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Old Abe the cannon 2 - Continued from Pf e 4 and left bis widow with...
Continued from Pf e 4 and left bis widow with two email daughters. One of them be- be- came the protege of Mr. and Mr. Patrick .McLaughlin, among Cab-, Cab-, Cab-, lornia'f wealthiest couples, and married Henry Crocker. She died In a tragic Peninsula accident In 1929, but left her name, Mary Ivei Crocker, en the map of Contra Costa and other counties as the owner of thousands of acres of grazing lanas. ine outer, imcuic, rrarried Othello Scribner. founder of the Associated Oil Company. S'-e S'-e S'-e still resides in San Francisco. Birthplace of San Francisco's e-'-mayor, e-'-mayor, e-'-mayor, e-'-mayor, e-'-mayor, Angelo J. Rossi, and r-Hutedly r-Hutedly r-Hutedly the location of the first c'-culating c'-culating c'-culating library and the earliest community theater group in Caii-f-nia, Caii-f-nia, Caii-f-nia, Caii-f-nia, Caii-f-nia, Volcano once had 5000 or rore miners panning through the r Iches of Sutter, Pioneer, Ash-lend Ash-lend Ash-lend and other creeks in quest of the $85,000,000 in gold the ancient cpmp yielded. It broke into print controversially twice within the T-at T-at T-at 20 years, first in a dispute with a church and again in a row wih the State of California. During California's Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1923. members members of the Volcano Blues sent their famous cannon, "Old Abe" to Sutter's Fort as an historic exhibit. exhibit. There it remained until 1931 and descendants of the old Civil War volunteer company were nonplussed nonplussed when they asked for its return and were informed by State authorities that the museum regarded the transfer as a gift, rather than as a temporary loan. The townspeople became more and more clamorous and the late Governor Jim Rolph, one eye trained on the foothill vote, settled the controversy by ordering the ordnance restored to its original owners. The citizens reached Rolph by appealing to Angelo Rossi, his successor as San Francisco Francisco mayor. During the Civil War, when Northern partisans and Southern Chivalry Democrats were mar shalling strength to capture California California for the Union or the Con-federacy, Con-federacy, Con-federacy, the Southerners, known as "Knights of the Golden Circle were manifesting enterprise in Volcano. Well organized and well drilled, they marched openly on the streets of the old gold camp and boasted privately that one day they would take over for the . Stars and Bars , The outnumbered "Blues" dispatched dispatched a secret delegation to San Francisco where they purchassd a ship's cannon, cast in 1837, from the captain of a crewless vessel tied up in the Bay. The gun was smuggled into the town in a hearse and mounted on a specially built gun carriage. When the day of battle arrived, the "Blues" wheeled "Old ABe" into Main Street, pointed its muzzle muzzle South, and arrayed tmselves behind it to await the advertised insurrection. Forewarned. Northern rymnath-izers rymnath-izers rymnath-izers had left their doors and windows windows open. But as the Chivs apprehensively apprehensively began popping onto the street to see what the commotion commotion was about, somebody applied a torch q the fuse and a tremendous tremendous blast rocked the pioneer town. The concussion shattered the Chivs spirit of rebellion, to sav nothing of their window glass. When the hall in which the cannon was housed burned in the late sixties, the pioneers Subscribed Subscribed several thousand dollars in labor and materials to build Armory Hall, deeding the structure structure in perpetuity to the Volcano Blues, but the cannon was installed installed in an open front shed nearby. On V-J V-J V-J Day last Summer, the successors to the Volcano Blues wheeled it out again, hauled U ot the top of Mt. Zion several miles distant and touched a torch to the same kind of powder overcharge overcharge that subdued the insurrection insurrection of 1861. The hearse is now in Sutter's Fort at Sacramento. Continued next Sunday IS 30 33 34 13 28 ?8 2 30 31 32 34 37 38

Clipped from Oakland Tribune31 Mar 1946, SunPage 13

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California)31 Mar 1946, SunPage 13
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