The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio on October 14, 1897 · Page 15
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The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio · Page 15

Piqua, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1897
Page 15
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BEATHSJROM FEVER An Alarming Increase in Number in New Orleans. NINE IN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. During the Sumo Time There VTns Twcii- ty-K'.tfht New Ceases He-ported to tlie Uoar«l of Health-Tli!rtoeii New Cuties at Mobile, but No Deaths— Keport.s !Frcun Other Infeet«*<l IMueeK. NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 14.—Yesterday was the record smasher in the number of deaths in a single day from yellow fever since the sickness \vas first reported in New Orleans. It is- difficult ro iind the cause except in the fact that concealment, neglect and rebellion against the authority of the board of health have made it difficult for the physicians to give proper attention to fuses. There have been nine fatalities reported during tlie past ^4 hours. Heretofore the highest number of deaths in any one day has bc-jn six. There have been 28 new cases. At the board of health there was some discussion among the gathered physicians as to whether tlie disease had assumed suddenly a more virulent form or whether an aggregation of circumstances had sent up tlie list of deaths. Prominent doctors say they do not believe the disease has become more malignant in type. They believe that the fact that ou some days there have been four or five deaths, on succeeding days no deaths, and then four or five again, goes to show rhac tho fever has been as eccentric before as it is now. The record of dea- hs aiid new Cases for tlie past 24 hours are as follows : Salvator Fortaua. Antonio Corvajo. Eduard C. Ray. Giovuni Circia. Isadore Hchcurer. Charles Sauers. A. .La BUT: oa. Hmry E. Wells. Joseph t: iiiita. NK\V C'AS'~«. ^ Chrisran I. May, (.-.-invanni Cuoia, JKolle Jrhiiips. John Johnson. Frank Ha 1 , eleg. James Earriiy, Lo isa Lureu- buhl. W. F. Muff. F. Mills. Stephen JSangoli, Minge Jpi.xey. Ed Hubeuer. Joseph Bell. Ruiiter" O. Leake. Miss Maud Mallett, Dr. J. Spraell. Miss L. Pleusanrs. .1. F. Co/lev. Annie-WHi- REVENUE CUTTE_R_CORWIN BACK, j O'REILLY'S BILLYGOAT. The trouble with us nowadays is, that we do not lead natural lives. The feminine portion of our society is especially culpable in this way. It is really a wonder that women are as healthy as they are. Very few women get any outdoor exercise. Very many get no exercise at all. Modes of dressing- interfere with the proper muscular action and with the circulation of the blood. All the hygienic laws are broken. It is little wonder that nine women in ten are troubled •with some derangement or irregularity in the action of the organs distinctly feminine. Neglect and \vrong living will show themselves first in the most delicate organs of the whole body. With such weakness and sickness so prevalent, it is to be expected that the bearing of children would be fraught with dread and danger. It should not be so, of course. Nature never meant it to be so. The performance of the highest function of -which a woman is capable should not be accompanied by pain. If perfectly natural living were the rule, it would not be so. As lives are lived, something else must be done. A remedy must be found. For over thirty years, Dr. Pierce has been chief consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. .During that time he has treated thousands of women. He has found in his "Favorite Prescription" a never-failing specific for female complaints. It strengthens the whole body and when taken during gestation, shortens the period of labor and makes childbirth well-nigh painless. It also promotes an abundant secretion of nourishment for the child. THEY LIKE THE COUNTRY. Wlien jR.