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Early Cleveland history (1858 article) - FRIDAY MORNING. JULY at o ' a at ly in a...
FRIDAY MORNING. JULY at o ' a at ly in a MORNING LEADER. THE OLD FARM HOUSE. DEDICATED TO THE EARLY SETTLERS OF CLEVELAND. BY MRS. L. L. DEMING. At ths foot of th. bin. aar Ik. old red null. Ia a SJlnt, atiadr aool. J oat peeuiur ikruoeh. k. i f aW from ma, Standi a l.aia j, I-b col; And HNyiiir turoueb at lb. eu dor. To. Mua-kikBupiajr .a Ua sanded n-w. Tn. aai, chair, all parched m'.th car., ij placed I f tbe old bea'tk ttxue; Wuk witcoinf rrnica, in toe ft plac. la. tVciari.ta are alruwa; Aad picture, bant ou Ibe abitcMd wall. And U. old clock Ucxs ia Uut coUal. kalL JUor lora'j atil oa tt. windr-w ai 1. Tbe a,a-erl Sowrrts rear, "Wall.' audst tb. laavaa on tbe aauna paaa naa. Toe man la lnu-d. her r.,4. fbed a I day lonf ibe aammer irees. Aa avbupaiuif io,. lo lb. lamillag trar. tli. J or. all covered o'er Vtirh a aack 01 duk rreen holt., Ljwaa inuabel u.d, whom worth la told. A lelK of outer di(; And liio iwder pou,-h aud th. hant.r. hora. etia ban bea.d.iur Kuutj a kaMa. or frar har. tlrd with nui'.lta, tioad. Lata tu-T dreaau iif, And leu in tneir du at, ait auwra ol lo. atajht, A h atbar old aud f ra,; At-d th. ooit wind plain w.lb aia mow while hair. A, the old Baa eKape an lb. .aej cUau. Thoneh ( rm h bereft, h. attll ha, lolt A heart that brat, tor Bin,; For n maiden iber., with aorTowiiur ea., 11 watched b erearn-w dun; And daily arajivd, with loeal deeire. That Uou will aparoUiO lured lira. Aad rnirr heaai of a alua'itt dream. Iboa poaoa their bta away. Tboaiideu fair with ftairn hair. Aud I . father .Id aud cia; B. out ie;etber ai bta dca 'Kl. '1 H-il Ua-row their luatre froo, lb. akios. First Settlement of Rockport. Written for the Cuyahoga County Historical Society, BY J. B. TAYLOR. In the Tear 1S53, was polilished in tha Tru DemoeroJ and Ohio Farmer, an article entitled "The First Settlement of Rockport, by . D. Taylor The writer will take the liberty of making extracta from that article, as he ha neither time nor inclination to write an entire history of Rockport at the present time. At the cornmencement off the first settlement f 'aockport, that part of tha Western Reserve lying .-west of the Cuyalioga river was only surveyed im'o mile equares ; Cleveland Township held iarisd.'etioB as f BUck River, and th whole region from Cha"rin River to Sandusky was under the jurisdiea.H", of JS County. In the Year 1809 or 10. the Ohio fii2turc made an appropriation of money to open rcd from Cleveland to the mouth of Huron Ri.' and appointed Ebenezer Merry, of Huron, Nathaniel Doan, of Euclid, and Lorenzo Carter, of Cleveland, to superintend tha opening of said road. Until 1307 there were no white inhabitants residing between Cleveland and Huron River, consequently the road ran through an unbroken wilderness, with the exception of one family at tbe mouth of Rocky River, one at the mouth of Black River, (John S. ReiJ,) and one the mouth of Vermillion River. Thi was tha only road west from Cleveland until 1814 or 15. John Harbereon, an Irish refugee, with Lis family, were doub.lesa the first white inhabit ant of Rockport he having settled on tbe in the year 1807, remained till 1810, and moved to Huron, where some of hi family now reside. In 1806, Philo Taylor, the writer' father, re moved from the State of Nw York and settled Cleveland. In 1807, Harmon Canfield and Eliaha Whittlesey, as aoenLs and owners of land Rockport, entered into a verbal agreement with him to settle in Rockport, giving him his choice in location. On the 10th of April, 1808, my father, according to previous agreement with Canfield and Whittlesey, landed with his family from an open boat at the mouth of Rocky Riv er, and located on the east side, nearly opposite wtere Silvertliorn's tavern now stands. In 1809, Harmon Canfield informed him that be could not have tbe land whereon he had lo cated, aa he was goiag to by out a city there, and must take