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1790 Wayne additions - now one who corporation, every burial are of...
now one who corporation, every burial are of lome but or rifi,.,... no to be they Col. nrnl tu inquired Trad. the ci - their iiiuuiu one of Mr. roefs of to ' : has fhould it is nuifance ADDITIONS TO MR. PEALE'S MUSEUM. A DRESSED (kin of the leg and thigh of an Indian, killed tn the march ot General hullivan into the Wcftern country, during the late war rrttt. kJ.... . kit l w.w, 4 - uirc, memocr ot the bupremc Executive Council of Pcnnfyl - TtBtifta A Secan Snake, nf fented by Dr. Lehman. A itone, much reiembling the human leg and foot ; fo formed by the walhing of the water in a fmall creek where" the ftone was bedded Prefented by Dr. Wallace, of Maryland. A Piece of the Baftiic Prcfented by P. S. Du Ponceau, Efq. . - A large Guana, alive Prcfented by Captain Decator. . r A Rone nf thi Rnn C..i. r:n 1 1 """us rim, naa on the coafts of Spam Prcfented by Micrs Fifhcr, An Eaft.India Goofc, alive ; very handfome Prcfented by Mrs. Morris. " The American Swan. 'u p..r.....t l.. M lviv.lll.CU. UY. r. Hugh Henry. 7 Litpnr (Tea of tl Y'mn mnA Ot., - C r ' ..... . 6 ...v. xutcnu! r ranee; executed on white fattin, and each produced by a finole foark of eleAririt Pr..,.i 1 n; Rocou Seeds in the Pods ufed as 1 dye for filks and ItutB, and for coloring cheefc in Glou - ccftcrftiirc, Great - Britaia Preiented by Michael the l - ana.rab of Jamaica Prcfented by It eo , people c', was fee. A pair of MoeulSliDDers Pn - i k n.. Bingham. ... J hat curious Animal, the Opoflbm, with q Young One Prcfented by Dr. Foulke.' x n ,V,f"a',1,rc Uota Bengal - Prefcntcd by Capt. Willet. A Cock with a curious Crtft ; from HoIIand - Frefcnted by His Excellency Thomas Mifflin, Efq. Prefident of Pennfylvania. An elegant Manufcript Copy of the Alcoran, Arabsck - Piefciited by VVm. Thompfon.Efq. of Virginia. s o ThC Ln AS!C.n 5 TC7 fall - Prcfcnted by Robert Millegan, Efq. A Chip cut from the Coronation Chair in Weftrninftcr - Abby. Upon this chair, which is faid to have been made in the year 8eo. the Kingsof Scotland were crowned, prior to the year s 896 j at which period Edward I, of England, England, having fubdued that Kingdom, brought the Coronation Chair, with all the other Regalia Regalia of the Scotulh Kings, from Scone Abby, into England. . Since that time the Englilh and Bri - 'Jt P hve crowned fitting upon this Chair. The wood, which appears to be oak, is pretty found, notwithftandinir its treat antiqoity.j - Prcfcnted by William Barton. Ef - ",.'. .. viding nations, the n Mr. feamen taken thereto by confidered, ments, third The concerning States, whole a Mr. who mcnt, adjourn, finefs j.ico an take on the A Bofton ... ot the Mr. on viai uu fubftance out j Mr. committee . Mr. m tonnage fees ..v 1 A the ratification the Ifland Mr. of the faftory The ufual and

Clipped from The Independent Gazetteer03 Jul 1790, SatPage 2

The Independent Gazetteer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)03 Jul 1790, SatPage 2
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