«-tir<-<], Naval Officers Seldom in Large To.wii.s or Cities. "Naval officers valways settle in the country when they can," remarked a prominent oiiloer to a Star reporter. "During their active careers—that is, din-ing tho time they are at sea, they are necessarily c-ramped for room, and while some of them on the large mod- She Brought News From Alaska ami the '.Bering- Sea. ] SAX FRANCISCO, Oct. 14.—The United ! States revenue cutter Corwiii, Captain \ "W. J. Herring 1 commanding, 10 days ! from Bering sea, dropped anchor in the \ bay yesterday evening. She brought j down from the north Dr. Sheldon H. 1 Jackson, United States general agent of education in Alaska ; Lieutenant D. i H. Jar vis from the cutter Bear, Whaler I J. A. Petez - s of the wrecked whaler Kavarch. and Richard and Rollo Cam- ; den, who went up on the Eliza Ander- I son, but who returned to wait until I spring before going to Daw.son. • i Dr. Jaccson has been spending the I summer in the Yukon river valley in ' the interest of the United States go\ r - \ eminent. He reports the reindeer ; herds as doing fiiielj', ];30 trained deer j being ready for freighting. ! The cutter Corwin after carrying dis- ' patches to the cutter Bear, sailed from ; St. Michael's on Friday, Sept. 24. Only i two parties of miners remained at St. | Michael s and they were expecting to start in a few hours for .'Dawson. I On the 2(ith the Corwin called at St. '• La\\rence island. Dutch -harbor was; reached on the iiOth. where she met the : steamship Portland bound for St. 'Mi- i chad's. After taking on coal and leav- ' ing her cargo of ship building she sailed i on rhe 30th for St. Michael's'. • The original purpose of the North : Amirican Transportation and Trading company to build additional steamers ; for their Yukon trade this winter at Sf:. I Michael s. has been changed and the • steamers will be built at jjuteh harbor. I On Friday, Oct. J, the steamship ' HuTuboldt arrived at Dutch harbor, with Colonel Randall, U. S. A,, and a'i deiachment of United States troops, and left on the yd for St. Michaefs. •' Thr; cutter Bear was at St. Michael's* waiting to convy tho steamship Portland on her return trip with miners and their gold. The new building: for the industrial i mi sion school at Unalaska. established ' and erected by the Womeii's Home Mis- s.on society of 1 he Methodist Episcopal ! church of the United States, is so far j completed that the mission has moved info it. Mrs. M. F. Beiler, who has | been supor ntending the work, is now '• en route to "'her home in Washington, i I sole-urn, Sabbath stillness lios along the i JMuilviUf UUHJS, [ ^.inon^ i he crags of Shuutytown a, peaceful quiet rtdxiiH, . i t'or down upon JMcCarty's dump, in licry fight i for f;i)jie, • Tin- Sliantys ineeT tlie Mudvillcri in the final IK-nnani yainu, ; And, lu'cdi':-s of iho frantic fray, in c<:iiter field remote, Behind the bi^y(;st asli he;\p lioH ! O'Keiily's billygoat. \ llu; cji^er (:i-o\vd bctnds f<jr\\"ard now in fierce ex<:iti:in'eni 's thiall, the jntdior Avj-jtht-.s in serpent, the nm- pire says,. "Play ball!" U'Ji'; balsinan s"\vhr 0 's \vi:h .sudden spite, a l(>ud, ' r<;sounding --sjiat , " - : And, hi.ssiny ihrou^ii the anibiont air, the hors(;hide U.-ave.s ihe bai. ', Ti'ith one tei-riiic: b:nile<-vy the "bleacliers" i c;lear iheir throat. j But siill serene in slnr..ber lies i < )' 11 • 'liiy's 1>illy«oat. \ Ala.s, alas, for Shaniytown, il;e 3Iudville.s'i forye ahead ! • i Alas for patriotic- hopes, the green's belo\v ihe reu ! V>"ith one-half inning si iii to ]->lay tho score is tlll't'O \(J t\VO, The bhamys have a. man on base—be brave, Jay lads, :;nd I rue! ; Kohl (.'aplain 3iuyysy conies lo bat, n batsman lie of no;e., And slo\'.