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Articles on the battle - R G . PA.. TUESDAY EvilNG. JULY amusing an-...
R G . PA.. TUESDAY EvilNG. JULY amusing an- church A Determined Soldier, A story is told of a private of the e m , o l d New 13th thought fanu * r . who w.s y name, regiment, William Lamber which hhovr 1 ! that there is til ; of the old blood in tho veins o At the battle of Ohaieellors- Lambert, lindieg that his own repi- inent was not Komg into the fi,ht. in Anxiety to meet the enemv. iomed an 5^d,ana regiment, and fought w,th bravely until they were ordered ro the reir. About this time his own regiment was or- dpred forward, when ho at once took his place in the lanks nod advanced a^ain to called on attend on D pi each, in he Punc'u- bnt a little which was the conflict At the close oi' the ment, however, he was among tho and nothing was ?een or heard of him at til the next day, when he appeared encase- un- the wneu HP apnearect at tne regimental hospital, without either cap ' C0 at, vest or shoes, and with rae arm "one vuh a , 71iele i y observing that the «~'^~ '-^~-~' ? h o w d e d o / ' and look- ilm a him in hand, asking "how are'you, such an «eimoc Thi« It's ' unsociable SCPII, devil of a rap" lie lad been .... and taLen to a hospital near the to ev- hunk field, had his arm amputated, and friend ' then, di^dainiiig to be idle, walked five wiles, to his own hospital. Upon the offer of transposition in an ambuUnce to Ac|u:a Creek, he declined, Mymg he would lide beside the diiver, bi that he could''see the country.' When such men grapple with the enemy theie can be no doubt w h u e , the v ctory will he. / «--- . vicinity of by the quit e i his .irriva p ^ u K i e n t p a t i e n t A n e Called the '-Iris! Pa t h y o u ? " ' b u in the made £, A Touching- letter. Dr. Carle Au^u^-t llartnmi, Surgeon of the ]U7th Ohio--a »ood. biave, patriotic man --fell in the list hard fought batt'o at Frcdcnck-burg. On his person « is fcund this biief aad touching letter to hit, wife : X,Generals who Fought at Gettysburg. It is said that the conqueror otijthu bloody battle field near Gettyburg has been often ''bone in the arms"anil dandled on the knees" of the British hero of the Peninu- lar campaigtj'iajjd the subsequeut victor at Waterloo. General Meidc'"s father then d dibtinjcuishid consul in paiu, nud- the Iron Puke was atnoup In's friends -Meide -Meide is badly eaneaturod iu some of the ·|pietoii'il" TveekJies. J l e h a-man of mid- iiut; stature, and docs not change color r .uJ- dunly ou any excitement or i-uddea A Eeporter's Incident- t a reporter was tin a tour of inspection to tho ! wouudodr.a.t ^tbe late* battle Gcittjsbure;, hp had his attention drawn to a^singularly^beautiful youiip;' man,' ^w'lom,death had already bottled his mark ^\ !iile ( admitinj£ his tender asje'and'fiagile build, t h e y o u u g "-ufterer ojienetl hazel cyei, t md looking up, ;»aid:, ; " Won't you please raise my head rub my hands; it cramps so" ' rf ' " Tho reporter cotnphed,"and asked of" prove- j his name Me stated that' it '-was - cation. - In 1845 he bearded iu one of the · \Varreu, ol Louchjnn county, Virginia hotels of tins city (now demolished) f o r ) . It was then thai he knew this ^ome months, and was a roui.