some other lot. The eonseq nence was, that he sold out Jus improvements to Dan iel Miner, cursed the mouth of Rocky River, bought land on tha Lake shore in Dover, and kept tavern there during lie last war with England. In 1809, Daniel Miner, from Home.', in th State of New York, settled in Rockport, bought the Mill Lot," commenced building a mill in 1812 died m February, 1813, before the mill was completed. George Peak, who was a soldier under General Wolf at the taking of Qneber, came to Rockport with his family of mulattocs in 1809, and settled on the farm now owned by John Barnum, Esq. In 1811, Datus Kelley, Dr. John Turner and Jeremiah Van Scoter settled in Rockport Datu Kelley on the farm now owned by George B. Merwin, DocL Turner on the farm now own ed by Gov. Wood. Soon after Doct. Turner' settle-oen t in the townsnip, bis log cabin, together with his children and all his eifects, were consumed by fire, while himself and wife were absent in the woods gathering bickorynots ; he immediately left, settled in Dover, where he was for many years a successful practitioner, and is now a resident of Wisconsin. Jeremiah Van Scoter settled on Van Scoter Bottoms," now owned by He man Barnum. If living, he now reside in Huron county. In June, let 12, aatuan Alger, his son, Henry Alger, Nathan Alger, Jr., and lleman Alger, together with his sons-in-law, John Kidney and Benjamin Robinson, settled in Kockport, from Litchfield county, Cennectieut, (Benjamin Robinson from Vermont.) Nathan Alger, Sr., died Jan. 21, 1313, which was the first death in the township. - S3 Samuel Dean, with his sons. Cheater, Joseph and Aaron W settled in tha township in 1814. Samuel Dean died April JOtb, 1810, aged 83. Among hi numerous descendant and friends, his memory will long be cherished for his many Christian virtue Chester Dean died oue twenty years ago lived an honest man, and died without an enemy. "Joe Dean Besides in Iowa. We may have occasion to say something more about Joe in another place before this sketch is finished. Aaron W. Dean is yet resident of the township. About the year 1815, Rufus Wright, John James, Charles Mile, Josephns Sizer and ilen-ry Clark settled in Rockport, on the west side of the river, near the Lake. From 1315 to 1820, Rufus Wright, Henry Clark and John James kept tavern successively at the month of Rocky River, on tha west side. for a period of forty-three year past, there never has been day, Sundays not excepted, but a loafer misfit get drank at the mouth of Rooky River. Ths only change nude has been for th worse, for forty year ago he (the loafer) could get gooi whisky ; now it is aad. The first township election was held at the house of Hufv Wtight, on tl first Monday In April, 1819. Charles Mile being Dominated, was chosen chairman ; Asahel Porter and Datu Kelley, judge of election. Tha s lection resulted in the election of Henry Alger, Rufus V right and Enstu Johnston for trustee: Henry J. Canfield, elerl ; Jam Kioholson aud Samuel Dean, for overseer of poor ; Benjamin Robinson and Joseph Dean, fenc viewers ; Joseph Dean, lister. The first justice election was held at Rufus Wright', on the 81th day of June, 1819. and resulted in the election of Charles Miles. At tho first State election, in 1819, thirteen J I if or tt of votes were polled. Almon Rootle had eight vote for r'enator ; Aaron Wheeler had tour vote for Senator ; Alfred Kelley had twelve vote for Representative; William A. Harper had thirteen vote for Representative ; Datua Kelley had three Totes for County Commissioner for three years ; Theodore Mile hail three votes fur Conwiissioner for one year ; Jedediah Crocker had nine votes for Commissioner lor two year ; John Shaw had ten vote for Commissioner for one year ; Ashbel W. Walworth had eleven votes for Coroner ; and Jabez Kelley had one vote for Coroner. The first tavern kept in Rock port washy Daniel Miner, he having license from the Court of Common Pleas of Cuvahoga county, dated March, 1811. Renewed' in 18 1 2, with license to keep a ferry. This hotel was a log cabin, 13 by 24 feet, located on the east side of the river, about midway between the Lake and tbe site of th present toll bridge. Daniel Miner died in February, 1813, being the second death in tha township. His widow kept "Entertainment ior man and beast" for a few years after hi death ibr man especially. He made a good swap when he died, let the future be what it may. The first white child born ia Rock port was Egbert Taylor, son of Philo Taylor, on the east side of the river, near the Lake, in November. 