-]y o'er tJie ash lieap \val3cs U'.i;oii ly 's .billy goat. The yelling Mudvllle ho^ts have wrec-kect his slumber so sei ••-lie. Wiu: deep tlis^ust and sullen eye he ustv.ex oji the seem-. Be nou.-H the renter iielder's yarb, tlie Mudville. shin of red, ?Je firmly ])iants his sturdy legs. h« bow.-i hi.s forgeries. This method of detecting forgeries has bewi devised by Professor M. Bruy lauts, professor of chemistry in the University of Louvain. The portion of a documr-nt which is suspected of having been altered is first, moistened, and then, a.t'tcr being dried, is exposed to the action of vapor of iodine. The portion rhu.s moistened, if it has been altered, H3snines a violet tint, while tho other }-;irtiou appears a brownish yellow. This action is evidently due to the removal of a portion of the starch vontuiu»:<l in the .size of the paper. The -:\mo process will oven rcvc-al the existence of pf-nctl marks erased by rubbing. —Publi.-. Opinion. Very l>ai»£"erous. A man pointed an unloaded gun at a friend ai'.ci pulled the trigger. ",«'." lie cried gleefully, "I have- exploded M superstition. There i= no danger in an unloaded gun. " And i-trnightway the friend struck him on t M' head with all his might. "It seems to be a dangerous weapon for a for/.! to play with after all." was th.e consolation he offered, as thti man bound up his wound.—Chicago lieoord. ). C. NOT NEEDED The Cruisers IN HAWAII. 1 tt> Vt>r.. tt>\vii ;ind He I\«3i'f\lled. NEW YORK, tjct. J4.—A dispatch to Tho Herald from Washington says : It bush. , ohn Herbert. Mis/s' Mary Dickin- i eru ylli P s liav « elegant and siuiiprnous ! ls definitely announced at the navy de- son. William L arrott. Mr. Jaines. Miss i quarters, there is necessarily a limit to i Pertinent that when the cruiser. Haiti- Victoria D:cV. Mr. l.Jbifman. Walter j'it. This thing grows on a man to such : more leaves for Hawaii, probably next Blenhler, Herbert Bleuhler, Homer ; an extent that" .the first thing he does ' wee ^- slie ^ vil l carry with h---r orders to Hei'bert. Total cases of yellow fever ro date, OSri: total deaths front yllovr iVver to date. 7? : total cases absolutely ered. JJOo ; total cases A vei'y large number of were reverted to the board of health and some of them \verr-> of people who had been ill but a fiiw davs. The board of health has received a letter from Health Utticer Johnson of Plaquemines? par'sh savin? that D. Tabony had died of yellow fever. The case was regarded as suspicions and after death an antop-y was "held. The case was found to bo un -.nest'onably one of yellow fever. Two others of rlie same familv, Dr. Johnson says. Avere taken down with chp fever, but tliey are now both Dr. Johnson has been unable to trace the. origin of the disease. Planeminos parish when he is retired, and in hundreds of cases long bolorc; retirement, is to hunt : ^ are is.and. up a farm and locate on it. Three of the two^niiboat admirals ou the retired list. Leaded by rrat -o u is Admiral Annnen. are the owners of farms in the immediate locality of Washington, and any number of other officers are similarly provided for, though their ft;rms are not so extensive. They seem to want stretching room, and it will be noticed that when they do locate tht y secure Lig places. Th< ir tiie Yorktown and the Wheeling to go to The withdrawal of these ts meaiis that the admiuis- satisfied that the Baltimore ;U1(1 th(} ^ nn - boar , Bennington will be suific;c-nt to protect American interests ^ u tne islands in the future, it also in- dicutes that the temporary need which f.