-nsate offerer ro be iu the re-bel service. Hpon i emoerton, lately eomni.indmg the iebe-7 ! quepriomns? him, l\e btated~ that" he' forces it A jcksborsc The two young mea ' entered' the rebel service willingly; intimate--daily and ni«htly com- i both his parent were Union people, s--exemplary in their behavior. | "Won't you tell my mother wh when yon i-nsadjer Geneni Elon J. Farnsworth, i £r ut an opportunity, xkat 1 .am happy and bj ho«pi came The ou his "Pal, u i lough ?" \\heii matter" thirty lady lectured on near Washington. but of on the fair hand they married, cards couple M \Y 3rd. Dearest Anna,--Punng the v,dd of uur troops yesterday afternoon bhot through the abdomen. I am hand= ot (be Southerners. Only a little jnt( of my intestine-* is injured and all may be wull. But 1 want to write you whilst I able, and to bend you a lat farewell if skirmish, which me foity-one m all. Whenever a scout r reconnoissaoce wa.s to be made, he was invariably placed in the lead. The celebrity celebrity of hi~ legimenfc was greatly due to his genius and Lrarery. Pleasontou found him a captain, aad mad? him a brigadier Faruswoith -was poss both of person and the brave know how to" bestow Fever Do to ·Qive'it up so. There is no man, however obscurVor wno tell braverjMn the bittle. was bum in expect to tupct her in heaven ? r atit) jdichisan m 1R35, and was a biother o f , sive me a d i u i k , 10"-, L F 1?alni5WOrth ' of Illinois In i " Th-3 reporter, of course, acquiesced and lb;/_ he became attached to the comin'siii- ! cave the little ieb-l sufrerer a!L the riat iu ,cw 3Iexico He ' was considered ;tiou and con-oUtion he could bestow. · " ' * · · · · ' J l " JTlc entered ; he left, big-framed and big hearted soldiers . a ad became of tho Union weio standing by their late captain m the 8th Illinois Cavalry. In all f enemy, showering over hum their h e . l e n m s u l a battles and Pope's campaign blessing him with'that ie did Lot misb a fight or skirmish, which th« bravn L-nnw I.AW tn*i, oc ^«, * ' · · t * - »- . . . . . . . - - - r - - m l n c n t _ h « TM* ln hfe, who Lvs not-had ^ ° . ? . de F rssloa of s pi«ts, from soul. g a e r . . of rare bcautx-" * , , ? r »«|"JS'0»i7, present or prospective Xo man who ' f r ? ul ' !e - when hc.hds been ready to sink in- knew him failed to admire hia social! ° Despondency, wffu the belief that ' SU " ° f and J a e would d fi a jjt attractious nor will they soon for-et Ins ' S , U " Ot J ^ and ja ? e would never a ?4n T was ! tali, athletic frame, dark, flaslnn- eye, and 8 j £U ?° D b TM.' ln » Jew bhort hours - tho in the finely moulded features.--/^'; J',m lld f « ''W'-f*!* or feelings would turn, i "" ~ " Col C. P. Taylor. Among the many gallant ofhccre lost by r , , , , ,- ". . - the "Union army in (he battles 1 hh.juld die. \ou will receive this letter i, only only in ca«e of my death. but to leave you ,ind My poitiolio, containin died dollars, watch, 1 have been lobbedof' U r nte to Ir. Onaitb . dle, blankets (if saved), and bend you the P n o 1 T , Col. C. K 'Lay lor, a brother of nud all was bright and hopeful. We find in an exchange an illustration of the fact slated, which fully repiesents the early" history of souie^of the most successful of our country, as well as the most powerful liatious of tho world. my proceeds. To obtain the arrearb of y^and pension employ Jacob Miller. Educate our childicn to be pnod and useful With my kst lci«s farewell forever, q u c n t y released, he rojoined his regiment at the battle of General Burnside. in a bottle of wine, drank, it. and decided upon drowning as the easiest method by whiVb to'"shuffle of? this mortarc[n.""~He } · thou, wile. my best beloved, The Lbt farewell. From your poor, hard tried AUGUST. several oilier to her day, of in the the taken tell i A Eebel STillionaire The ravage-s of war are well initiated by the case of a Southern man living in tho neighborhood of iSnydei's Jsluih, who lately applied by loiter to General Wash bw ne for subsistence for himself aud family. This man was lately the owner of seven large and well s-tocked plantations, and was estimated to be worth §6,000,000. He was in Europe when the war broke out, and did not reach America again until af- er the occupation of New O.