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Customs- Brownsville - 13. Josephine, from from Graham, Garretson,...
13. Josephine, from from Graham, Garretson, Gal- and local Gal ves- on special off rotigli amung Brazos, put to aad the when the an consternation anchor, for boats returned to tlie until when we tlie iSussuu, Barney drowned We was and all to \V, iu imminent only u e ' c u t t e r Barney of when was the lives, deservo iu noble everything a heimy of tbe indica- saluly in landed reporter, the heavy, ship daylight was found into hawser up forward o'clock and Island. the Oth Gen. tho Col. on Brazos, wo where we wer« evening. steamers in our when we gone off mouth of Jesse ; Jo- the anchors nearthe on whom named, many When this on to this her continued gladdening her bear thu ship" and her seas-- ocean, Eternity allotted Tuesday will Arab was in thirst. time, liu lay a In Haw SyctUI (# the UalveMoM cw« from HKw eays tho The on .Louisiana Ml SIC AN NEWS ASSOCIATKm, ! VILIX, Tesn, Itiich 13, ISOS. f Three stages laden with clie gueete of the uuiortunotte steamer Joeepluue left here at daylight this morning for Brozaa Santiago. Our special expresses will leave with tho dispatches of this association at 1:30 P. M. The xirder appended demonatrateB the authority upon which the Treasury Agents have made their prosecution of thecufltom- bouse officials mt this port. It waa furnished furnished the Ranchero yesterday, ia order to convince the public that the proceedings proceedings Instituted against the defnmders were not personal affair?, but that it waa by special instructions from, the Secretary of the Treasury that they began and completed tbe investigations into the frauds now fastened up:»n the oificiAla lately in charge of the Customhouse here : . _. ... !^ebniary T ^15t{:. f Sni:--The telegram, dated, at Brownville, Brownville, the 20th lust., signed by yourstlf, J. Warreu Bell and Wm. H. Clay, as follows, viz : | " Special Deputy Collector, H. M. Field, ] should be suspended at. once, evidence of : fraud conclusive; ali papers and books · BliDuld be. turaeti over to *jen. McCook . safekeeping ; money under guard, exami- j nation continued/' waa received this inorn- ' ing and the object of this letter is to conjoin the following 1 telegram sent you io reply thereto: Deputy Collector Field has hc-eu suspended this day, and directed to turn ever to you all books, papers and moneys belonging to the office. You will investigate ihu charges against Sir. Field, and report on t-hem at ontw by mail." The telegram sent to Mr. Field, viz: " You are hereby suspended from your ofiicial duties and functions until certain charges made njrainst you, of fraud, are investigated. In meantime you will turn over al] books, papers, money, etc., belonging belonging to customhouse to special agent, A. F. Kendall." In this connection you are informed this department does not,at this time, it'either necessary or expedient, to require the military couimandyr at Brownsville to take possession of any of the books or pers of the customhouse. Should, however, however, Mr. Field refuse to obey the instructions instructions of tl'.is department, you are authorized authorized to request mi UtaTy aid in order to them into effect, provided you have DO remedy at hand- 1 am, very respectfully, S«c*y or the Treasury, Tu A. P, USDAI.L, Eeq , $ii:cial A{;eDt, Bunvns- viJIc, Texas. On the uiorniiigof Wednesday,the llth iuet., while Messrs. Randall, Gen. Bell Miijor Bell and Mr. Clay were attending court, and Lieut. Clark, the officer iu charge, of the guard over the custom-house ·was before the grand Jury, Mr. II. 31. (.lib suspended Special. Deputy Collector, cnterud Uie private room of tliebookeeper at the custom-house and broke open a drawer, which had been closud and sealed by the agents of tho treasury, and abstrac ted a Jurats number of documents and as suddenly escaped from the doors of the customhouse aa he entered, and before the ·rmvrd endeavorto halt, hiui. All he purloined hud been copitd, so no loss The attempt to abstract documents which wuru evidences oi fraud against the special deputy collector has obliged the treasury department to institute criminal proceedings against the three most, ^uihy parUes, namely : H. Field, O. Aubert, ceiver, and Uayitane Solavi, the alleged smuggling agent of the special deputy. The grand j u r y have found