-alU-d the two gunboats to Honolulu has ex p: red and that the president feels safe in directing their return. It is frankly admitted that the only reason the authorities had for sending us upon i;is shaggy ears the Mudville slo- yan su.ole A sneer played liad liie \vliiskers oL" O'l. tally's billy^(juT. Tlv- v;illunt Mu^sy hits the ball. Oh, deep and dark despair ! lie hi.s it l.aru and riU-siji'ht, but, ah, he hits it iu the ai) ! The Mmivme t enier iielder smiles and reaches forth in {,'iee. He kmivvs tliax lly'rf an easy out for sxieli ;t .man as he. iievvare, oh, i u>h and i eckless youih. nor o'er your tritiiiipii u-luai. l''or lou'urd you, like u comet, fiies < >'Kt'iiiy's biliygoat! Across She bautefield is borne a dull and jnuf- Hi-d sounu. Tliu like a bullock falls, the ball rolls on the £! ound. Around Hie ba>A-s, on the wing, the gallant ii r, ;j;-.;sy s] -< •( 'ds And fol-ov.'s s-.viliily i:i vlu; track where fast his conn a(;e U-ads. And trom li.o lie id '.-f eliaos, \vliere the dusty bii!<nvs iio;:l , V.ith cuim, niiijf.-Siii.r nncn there stalks O'x.eilly's biliv^uat. »»:*.*.•.-.«* Above 1h- j era.LTS of Shantyiown the ilauiiiing jieniu.'Ut \\-ti v«'s And irlieeiinji myriads chunc the- ] of JIugwsy's lusty braves. The children shout in yladsome glee, euch lady waves her hand As iii'iiii;-,!! iho stiei-is ihe heroes n:ar<:h \vilh live!;, C-H-VJUiiU band; But \vildi-i- ^: ows the i. ujirult when, v^'iiii rilj- boned horns and i.-oar, Tiiey see on hiyh in triiui:ph borne, < ) ' R e i 1 ly ' s bi lly gou t . " — Joe Lincoln in L. A. \V. Bulleiiix. Eer Chance. "I heay that Miss Moody is inconsolable over rlu: loss of poor little Fido. " "Yes. poor thing. Every time it rains cats and dogs she rushes to the window to see if be is among them."—Pick Mu Up. Santa I J o is the only city that has a board of trade composed exclusively of women. They attend to all matter of business relating to the good order oi the city a;:cl irs saiiitury condition, i-o- ceive, and .v.4come strangers and enier- tain all celebrities. Persia e-.vports every year aboiit 6,000 boxes of opium, each containing iyO pounds. About the saii^eaifount is co.u- S CROFULA in its worst form yields to the blood cleansing power of Hood's Sarsaparilla. Thousands of cases have been perfectly CURED. iiiro stock and chicken rais- ' th ? ^?l itboaTi ? to Hawaii ^as because of. tunicis run inp. The- o ulcers of the marine corps have been nuted for years as the owners might prec.pitate a riot which would of the speediest h',rses_o\vne:l or driven ; wreck the bole adminisvrution'and place about Washington, and they have been always pronnnent in connection with our racing asse.r-iations and organizations. Is aval of. Leers have been similar- them in power, unless checked by United State- forces. The authorities are now satisfied from the rpporrs received from Admiral Mil- Y\ 7 r:iiy Searcher (looking for board)— I hrpe. madam, you do not object to children: Boarding House Mistress—Oh. not in the leusr. 1 have nine myself. Weary Searcher (backing off)—Um— er—if I cleeide to take the rooms, I will send you a postal. C.iood day.—Ntv." York Wceklv. I li\<-iii-siuri to Col itmbiis vi;i. l*i--niisylv;ini:i | I/IIK.'S. ; October .1J th and 15th, low rate ex' cursion tickets will be sold to Columbus \ for me'enng of Woman's Board, of Mis' sions of the Interior of Woman's Mis; sionary Union : valid returning October i J4th. j October l!)th and 20th, for meeting of ; F. & A. M. Grand Lodge at Columbus, ; excursion ii(-kets will be sold via. Penn! sylvania Lines: return coupons valid i October 2.-M. «• m^f Indianapolis Division. Ili/BnnsylvaniaLinsB.I ttdV Schedule of Passenger Trains-Centra! Tim». v? estward . Colurnbnslv. Marble Cliff. " HilUards " Hayden " Plain City " Union ville... " Milford Centre.... " Woodstock.. " Hagenbungh" Urbana....... " WeslvilTe " St. Paris. ... " Conover " Fletcher. " Piquu " Covin^t.on. .. " Union City... ** Hartford " Msirion ... " Lojransport... " Wfnamac " <~!rown Point " ^-hicsitto .... ar. Bradford .Iclv. • Greenville™.. " Weavers " ; N<-w Madison" Wileys " Ne\? Paris ... " Richmond j fj' : Cambridge City.'