1809. The second y Addison KelJey.ajbn of Datu Kelley. The first coupla married, who were resident of tha township, were Benjamin Robinson and Amelia Alger ; they were married in Cleveland, cn the 5ih day of November, 1312, by George [To be Continued.] That CovE!noa. The late Railroad Convention in Buffalo was a monster. 1 wenty-seven Companies were represented, involving's capital of two hundred and twenty-five million of oWllar. McmrjcEsiT Dosatiom. Some unknown donor has jast released the English Church, at Paris, from debt, by handing in a check for the whole amount, $ 19,000. Some persons say this handsome gift emanaUj from Lord Wsrd, while others declare it must proceed from Miss Bur-deit CoutU SinSblab Death. A man named Ctrl Karn-merr.aSring at 'o. 114 North Halstead stiset, died yesterday moraine: very suddenly while attempting to drink a glass of water. A post mortem examination revealed tha fact that aa abscess had formed in hi throat, which the act of swallowing caused to burst, and tha can tents being discharged into th larynx, caused strangulation. Chie. Denv. C7 Among the revolutionary relics preserved to the present day, is the cord used at the execution of tha unfortunate British spy, Andre, who was hung at Tsppan, by order of Oen. Ynahmirn. strventT-eif ht Tears nzo. It ia in the possession of Theodore Van Buskixk. of Sew I or, city, a aescemiant oi one ol tne pat- ri 01 tT"" ClJJVIJtA?'aniT TOOTHMANUFACioaY General Office and Laboratory nr. inn T t , . wo-iw a-aae si., Cleveland, fj. ISIPROVE.'TIE.'-T I.w DE.tTISTkV. PATENTED HI . L. WBIGHT. S. D., U. l-ULLUUK., M. L. WRIGHT, ICCl'ST 11, 1S57. ARE MANUFACTURING Partial Sett, Half Sets and WW .".V a..-trru SUPERIORITY OF THEIR METH-tad ot truO it-iag Aru6cial "i'4iik tswar muj uUkar kituai Let. MMPLICITT ( pi ce ekeaucally utted luU Its uert. aud A lite stoic quaUtj utf malt: rial. Al. tttJLIUl. Y-a-TlkaUcsjui-alsaaiuretnadpC keraetfto lAXO BAU1CI tM UTI uwn 1 Ulaka VUtssa, A (! a. I a Ifi ai.Uli IMaC al Lai a-M riM'tar? Mt eliiu cer mtter. Ml fCkii V Tue enure F late aol Teeth are iraper- Tioai i.iihttii-j oi any- a nirwa cive luteal acent: beare ciMTaseor aeatttt. pni aariiiai :he eurruaiYC and otlcnsive wt;iuuo.oi istc, lii uta CMBKMI Ul gOM Dial WOfk, Satd oilier kawmii DiiUtulv 4 1 a COLuK iiriglit, Urely, aad a good tmitatiua ol H. Anr ethod of pndor rtr ft;f Artificial Teeth kairativ uoiU'd ia eaur wtw-.c. wu I u.i amm.l1m ordeiai this d legist, ia ARtiUuterti it ii r- tV..rr-l-.,.. HA r HON AO a. Mi ce AunU IK, we tare inserted Fare natural m .xm lamtj. ui iuu aumoer, nvUrajCa.M ot Laj.rn ilas plac ut Grtii Pia e work, la ifte Is-tDniu draesa.lkaTe.tiveatueir tualiaija' to ilx aai-ereoritf aatlkowi a all outer caaea ber oar tersus liave beea caxunucti wilo. la ia rut bn icvtii kat tmt a asaid Kaf kaaaiiere ba-ea tnr :liwAtiiaM-iHHt. T k hMS Arwniiuj u lub kiokture ef Die eaae.and uvea after viaatiuaUoH. FA YM fc.N 1 fan. the rereifa. ef the order, or oa deliv ery. rcrawiAs wut iti rii.i caa aHljr taeir blaie ia iari ntatuiritt t-L'AHAKTT. &itifmetn: p row. J ad the terms of nar-aeutaiMi hfiaUttatrvKUJu have b aa rvraiplte. witk. ...iiui,, ti.iinuidiMm, leuieace wui oe g.vta to W Lvreter U uitoi" oartial aala akMB after tkaa Mtractias at th r.aJ oral lec;ii Oae weak ta kmc coouirii Uiaieietva Ue-iwecu tkeuiractnr and tlte apiicatoa To Mr pauoue, end thoee who deaire to beeae aork, we wi..H..isBawiit(i4iiiwiiiiri a oca inax we caa arai wil I -niptr an