several diot-uients already against Aubert and Field for embezzlement, forgery aud fraud, aud against Sclav], five indictments ibr fiuiuggHng. Some twenty ornaore charges h u v e been made against JSIr. Field, aJJ which as far aa examined into by the grand jury have been sustained and indict- nicuts given. Th- agents ousted Mr. Field from the customhouse when they received the telegram telegram order of suspension, which caineby the Josephine, Mr. Field, through his legal advisers Messrs. Slorean and Potter, began suit against the agents on a quo warrants. The suit-was postponed from day to day so that tho agents might time to receive the written documents. They came by tlie St. Mary day before yesterday, and are given in the above orders copied fruiu the Kanchero. Tlie receipts of cust-oroa here since the treasury agents have had t-ho supervision, about one month's tiuie, havo been larger thau for any three months preceding that time for two-years, if calculated on the average, and they are rapidly increasing increasing since those favoritep of the custom- housu officials find th-?y must hereafter pay or have no trade. There is sbundance of evidence to that theBmuggliug "ring" -which has had itH headquarters here, Las reached to Qal- veston and New Orleans. Parties Irom your cily connected-with it are now here, WJ and it is expected they will be erposcd a before leaving. made their act cl' Cruz on »1 not headway ing of uig had and lor at to the of the was The at ago \1 in the tbe the the the ial to liic Ualreetou Uaily N«ws? Frontier A'cws. ilrsjcAN TSzvr'f ESOCIATI: x. lirowu=-viUc, March 18,1M The escuraioniets from New Orleans and ·whom are Generals L'ompkine, Van Antwert Galvcatou .'amoDg Hartsuff, Potter, T v , __ _ . . and Uraham, return to the Brazos to-doy 10 take the steamship Josephine for your t.'ity and New Orleans. A ball was given t;hem last night-at Miller's Hotel and was IL brilliant and happy affair. Capt. A, F. Randal j , Treasury Agent, returns to Galvestnn to-dav He haa had 11 severe trial of toil and anxiety d u r his investigation into the monstrous fraud of this CustomhouHe. . The suspended Special Deputy Collector 33. M. Field, brought a quo warranto in Judge "Walrous 1 Court against Mr. Bafldall in order to obtain possession of tbe ·us. fraud j · 1 he Customhouse papers, books and of now fmmona of tlie ciutid m favor of ihe Trei on the eGth. Yesterday from among the papers at Customhouse waa unearthed. Iwge numbers numbers of communications from. Wawhington showing plainly that theio was a " controlling the organized system of frauds against ,the United States Kevenues, wliich extended to Washington high circles. circles. . There lias bean more money collected collected for customs during the time Mr. Jtanaall has had charge of the Customhouse Customhouse than has beenrapocted to the Government Government for any four months during the Robertson-Hawkins-Field administration. The Customhouse here has always been deficit. At the prirseut rate of income it will be solvent and upwards of $100,000 annual profit to the Government, and vrlien once broken aa 5s now nearly tic- cornp!iahbH, this system ol fraud, there luayfresult in millions of income. Brownsville has UMJU ft dead body because because of thesefrauds. The houses of first claps, such as King, Kennedy Co., Santiago Iturria, S till man nnd other*. .ha»«. been cheated out of an immenae trade cause they could not deal fairly and honestly and compete with the house* which were in the "ring" of this now bro'xen fraudulent system. Matamoroa liaa flourished flourished at the expense of BrownnpiUe. A few roguoe in aseociatioa with the corrupt officials have prospered and grown rich, while a grinding despotism ha-* oppressed tlio poor mechanic aud tho toiling washerwoman. washerwoman. Houaes of ill iame have been supported by the Customhouse officials, and corruption, corruption, vice and wrong have grasped in perale embrace, while virtue,, honesty and law have been at discount. · During Mr. aaodall'a absence Mr. H. Clay, Treasury Agent, hu been deputized deputized to aapcrvise the Custom aflkirs. Major Charles Bell is acting Special Deputy Collector. ued and a to .In r tc ing gla

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  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 24 Mar 1868, Tue,
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