.. " Eastward. lambridge City... " 1 li^hrnoncl j ^' N*»w Paris ....•" Wiloys " New •\tarlison'- Weavers " : GeUysburg .. " Bradford Jc. ar t'Itica&r«» Iv Crown Point " , Winam ac ... " Logans port.. " Marion .. " 5 AM *230 vi o" a ! 600 605 BOO AM <» X 1 i AM t6 so; 715: 825 858 1020 AM jr H jj 46 A M AM *550t830 7 16 10 16 7 451052 7 50 11 02 1112 .... 11/22 i"8 15113C ... 11/4C 8 3211 5C f 8 4412 0' 8521! 121; <F^* Hartford " c» ; Union City... " -5 " ; Brail fo rd Jc ar.j" ; Bradford j C'ovington. ... " 1 Fietirber " i Conover " >t. Paris " Westville " .V T <K)U.stor:k.. " 'ilfnrd Centre ... " . Inion vide... " lain City .... " -' i •. den." " HI Hards : Marble Cliff. " •j*85 90 .91 94 95 ID'S 104 iiib •112 AM t74C 85* 93: 10 5( 5tl23. 21245,12 5 T.1< 12 3-1$ 148 15 f21 23; 1! 2 £ 25 7 30< -f31i 32; B 33< 334, PM AM '715i .'.'.'... i 746 8~02 833 1 : - -.;•] C853] ..... ] ..... ] 916'] ^9 34.1 *950' t 10261 11 33 1208 125 331 5(1(1 21 f Via Day-! ton. AM *1037' 1040 Ilf04 1230 PM a 7 M '" s'ss 858 1 ) 5 r 5 !i 3 S" t = ; § i* 3 £' i 1 1 i!20£ AM 15 AM 845* 853 904 909 918 926 936 945 Of07 020 Oi29 .041 050 0561 .108 LI 21 LISP! f-1220 102 210 242 430 520 645 830 11. L PM [ 145 255 355 Mi 33*3 58 Llf41 .... U 53 4 16 520)5] ... . 1214 12*20 1229 ... il240l 455 1255 458 122 315 650 PM PM 20 | 8 PM *240 430 435 Via. Daj- ton. AM 1153 *145 255 326 43* 510 *513 521 535 fB1C 627 70: f 7 1£ f74 r 7K PM PM 70 735 745 f?5 81 (822 83 f84 85 14 31 55 63 74J 83 *85 9li 9*1 100 104S ii'ih unc iioi 11 4( PM 7 :i PM l-.M <3GQ*8?G 310:840 323; 853 ^2^858 3 W 3 OS ... j»i IS 4 0« 9 ' 8 2MOf93S 4 30 4381005 450 5031027 3 t tj . 5331052 5 52 H 05 662;1115 3 I?i 540 715 *S 05 15 3U 6 32i 6 13 6 48 6 37 6 57 6 5D 7 07 f 7 12 717 7; : 5 7 301 8 05 74ffl 8 15 1015! PM j AM 1-4 PM 323 353 PM 10 PM "900 1G<54 1210 115 220 252 353 430 *43; '452 1510 520 1531 538 f60S ! 615 '62C 635 K 64£ 65C U702 ] 715 AM 74 PM 12f?0 1C5 155 ~o *^n rt C& f 3 25 3*5 PM i * s. v i- uii^^cctr'?:,. -t-Act<|t4i_/JtJLIH;.^ f iu.1 io L L ir) .-*-'»»-. 'r*-*^-v^*. ^-. .-.**> v,- »^\_*V.-A^. ^j-mt t^tti i i 11 * ' • TT located below New ( rleans and extends ! ly prominent. It is different with army U ail ls <imeu m , ±±aWEUl to the gulf, and there is much interest taken in rhe development of a case ot" fever in the parish from the fact that within its limits the Sici 7 ian immigrants were unloaded last wee';. Dr. Dabney reports from Clinton only two cases under trearment, that of Miss Miller, who is quite seriously sick, and Luther Menger. The report from Nitrn Ynma is to the effect that there \vas one new ease there, Mose • lum : otlvrs doing well. Dr. Purnell sends the following re- porr from Edwards : Three new cases —one white and • two colored : one death, John Butler, from delirium tre- REPORT FROM MOBILE. Tl»ir(e--n NtMV Ca«i-s, >>ut No I'o-iths Tor tin* J'HS > »-v«*»:t v-T-.i'o If ours. M IHITJ', (. ct. 14.— Seven new eases in the city proper and six brought into the city from Magazine Point. thr< j e miles out, make up the record for the past 'J4 hours. Eight recoveries are reported: no deaths for the past 72 hours Total cases to date. 1-12 : d'-aths. i'O : recoveries. 80; remaining tinder treatment. 4:2. New cases— Joseph Edmundson, Mrs. R. F. Mehler. Ambrose Lew, Sylvester A gee. ]-rank Lyon. S. .7. Haley and Fiiller Henderson. The six cases from the steamship Kate, now in the city ho^vtal. are — Lewis Ltx, Josc-])h iNiuscat. Miaconio Retrbert. Hann oohnson, Hans Olsen and George Olsen. : Three trore cases have been reported on the steamer, bur they are convalescent and are declared to have had yellow fever. The crew will be placed in a house across the river and the steamer •will be fumigated. There has been much malarial fever on the Kate since she came into port. Out; T)«'.uth :\t V.'a^ar, Ala. WAGAR, Ala., Oct. 1!.