The Piqua Daily Call (Piqua, OH) 14 Oct 1897

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The Piqua Daily Call (Piqua, OH) 14 Oct 1897 - j O'REILLY'S BILLYGOAT. ! \ ! \ j 1 i I ; I I i...
j O'REILLY'S BILLYGOAT. ! \ ! \ j 1 i I ; I I i I ' - \ ; j ' ; i | '• : i ' i : ; I • I ' a'i •' i ' ! j | '• i I sole-urn, Sabbath stillness lios along the i JMuilviUf UUHJS, [ ^.inon^ i he crags of Shuutytown a, peaceful quiet rtdxiiH, . i t'or down upon JMcCarty's dump, in licry fight i for f;i)jie, • Tin- Sliantys ineeT tlie Mudvillcri in the final IK-nnani yainu, ; And, lu'cdi':-s of iho frantic fray, in c<:iiter field remote, Behind the bi^y(;st asli he;\p lioH ! O'Keiily's billygoat. \ llu; cji^er (:i-o\vd bctnds f<jr\\"ard now in fierce ex<:iti:in'eni 's thiall, the jntdior Avj-jtht-.s in serpent, the nm- pire says,. "Play ball!" U'Ji'; balsinan s"\vhr 0 's \vi:h .sudden spite, a l(>ud, ' r<;sounding --sjiat , " - And, hi.ssiny ihrou^ii the anibiont air, the hors(;hide U.-ave.s ihe bai. ', Ti'ith one tei-riiic: b:nile<-vy the "bleacliers" i c;lear iheir throat. j But siill serene in slnr..ber lies i < )' 11 • 'liiy's 1>illy«oat. \ Ala.s, alas, for Shaniytown, il;e 3Iudville.s'i forye ahead ! • i Alas for patriotic- hopes, the green's belo\v ihe reu ! V>"ith one-half inning si iii to ]->lay tho score is tlll't'O \(J t\VO, The bhamys have a. man on base—be brave, Jay lads, :;nd I rue! ; Kohl (.'aplain 3iuyysy conies lo bat, n batsman lie of no;e., And slo\'.-]y o'er tJie ash lieap \val3cs U'.i;oii ly 's .billy goat. The yelling Mudvllle ho^ts have wrec-kect his slumber so sei ••-lie. Wiu: deep tlis^ust and sullen eye he ustv.ex oji the seem-. Be nou.-H the renter iielder's yarb, tlie Mudville. Mudville. shin of red, ?Je firmly ])iants his sturdy legs. h« bow.-i hi.s has the the for th.e tt> to to us upon i;is shaggy ears the Mudville slo- yan su.ole A sneer played liad liie \vliiskers oL" O'l. tally's billy^(juT. Tlv- v;illunt Mu^sy hits the ball. Oh, deep and dark despair ! lie hi.s it l.aru and riU-siji'ht, but, ah, he hits it iu the ai) ! The Mmivme t enier iielder smiles and reaches forth in {,'iee. He kmivvs tliax lly'rf an easy out for sxieli ;t .man as he. iievvare, oh, i u>h and i eckless youih. nor o'er your tritiiiipii u-luai. l''or lou'urd you, like u comet, fiies < >'Kt'iiiy's biliygoat! Across She bautefield is borne a dull and jnuf- Hi-d sounu. Tliu like a bullock falls, the ball rolls on the £! ound. Around Hie ba>A-s, on the wing, the gallant ii r, ;j;-.;sy s] -< •( 'ds And fol-ov.'s s-.viliily i:i vlu; track where fast his conn a(;e U-ads. And trom li.o lie id '.-f eliaos, \vliere the dusty bii!<nvs iio;:l , V.ith cuim, niiijf.-Siii.r nncn there stalks O'x.eilly's biliv^uat. »»:*.*.•.-.«* Above 1h- j era.LTS of Shantyiown the ilauiiiing jieniu.'Ut \\-ti v«'s And irlieeiinji myriads chunc the- ] of JIugwsy's lusty braves. The children shout in yladsome glee, euch lady waves her hand As iii'iiii;-,!! iho stiei-is ihe heroes n:ar<:h \vilh live!;, C-H-VJUiiU band; But \vildi-i- ^: ows the i. ujirult when, v^'iiii rilj- boned horns and i.-oar, Tiiey see on hiyh in triiui:ph borne, < ) ' R e i 1 ly ' s bi lly gou t . " — Joe Lincoln in L. A. \V. Bulleiiix. to the of I | ; ex' \ for Mis' Mis; i ; F. ; Penn!

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  • The Piqua Daily Call (Piqua, OH) 14 Oct 1897

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