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 - MYSTERY IN DEATH OF El Continued from Pag One....
MYSTERY IN DEATH OF El Continued from Pag One. Ing The fact that his4utnds were tied behind blm also indicated that he had not hanged'hlmself. However, detectives who believe the suicide theory think he msy have looped the hsndkerchtef sronnd one wrist and tied the knot in it before strangling himself. They say It would have been possible for him to have slipped his other hand Into th looped handkerchief just before be hanged himself. They say the fact that his feet were resting on the ground would not necesssrily mean thst he did not bang himaelf. In the young man a pock eta were a number of pay envelopes bearing th nam of George Tompkins. A note book in another pocket bore th same ' name, together with November SI. IS01. a tb date of birth. There were no othsr signs or marks of Identifl - . cation. - - I Tbe body was still warm when It was found by Josspb Bostar, ftlt Weat Tenth street. Boats r was walking walking through the woods, known as I Glendale park, when haaw tbe body leaning against a tree, ri e ran xo tbe Casino Gardens, a short distance south, where he to!d attaches of the place what he had seen. The police were called. Usee f Tree Cat. The young man's feet were crossed and resting on the ground. The half - Inch rope around his neck was tied te two of th limb about two feet above his bead. Tb fset were about one and on - haif feet from the trunk of the tree and tbe body was resting against the tree. Four or five of the small limbs on the si do of the trem on which the body was found, had been cut off, apparently with a small penknife. penknife. Ant Track. .fear. The detective found fresh automobile automobile tracks entering the woods an'd approaching to within about 100 feet of where the body waa found. The machine nad been turned around at this point and driven away. ) Supervisor Mullln said he leamel . n . V. c 1, .litAmAKll. . . r. V a ftn . J J V , B k . U " ... - the woods apparently were those of. a truck which was driven Into the place Thursday morning by Tim Mcq Carthy. an employ of the city at! the nursery in Riverside park. Mc - tjarxny ana oiaer upioyca uiu mm tne wooaa aoout i ;jv a. in., it was said, and did not see the body at that time. . It waa regarded aa posslbl that ha had been dragged a considerable distance distance by tbs rope, aa it was taut around his neck. They thought it probable that tha young man had been brought to tbe wood and tied to th tree In order to mak it seem that be had killed himself or to give th Im - firession that ha had died by hang - ng. The detective searched th woods, but failed to find snytblng that would Indicate any motive for murder. Dr. Psul P. Robinson, coroner, went to vtw the body soon after tbe police sent word that . It bad bsen found. Sergeant Dtr and Detectives Mar - re n and Barnaby. of the emergency squad, started th investigation. Mardered. Dr. nabtaaea Ba - a After examining th body Dr. Robinson Robinson said titer could bo no question question that the man had been murdered and hie body then tied to the tree. "It Is on of th most peculiar cases tbat ever came to my attention." be said. Th man could not bav hanged himself." - .w , No ballet msrks or other signs of vtolenc wsr found on th body. Dr. Robinson pointed out that along tha pathway to the tr. small switchee and a number of larg limb had been cut from th tree. Body Kt They at 30 A. MU Elmr Miller. 1129 Weat New Tork street, a special park policeman at Riverside park, who has part of these woods under bis Jurisdiction, told tb police ha was in tbe woods and past tha spot where tha body waa found about 9:20 a. m. and the body was . tkaea tVian Jacob Seller, who lives near th Cold Springs roaa. saia n rcuo having seen a colored youth, who looked ilk the on found, walking across tb Emrichsvllle bridge and west in th Crawfordsvill road In th forenoon. Th young man was alone, h said. The autopsy on the negro s body was conducted at the City Morg - u Thursday night by Dr. George R. i - . i - m lniitr coroner, and Dr. Clarenc A. Tofles. a colored deputy. No external maraa ui ivini - - found on the body, tbe physicians said. YOUNG N RO UNSOLVED

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 17 Mar 1922, Fri,
  3. Page 10

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