—R. C. Settles, superintendent of the Wa-aar Lumber company, died here, last night of yellow fever. Hetties v\ as from Ohio and had been south some time. Recently he j and hi.s wife paid a visit to their home, 1 hut he returned alone when the yellow ! fever was announced in the s.ontlv, leav- \ ing his wite behind. officers. Their ar.ibition seems to be for j-ico houses in the cities. The naval officers ideas nil run toward the country. I don't like to give names, but I could give dozens of illustrations to prove what I say, if it were necessary. Take a look, at tho incoming cars from any of the .suburban places around Washington any morning, and there will be sufficient proof of what I say."'—Wasli- WANTED Keiituoki;ins O MO3 A SICK MAN. Seventeen daily and weekly papers are publLshed in the English Tanguage in Japan and over 100 on the Asiatic- continent, while in all these, countries there is only one German paper, the Dsfasiat.ische Lloyd. A weekly German paper iw soon to be issued in Japan. WATERLOO, IOWA. "Saved From the Horrors of Nervous Prostration" by Or. Miles' Nervine. Xo Xt-n- <..';i.«;s at Oal v«'.sloM. GMVF/^". ON. Oct. 14. — No new cases wore reported as suspicious and there were, no deaths from yellow fever. All the eases repo/ted as suspicious are dismissed by rhe doctors, or are comales- oenr. COUGH ijot;> not jjlTvays indicate consumption. Mr. W. II. Palmer, oi Waterloo, Town, writes: "I \vas taken with a nervous stricture of the bronchial j tubes, wbich developed into nervous prostration, I was ?o weak I could not sit up. I got no sleep for days except when under the influence of opiates. For lour months I suffered agonies and prayed that I rni^htdie :ind bo at rest. One physician said I had consumption, for I had ! u L" i i Lh at g av o vno 'No ^Vu - discs :ii. I!tu:st<Mi, T«'x. • Hou.-vros, < ct;. .14. — Tliore lias boon no fiirrber development in tli,' f«'ver situation luire. K<.) nv^\v casL-s. a.nd t}ie old on-'S arc fvrti.'):," U^OM oid pitys'cIan whoso me'lionio hf.'i failed, advised me to ':r.n 'Or. !\T ilos' II c: s t. o r a t. i v o Nervine and I O;>d that it IKLS brigiit- j cr.od my days, lOTigti'r.cnou r.:>y Jifo and saved i me from tho horrors of nervous pro^rat ion." ! Dr. i\3ilos' TierrU'/lio^ « ?*.'!cl I'.v all clrur:- i ., - . " . i gists unoor a iiosiliN'i^^iuj.ritnt.C'i.-, 'U'st ;;ott;6 treasury depanmeni and transJen-ed ui , bcnel-tsor money ro.fimcl.M.;. ]>>.>•..,}•:. on licari tho patent o!Vice. Aboni; two menths | and Serves serrt. ire«; to all :(,o;>]:•:;.'t>.Is. ai^o Fo^g rtrsigncil l.n.\v,iuso I'.o bo'licvc.d ! DI?» JMILDJS LIEDIOAL CO., fJiiviiaifc, liiil iiii was unjustly diccriDiinuted ayaiLwt. ' Sold by all l)rug:.'isvs. U a.-; in Thc-ir .%. i (st. Sr. Lour--, Oct. 14.—A special ro The Republic from Mayrield, Ky., .says: An unknown, man. trying to make his way from Memphis to Louisville, was put off a train here yesterday. He was later found lying near the cemetery nn- He was taken to the poorhouse, and revived, only to rave about yellow fever. A panic rusued and lie was at once remo\ eu to a rude stable, i^oon a mob of ai nu d men charted, upon the stable with tlie intention of burning it and the sulterer to prevent the spread of i supposed yeliow fever. The owner of i the stable, with leveled revolvers, ward- j ed o.r the mob and the SICK man was | vis:ted by physicians who found he was ; undergoing chills and malarial lever. I Yniiiahl .K vpress I'mrkajre lost. | CHICAGO, v..ct. 14.—Somewhere be- j nvoen umalia and L'euver a pa.