-leanb by Gen. Butler. Slipping through jS'ew Organs jy some uieaus, he came up to a fine plantation plantation in the neighborhood of Snyder's liluff, and -was found there by our army lie had used his princely fortune lavishly n attempt!) to foiward the Secession cause. Co d iy he is reduced to the necessity of depending depending upon the United States military authorities for the necessaries of life"! [lunk of a Southern millionaire, the owner ' thousands of slaves; of a fine house and blishment in New Oilcans, of a beauti- summcr re-idcnee in Kentucky, of even plantations in Mississippi, Louisiana nd Arkansas, and an educated, traveled, /«0ri/jv«s geiitlciBuj, of course, e,oirg daily o an enemy's commissary of subsistence for rations. \ He had also been in ! went down to ( street, wharf,lo ... . Golouel jay- _.^- · ~ - ' lor was a twenty-tince summois. lie had traveled Europe, and educated in French, (jreiman, :md other lauguagi's. In fine, he was a ripe scholar, a noble, v of er engagements. Colonel Tay-, consummate , hi* purpose One of PP ' fine, manly youth of not o v o r . h a i b o r police, divimn» his " ^ """' n " 1 - 1 - '11 '11 I-" to i house, ritan, ministered to his necesbities. He roniuined at the days While »'· 'policeman's house two he casually observed ,, 11 , · . . · , . ' . ' i -"j ' " « i i w umt; ne vu-iuauy ooscrvei palLint spirit a brave »,d,or. and in dvmg in u ne^papcr, a four-stan.a ballad. In for the c o u n t i y s cau.e has co.erod hi. uioiimnt of inspi r at,on,e'improVkc'd an mr (fir i f I I ; f.\,.i- *mt« Kf'., ij*.,_^I._ al c o u n t t y s caiihe hag eiAercd his name with jrapeiishable gloiy. I never air for it. saw a young man in whose favor I became'' m o i e w n c e i e l y ailached. Uis whole heart swelled w i t h patriotism, and in dving that Had he lived, a bright and glorious caie-cr was before him. but in. .surruideiiu" so He took new life. Energy TCS roused within him, and he wrote oufc'tbe melody with piano accornpanime'ut. -A, publisher of music, uost the author. We yesterday "tTiat ia y a n « «al arit a young l i f e in a cause so patriotic, Teuton ha* reeu vfld §t,750 h, a to,y mu « embalm his memorv. hiatoiy must embalm his memory. ItTfe Colonel Hevere. with deep regret (lays the Boston to be '-When this cj-uol war Counet) that we announce ths fiet that Col. Paul J. Ixcvcrc/of the 2t)ih ^Lusancliu^ettSj died ou Saturday, at IVest minster, Maryland, of wounds received in the recent battle of most noble and lie was a youn^. wan qualities, os- risfht sale ol the a hit,' l i k e tho soi|g w over," a t o u ^ t h a t has netted the sum of 810,000, oopyrfijht alone.' " ,The moral of tin-, is, '-Never say die.",' ^ said he, 'can't yon give me s,oine water?'- Curious Battle Anecdote. Here is a pleasant incident of the late bittle of Monriccllo, Kentucky: '-A soldier soldier of the Seventh Ohio, who was fighting fighting during thecloMj of the day on our left, had used up all his caps, and at,kcd a man by his side to let him have a part of his The reply was that he had no more than he needed for nimsclf. "With that a poor wounded rcbql. no doubt a conscripted Union Union man, exclaimed, "Boys, I've got caps,' and running hib Iccblehand into his pocket pocket pulled mit what he had, and handed them to the fedoral soldier. i'Kow. bov« ,.. * j T_ _ . ' . ' ' y Bearer ( of Despatches Shot. It was briefly stated some days since that r ._,, ,,,,.,,, 11MJ ^ heaier of despatches from our arroj t teemed and beloved by -ill who knew lain, « eueral Schenct, was shot by a'citizen of and as a sou, brother, husband, father, and 1ean sy)vania, at whose house he stopped friend, mo»t attractive, engaging, and failh- ou '" s nwa ^- 1'hc affair occurred-at the ful. flois the sceond son whom his parents J' ous , 0 of 3Jr. Baer, in York county, and ' of the have been Killed upon to surrender--his elder brother, Dr. Koverc, having been killed in battle about a year since. The youthful colonel was the giaudson and namesake of Col. Paul Kcvcre of Revolutionary Revolutionary memory. The hei oio blood of his ancestor had not degenerated in his veins, nor in those of his biother who finished his course before him. is thus explained in tho X'ork Press : A man catnc to the house'of Mr. 