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Championship Chess - "Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas...
"Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas Stale Champion Bobby Fisher has added another feather to his cap, winning the U.S. national chess championship a full point ahead of Reshevsky and scoring six Kins a n d live draws. He turned in f i n e g a m e s against Reshev- sky, Bis g u i er, and Mednis. This moves us to predict that young Fischer will tie for fourth place in the forthcom- S(evcns ing Candidate s Tournament, and this will be a tremendous feat. Remember the stellar lineup includes Tahl, Pe- trosian, Smyslov, Keres, Gligoric, Olafsson, and Benko! The whole chess world knows that Fischer employs the Sicilian Defense almost exclusively. Will the Russians prepare traps in this opening? Undoubtedly. The following game presents a deep pitfall in which black stumbles headlong. Fischer, confronted with the possibility of making the same error that Black docs in this gaine, would probably neatly sidestep the danger. The queen sacrifice offered by White is piquant and fantastically clever, unleashing a flood of ladies. Queen, and in some instances, a capture with check. r.K4 N-KH3 r-Ql NxV N-qru I1-NK3 Q-Oi O-O-O IM14 N-IU 1 P-XK3 F«B l rxl- 4 r-iii ) Oljm. r-q-ni N-QB3 !!· N-113 I'-J:l r.Ks H-K'J ).( P-KI K-Nl 1»N .V-QS !·«!· |.K)?b) X-BC(c) $$$ /$% f^jik^ ^\:'' f '': Iftm IM 0K Iffiil li.'IlilU PP Ri| · f5P . f| ~"WB^". pi A*te fes , /r iiasd v .. i ;. i KS^ jr »iSiS... w ^ ifefe ® 6 fe! fe |^ iH t*^ H SI A PS! FT Not a run-or-thc-mill combination by any means, A superficial glance at the position will result in a superficial appraisal of the combination. Even though White is out to get at least three light pieces for his Queen, do not overlook that his Queen Bishop is exposed to caplure by "Black's ............ . IV Tin Nxll?e) IS Pn(Q)ch Kio.ll) ^ " ' i'-a Wf ' s Wt: 19 B 111 20 K H - M ( h ) QxP K-Nl(i) K H l l J ) (a) We are in the Rouzer Variation of the Sicilian in which . . . N-K3! is Black's best, if only, move, (b) This unfortunate move leads to a loss, but there are very decent moves on tlie board. (c) Black was angling for this. (15.. . . QxKP; 1G B-1CB4). (d) Two other possibilities are 1) 16 ... PxP; 17 B-K R G. 18 R-Nlch. 2) 1G . . . BxP; BxB, NxQ; 18 R-N1 A 18 ... NxB; 19 RxPch B 18 ... 19 BxR.RxB; 20 RxN.RxR; 21 KxR,Q-N3; 22 R-N2 and White safe and with material advantage. C 18 ... P-KN3; 19 RxN and While has 3 light pieces and attacking chances. (e) While must capture the Knight and yet not lose his Bishop I Equally a poor response black was 1) 17 ... KR-K1?; BxN or 2) 17 ... QxB?; 18 (Q)ch,RxQ; 19 RxN. Belter was 3) 17 ... N-NCcW; 18 K-N1I.KR- Kl; 19 N-Q5 A 19 ... N-Q5; 20 RxN, Q-KBch; 21 B-BL B 10 ... P-B3; 20 B-K3;N-B4; 21 P-N4. 19 ... N-B4; 20 P-QN4, Q-RG; PxN.QxBP; 22 B-K.l and White's passed pawn gives him the game. (f) After 18 ... RxQ, White would continue much as in the actual game. (g) Black's last try, in fact, may have seen this far and he was In satisfactory condition. (h) So that 20 ... N-R4; 21 N5 or 20 ... NxP; 21 NxN, Q-KB-1; 22B-QGch. (i) 22 ... K-K1; 23 N-BGch,P.xN; · 24 R-N8ch. (j) 23 ... KxR we get the prettiest point of all: 24 R-Nlch,K-R3; 25 B-B4ch,K-R4; 26 R-N5cli,K-R5- (R3); 27 R-N4ch! with a problem finale. (k) 2-1 .. . RxR; 25 B-K3ch, P-B3; 26 BxP, R-N2; 27 R-QScli, Q-N1; 28 BxRch. A breathtaking game.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 25 Jan 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 81

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