tnttrt art 0 tettk Jfrrea. mtufuxttw.i wiuuit iwodare alter Uie arnvai ol tlaefMUeut. TO THK PIvNTAL PRoFfcSalON. Thoeeef ym tarerabletotUta enterpriae. we wi'l aa aJTaiitreajetiu watt ao, by whKniau(reeiiosaaay be bikea ot roar peMenit' caaea. an articuhitiDv. model., fce e ami itvrwanled u as hy fcxprese. avud wu bui delay ret oruetl sited wi.li reaaiaJl. accarawy Ui tha aiiit aud amrnia-tioc-atadel e em! aleo make kiwi, Wwk to tinier Teitimooials and Keferences. are obeereed with BKaeb tetereet torthe last two years, above avtftod f proJacii. Artilirial TeeUa.aati , oai-at c statemeaUa uf Uaa Itixailar (Earrect. t. OARucr. I have iirecTtri.tei with care, for the last three years the al-rre aieihua of aukiasr sad p tux AniaWal Tern h ia Uie Leataurjjory el lir. Wrig ui, aod a aoia aae. and caa aay witU&MbdoreilVat kia plan ta tha best idjwb oaa and entire t? auceeaalul when made uuder tui obaefraiioa Tue suoentv of ik.skiad of Dental wtrk over eoUJor aa kind ol sbcU Lite tla:e, auuot be t,uetim4Bd. aau the stle .eat in Dr Wnarut'a Circu.ar of ibe aa.'aber of caeee wuer hia work hsslaaeotne piasreof rd plate, is true Much of tiit work oa cold piaie had beea feritthed by the best Urniists ia the couutry. 1 aa not rouveracint with llie sac ceesof FurTeiajjs work B lite fta-da o- others n.aa Ur tWhl. H A. ACKLavY, M ft Late Prof, of Sorcery Clcre. Med. Cwaletre. ! P Bbodea. I Prof J p kmland. M. Jackfc-a. I Fru8. B Haul. ti alitor i-astle, I Kd. Boff Mad. Jovial H L WfeiUnaB, I Wi w H.ciiarua. K T. Start aw, J PnM.Oatcoell. J E Car tss I - B HiTincleaxethatperaoM elalminir to do this work, and ia many cases claiming to bo oar areata for be pat. we will say that ap to Lbia dale we base au areaV a th' U. S A., who haveai.r neat from the above pateni It socS claim, and ia hjee caae it ta euner aa tnfiirureiuaat aa ..saiti4AQ if aa impouitioo, let it work iisowacare; aa i'djintemomt, we wiii ta uoe ,itne attend to that. aM. L WKltJHr. M p. T29 Artoa y lr the CianiDenr. DENTISTRY. THOSE HAVINS aetsof Teeib whioh ihej cara.uil keepta tbe drawer hod trjabieso ue tocarry id tho p cket, are eapjriat,y Ipvited to call at DR. HaLLIW KLL S Deatal kooa To sitch a hben.arraiicTjteQt will be olTcred. Haiiac Biade arrajAKememie, 1 aia prepir-d to aaa the Valetvoiied Coa-poun i, lastead of Ouid or M.ver lur Ai'tticial Teeta.wajch haat'ie a chest repntattoa to asythitur here etore aed for exTreme It htitew. clUi)Ba, dorabiii'y aid Beatiteas. Oa tooth or aa eutre setc in be so ue lied so hfm like as to defy the ckuaest wbsenrer, and a perfect tU Warranted 6ilrer aad Gold Ptatea aa n-n il. fnm tin to 4VU aer loll sets i-AHULlWaCLUUl), jnm -law Uer Lhn'clijil Dm Wore, Ofrtj. Old Court House. Pat . Public gq D0CT0-R HALLIVVELL, DENTIST and Graduate ih LheCleyeland MetiicalCol ee. eoa-tiaaee to supply the lots o: Teeth, whu-a nr eluitra eolor or decaf. wttbot nwriian r wireofaaaf desert ptioa, wbKh so penectly resemble na'ure that the practised ere a texiCiatnorild not detect. No estiarttonoi roos.or a iy paiuial operatjors' at Htm followina iurxea. A ungle totUt.Sl nil set is trom $10 apwarda. Dr. H hayiar; made arraa.TemetiU he is are Dared art. will tasert tut) atls oi tm porceiaia Toe lis, patented by Dr. iaOiDia; (.- oiiiiotisof the pre 1 Ueotal Boooa oyer Chuixiiili s Drax Store, Pabli Saoare. ,ao5 dkw BEM0VAU B. F. R0BIXS0N nAS RE. mrred his lVatal (iifjce to bis re. i fierce. N.a due Wuod at . four doora Nurth oi the SI a! rhiirrh eharaha wi I be kippr toeee all tl his roTnnar patroaa, er aaj oth-era wno may asenl hts sar- ices. CleyelaiMj. Uarck M. iNiiH-mhBrdtf silks: MIU! MH-! As Elofaat Asaortaaawl FJ.YCY DRESS SILKS. Front And toe Sale,, to which wt inrtte hATICl'(.AB ATTENTION. TLey will le sold CHEAP. JonJ H D KELDALL k CO. Paris a a nt i i-i. en. SHALL OPEN TUESDAY. WE ne l-t. the tarreat Areonnaerit and moat Novel Styr-a Pans MaaUltee . b roue hi lu thi. Market. 11-1- BALDWlMftCO. -. f r la - of b k. be aa , ol 1

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