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Cuney - But- imd. Mention Fe Ry on p. m. Cars tt St....
But- imd. Mention Fe Ry on p. m. Cars tt St. apply Indictment cbarg- and ball, morit- for aud for will In City of for .the de. to the to prosecution of of the SOJHE PEN PMJ'UJWSS Of rromliiont Texas BopubUeana--How 'Shay Fleuro So»ardi»B tho Dtvl- nion of Spoil)}. Tho St. Louis llepublio of November U, In a BjHiclal from Dallas 'dlncnss'ing tho probnhlb distribution of 'J.'u.xn3 spoilh under the ii«\v Kdmtuiatratiou, 1ms tho following , Ne!»ou uudMnlloy: City -" suit and the K. V,-. CPNEY. Wkc %vi]3 control thu fcdoral patronnye iu TexHS? This Is tho jjit'iiU'St problem at present confronting the republican patriot In this state. N. W. Cunoy is at present undoubted boss of tho Texas republicans. Ho Is tho jnombor of tho national committee from this ebite. ami the nogroes of the avo politically at his bonk and call. Ho bossud the late state convention like n Ho made bis creature chairman, be put through his platform, ho honored his friends and unmercifully sat down ou his opponents. Cuney Is n smart, industrious fellow, hns tho gift of gab fairly well developed, aud is a shrowai practical politician, lie is about three-fourths while and one- fourth negro. His father lived in Waller county ana was (i stern und unbending old whig, ft planter and ft good deal on a politician. The' father lias beep dead many years, but the son keeps his memory ercen. -Cuuoy is a boss 'longshoreman and employs n. couple of hundred negroes. He is -Brolioff. Bo had a place in the Galveston custom-house for a number of: years, but resjguud ID. 1683 to take a place on the veston nldermanic board.inwhich: he served for five years with a good dsal of credit himself and to bis constituents. Cuney is a worebiuer of Blsmo. He does not consider fjetlumed Knight capable of erring. T hro7.S|h" Cuney's influence the Texas dala- cdtiona were practically at the service of Blliino nt the threela»t conventions. It is lleved that if Blame is made premier of the Harrison administration Cnnoy will carve tho pla in Texas, Cuney will bo apt to demand the - Galveston custom-house for himself. This will bahardly pleasing to cho. white merchants, democrats and republicans, who have business with -the custom-house, but Cuney's hear! is gottina blga»r.?.very day, aud be will be apt to demand-whit Is aldered th» most important federal offli* in tSa state .for Klrineff. No doubt the white rwublicaai and the merchants of Galvetton and Hounton would prefer to see Colonel Wm. H. SInolalv presWing in.tae custom- houta.ibut th»-equality of rac» ifiBa uaa UKeii-flrm hold ofCuney of lat«, and there i» little .doabt that he will; try to capture the most select place for himself. Coney's "supremacy Is only expectedin'tbe event of Elaine bei»s» member of the administration. Blaino ia under obligations to 'Juuey, and Elaine has the reputation of standing by his friends. GENERAL A. O. SIAI.LOY. General A. G. Malloy, who was collector of the customs at Galveaton under Hayes, Gnrfiold and Arthur, now resides at Dallas, and edits a bright but thin weekly newspaper called the Texas Republican. General Malloy is already ia the field for the mar- shalshtp ot tho Northern district of Texas, now illlod by rare "Old Tlgo" Caboll. General Malloy vacated tho Galveston customhouse oa poor aa a church mouse. Ho Is prince of good fellows, mul when in power hud always been surrounded by a pack of leeches who drained him eternally. He is one of the most popular- republicans in state, uud left .the service of the government three years ago for no cth;rrc,iaou than that he wan * republican. lie has n record, and a splendid supply -of enemies In his own party. · Cuney will be apt to oppose Malloy far anything or everything lie may want, · They liavebeen Rt for some years, mainly oecause Malloy ' would not permit Cuney to run the ton custom-houso when h was collector. But Malloy hM a very fair following the respectable element of .the party, .who will back him for tho nmrshalship to the full extent at their power. Besides, ho is warm personal friend and former ..comrade and superior oHlccr of General Harrison. Malloy and Harrison served in tho aauie brigade, ami at ona time, as brlgadior-gen : crAn'Miiiloy cociraapded .Colonel KftrrlaDU, Tliey'iavd renewed theirfrlendshipffequcht I'y sF.v? Miff war, and, on the whole, -people here^ubuca believe thai, Mall03''H portion of the pie is assured, ' . niciiAiro ygijos. Dick Nelson "or ualyeaton wants to be deputy customs collector at Sablno Pass. Ho liaa already written to the secretary the last republican state convention for an official certificate that he introduced and had passed tho following resolution: "ItccoanizinstUe.St. Louis Globj-Demn- crotas the great organ of the republican party in the southwest, the fearless defender of negro Americans against the cruelty oppression of the shotgun, rawhide democracy, we do hereby indorse .its. .policy and commend it to the support of all southern republicans." Armed with thn certificate, when he receives it, Mr. Nelson will proceed to St. Jjouis and call upon Editor McCiillagh of tbe Globe-Democrat and present his claim for consideration. He will nsk Mr. McCullagh to indorse his application for the Sabine collectorship and givo him a letter of introduction to tho president-elect. Ofcourso Mr. McCullagh .will do both. Well fortified, Mr. Nelson will proceed U Indianapolis, call upon General Harriaon and make known his v.^nts. If intelligent action can procure him a slice of the pie, Dick Kelson is bound to get it. 1!. M. U. The the Tho of S timidity Ih« as was King Jack a -- of the was by THE COTTBT3. * the the , Snn the of of of

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 17 Nov 1888, Sat,
  3. Page 15

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