'Baer. about 32 or 1 o clock, on the above tionud night, and knocked at the door arid demanded feed for his hora-e and as the in the neighborhood at tffe .rally became alarmed ,. an time ' . °P° ne ^ a window in the second story of the house aud sounded a horn, to arouse' home of the neighbors,' tTnnkmu; that" the Sebels had come tb plunder thiThonse/ " m rder them, wheieupon the stranger told through the lungs; and brought to the hos- \ her ij ' slle ^ not desist in' her attempt pital for surgical · treatment. His wound alarm the people in the neigh borhpodjie was a fatal one, and he suffered intensely, would shoot her. I asked him for his name, and it was Dus- 31rs - ^ aer however, did not pay anyit- ' r^ A Private's Death. A private of the 8th Illinois was shot ' the and inquiring as to the nature, of his to his threu't « fio^.her/aud she place something under it, for it seem? so to low.'_ In the midst of the fi^ht the soldier up the dying man's bead, and made all f '""I as co wfort.ible as he could, then went on ' n ^^Mharge of his duty. eaten ho say I any ono The Doctor Knows. ,An amusing thing occurred in the 2 t t h Ohio. A few days' since'a soldier, in pus- sing^to the lower part of the encampment, saw two others from his company making a rude coffin, lie iuqiiirod who it was for. '·John Buncq," said the others. '_'\Vliy," replied he, "John is not dead yet. It is too bad loniake a nnm's coffin nhcn you don't know if he iit.oisj^t^j die or not." yon trouble ^lUip-cl/j*' replied the , . wound, he replied that it was ^nibrtj I, and j continued to ,sount I-?v Ijjrn, when'"the ho did not expect to recover, but that he j IMaD threatened to ',,« Jt ImuVif Vae'did c-ared not if we could only prevent tho es-p ot forbear. 'In'tb ·xj^safme Mr.^3aer cape of Jjce acioss the Potornaa. _1 gazed upon the hero^,with vcnci4ion, and a I gazed his lips grew colorless, and the death dew hung in trombhns;'drops u p o n ' h i s ! , _ _ , . t » · » . · « * . - . * . charged his gun, ai.,!U!* lately, shot stranger, under tht. 'i'tjjir^-don that h'e, -was a llebel that bad o % «a: ir -do them violence! ' biow. 1 asked fho He must have'diep he could .nstently, as he avc him, but he replied that ho mnst'die. It will be a source of gratification 'and pride to his friends to know'''that h'e ''died enblimaly, and with his old love"for the Union undimnied by long aud' aiHuous service in his country's cause. Cheerfulness. · ' " ' "The celebrated Paley-'says:' "No man's spirits were ever hurt by doing his duty. j, ll(J On the,contrary, onogood actiou,ono tompta- j' n , n ^ a , b'e'arer 'of' 'j_^ tiou resistcd ( and ovorcomc, one ..acrific^ of' ^tW"-' 1 -----'-- ·"· desire or intcrest^purely for conscience Miks,} hiwsell will prove a cdrdial for low ,«]mt3 beyond 1 wJ11 "e what ,either indulgence;' or diversions or J ^°? 1 ' 1C deed, company can do for them." , was found entirely }?·*}. jili his -pistol Iy- in rr "Nncif^A liin-i * - * 1 ing beside him. ' v When Mr,BaeV^4f'vlut 'take he had niadf I was a itebel, and U' different nature f posed^jt to bo, he could icareely redw/ii' committed the atft'lf.A i a fatal mis- over the boc' ' that'he ^ errand was. of, a *»\'.f which he sup- J '' ply affected aud :f«bt tf that ho 1 had inquest'was held b* Cranmer,' iithen of-'OUr x o\vn .ipfcn, after _ have they same jjj men may ,"{ 1 t militiry and jt,"I search and muko how ion;

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