-kaift i containing §14,000 has been lost. The 1 money was sent by registered package ; by a bank in Chicago to a financial in| stiturion in the west. Inspector .,ames I L. Stuart or' the postoltice and hi.s men j liiive been h.a-d ar, %vork on the case sev- I erai clays. b..t their endeavors can trace j the money westward irom Chicago only i as far as Omaha. At tha.t point all ; i-eeords of tiie small fortune are lost. ! The authorities re.use to give either the ! name of the bank sending the money ! or tho one 10 winch the package is con- l signed. K«;su]t of the IncZiariaj><>3is Kicctiou. IXDI.\XAPOI.IS, Oct. 14.—The official and unofficial returns of Tuesday's election show r-lie vote for mayor to be: Taggart, Democrat, 20,188; Harding, Republican. UijtsO. Taggart's plurality over Haid-ng, 4,008. "The probabilities arc that the, majority 'may be increased. Tuggart s majority over all is at this time ^.i)o5, there being s»x mayoralty candidates. The remainder or t)ie 1/einocraui, ticket is also elected, though by a somewhat smaller majority than that, received by Ta -ga;-t. The council w:ll al.-o bo ljemo,-rat.ic by a large majority. Amelia Kiws' Divorcestl rrusb;iTi«I Tusanc. NKW YOIJK, Oct. 14.—John Armstrong (.'hauler, the divorced husband of Ame.ia 1-iives, and great grandson of John Jacob As tor, is reported to be insane in the .f^loomingdalo asylum. Mr. Ci.anler left i.iuj city s;.ddeiiiy last. . ki pr;2)?/and it was .sa.d by Ins iriends tii;i(, he had tror.c, (o .r.urnno. Tho fact has leaked ».»-.u that h.c is in BiotKning- dale. under uvanuent. Tlie Kind. "Call that a kind man." said ;:n acti.r. speaking <if an> ance. "a mairwiio is away from his f;ipiily and never sends rln-in a.farthing"' Call tJmt kiiu.ness':'" i- Yfs: unremitting kindness," sui;l Llae other. — Household Words. Grant's Name. i Would it have made any difference in j history if Grant's initials had not been ; emblematic of his country—"U. S.." ] United States? Tney also stand for Un- 1 cle Sam and unconditional surrender ; Suppose he had gom:; to West Point ,-i.s ! Hirani aud the boys had ; ailed him Iii i for short. Srppose he had gone there as I Hiram Ulysses instead of Ulysses Hiru.n. ' and the cadets had called him "H. U • Ci., 1- ling, Wi-rld noc rhat have made i a change in his Career? We never had a : public man to make so many changes : in his name as did Grant. Hiram I Uly.sses. Ulysses Hiram. Ulysses Sidney i and Uly.sses ^ impson were, the varia- — Faced Type denotes lime from 12 nootf to 12 midnight i-i,,(it raced from -J2 niiduigHt to 12 noon. 2*iiMii»aii V«»stibi«Ie Dining- ami Sleep• ««y;- < - {is-.s are run on 3f«»s. 6 and. 7 between .:«;lnrnbtis and Indianapolis; IS'os. 2O and 3 between Chicago and Pittsburgh; Pnil. »«itti SJ<'»-|jiEi^ <;jirs on Xos. 2,5,6,7 and H '.•elu-een Columbufund Indianapolis; and on "%«»«..> and lobetveen Pittsburgh and Chicago. Ail throtitrh tmins make direct connection In Pittsburgh Union Station. L. F. LOREE, E. A. FORD, General Manager, General Passenger Agsiil, 3-17-97-Q PlTTSBirRGH- T 'PEN^r'A. For time cards, rates of fare, thrdugh tickets, baggage checks, and. further information re- carding the running of trains apply to any Airentof the Pennsylvania Lines. | C. E. Yager Ticket. Agt/JPiqna O Trouole Awrtt-il. "Ir is a pu.'d tliii:^; chct,iamese twins are dead." "WhyV " s Mipl..'ose <im; of tliein wanted to rid^ a wheel and tJie other one didn't/'—-- $ Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and Ail . cat business conducted tor MODERATE F£ff«. OUR OFFICE is OPPOSITE 'J. S. PATENT Or?: and u-e can secure patent is. less riTOs tb*a tfc remote from Washington: Send model, drawing OT p'ho'to,,, '<«th j5«3"i" r?on. We advise,, if par.entablt or sio?- ircK charge. Our fee not <|ue Mil paietit •& sica^-td A PAMPHLET, '"' ! How to Obtaiz. P&KS^. ss- cesr- of same in the U_ >•;, .