, Mexican Mexican minister to the United States, died in Washington. 1853. Rumors of war between Turkey and Russia caused a slump In the New York produce market 1862. Governor Cut-tin, of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, expecting an invasion of the state, called on all able-bodied men to organize for defense. l£63. President Juarez, of Mexico, proposed an alliance of South and Central American republics to resist encroachments by the United States and European nations. 1868. A band of Cheyenne Indians Indians invaded the towns of "Sheridan and Butler, Kansas. 1874. A call was issued for a convention convention of the Republicans of the reconstructed reconstructed states to be held at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tenn. 1889. Samuel S. ("Sun Set") Cox, a member of congress for twenty- five years, died In New York city. Born in ZanosviHe, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1 o 2 4. 18f>4. The Republicans carried the Maine state election by a plurality of 38,000. Healthy kidneys filter the impurities impurities from the blood, and unless they do this good health is Impossible Foley's Kidney Cure makes sounc kidneys and will positively cure all forms of kidney and bladder disease. Strengthens the whole system. H J Moogk, Wm. F. Jungkunz. |TI THISISMY53RD .Poultney Bigelow. t ***+**••* •»•»§ .»*«.»» **+*»» Poultney Bigelow, well known as an author and journalist, waa-born in New York City, September 10, 1855. He is the son of John Bigelow, who served as United States minister to France for some years, and who is now in his ninety-second year. Poultney Poultney Bigelow graduated from Yale and later a.ttended the Columbia Law school. He was admitted to the bar in 1882 but has never,practiced law. Much of bis time has been spent in foreign travel. He resided in Germany Germany for some years and was known as an intimate friend of the German Emperor. Mr. Bigelow has made a special study of modern history and colonial administration and has lectured lectured on those subjects before several leading American universities. During During the Spanish-American war he represented the London Times in Cuba. In 1906 he attracted attention attention to himself by several articles he wrote in criticism of the policy of the administration in the construction of the Panama canal. Low Hates West Via Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Low rates every day, September 1 to October 81, to point* in California California and the Pacific Northwest. J88 for one-way second-cluss ticket from Chicago to San Francisco, LOB Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Victoria, Vancouver and many otlver points. Choice of routes. Low fares from all stations on the 'Jhicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ky. Liberal utop ov^r arrangements. S7 for double berth in tourist sleeper sleeper from Chicago to the Pacific coast. This is a splendid opportunity to investigate investigate the a ;i ioultimil and com- nercial openings now olrered along ;he Pacific CouHt Extension of this railway. Complete information "ree. F. A. Miller. General Paasen- ;er Agent, Chicago. 9-8-10-17 « » . . The Daily Journal is delivered delivered to any part of iho oily for lOo a week.

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  • Majestic Theatre Freeport Journal Sept. 10, 1908 Page Two

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