-^nd for^TO cr:».£r ;issnl ^ree,, Address, >&\ r*! tel C.A. i OPP. PATENT OFFICE. WAS«.NC,TOM 'And Still His Whiskers "Thank hoavon, I have roitcherl thi:- oorjiurat! Ko\v. by ;ipp]ymir ti lir- tie of Dr. ATnrt's hair grower I \v-.ti change 1x1 j appearaiii-o so thai ho"'— THE GRB5T SOUTH MERICIS BALS5M! . . • CLfRES . . . It clears the liead of foul mucous; "heals ths sores and ulcers of the head and throat,; sweetens the breath, and perfectly restores the senses of the taste, smell and hearing* Stops headache and dropping into the throat. Also destroys the germ which causes HAY FEVER,, making a perfect cure in s. i'ew days. Isfevei- fails! No fatal case of LA GRIPPE ever known < where Brazilian Balm was faithfully used. I* destroys the grippe germ and quickly remove? all the after bad effect. 8 NFALL5 3 LE in ASTHMA, CROUP, BRONCHITIS, PLEURISY, PNEUMONIA, DYSPEPSIA, RETEUMATIS:.!, TYPHOID and SCARLEXJ"- FEVER, MEASLES, and any disease where- there is Inflammation, Fever or Congestion. Greatest relief in Consumption ever di?^ covered- of Ohio «••<•?;•* ;;<• C( I'i'OX. I Vt lias V.crii ' J A. — Li; i rlley l ( or; roi?i::f;i,t'<;<l in t.h< .!"•. i.TiM(»:i , r.ct. 14.-— \Villi:i.::i id, one fit' th<; j(.>;;(l:T.s (.f t!j(- .'^roiii;).- •ii(.'ii:sr. party oi' rlui Uuiu-d Si;iii'-s, :vi.f'i i;s r;nj<hc:iio Tor the sice pn s;<iO!;cy in i.%S-,', d.e<[ >U(hlcniy -yo-'^prthiy nr. ii'.s hf.i-.m jn A^ouiit \v u.-hiiiirioi!, a subui'o <jl .i^iLinutore. »e."—'Kr\v York huni.^y J( ; urn:a. I-};;- (.M:O!':J^)— .Ah, i;:o! TFc —'\V '..::t s I.I::!!; 1 iS.ho,—Tim ;.\.ii!:iij( r's (1r'::<l. }.Io ([>ii'd'i\';rivo]y)—Yc.s; \vc"Il all on he Miuulin:.;- oi' r.'.oth bulls.—C.hica- ) Keooixi. : vents lock-jaw from;^oua~cfs'.~QUick~CURE FoSTcONSTIPAT1ON AND PlLEs" Sts Healing Power is Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medicine in Existence ! ou Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrh, s/.oo eorri-e EQUALS THREE soc. BOTTLES. HOME TESTBIVlONSALSs 1 V4- • "J razllla " ^^ cured me of inveterate catarrh which I had for over 20 vear-v ; It is the most wonderful triumph of medical science."--<£?« /. Parke Pbstles™^ croup, coicl ami the worst form of gripp we have found Brazilian Balm invaluable " 1 ->?• W.S.£oolte,£>. D., Pastor Del. Aye. Sap. Ch. "Mrs. Lore has used th. ; Brazilian Balm and flunks it did her much %oo^-Hon. Chas. J3 jJ^ affe//^• • I i °l,t> ,,, 9 n 1'? otLle of Br f / ' llla:il Balnl curcd a friend of tuiiae of hay fever »--Tfo* M. LiUberl. 'I was very dear lor 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian ^alni ^n-n'i^ warm in my ears every day soon restored my heann^.-'*—/V>'<; John Gotten Cfi^iS ji'xir»" ' J>a ' 1 '' It: is thc best llii "S for ib'Spcpsia I ever sawtrTc'd."- -fitd^eJ^d-^fird \l'ao*t~^ •* ,~\ T T<7Cl o T< r/~\r tl H 1 t>i /^i.o4-f-^ i \+ < ^^-w*-rk.x-, .r + f^ •**,% 4 "\~ j*. « —"!_,!. _ . _ « .« . '' - - ' (-/*•*• *. Sf" i " :^ •* -j:"-^^-^ *- V-V>-.L ocvw tiiuu* — "i tiu;r{; J.\G.tVciy& lrOO*l*TZ was worn almost to the smvevith a racking cough that nil the remedies and i"b«l doctors foiled to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Jlr.-idlian Balm It iha'" be my doctor through lifc."~^/>-^./• GalUwy, PoUs!tr t t<n t Pa. "I ^ fcnriV " cnjipleU up with rheumatism, could not get my hand 1.0 ::n- head I took *i— e cent bottles of BpmlJan P-abu iii six months. Am :;CAV entirely cured and ns nii bleasl was at forty."— An son Rurrell, aged S. f . A Imly in Cincin"-iti *t,T r afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years she v/^i .mahl^ *« sleep lymjr clown, was entirely and permanently cured with Brazilian Balm °--»' "• BY ALL. n&U'GGfSTS n n iirnvonti -' nn, r -,. B. F. JiGtfSON if CO., ladMJDQlis. M,

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