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Zona Libre - u t t e r . a h when I having a PHK- whether he...
u t t e r . a h when I having a PHK- whether he one Jurnmry. la :ink?d tho ho interview on f i c i a l choree said o w li*» '\vas d was h a t t h t * D. H. A l u r - t f * t h a t t h w t of the to ret briny t h e comm to also ami a y t h e m , i l to- l l be i l l AS TO ZONA LIBRE. in Rdnen M p l v h i was K P - MP Houston hl« n a t i o n , h i f t e d e In the bt- u m ley over i ' the l l run «t 'night performance. of e n - a r t c M Hltiyn him. hath uf litv. H n u l l y , tin.- Kallkraten. who the ijf-m'ra- pr- OMU of the tlie n-sult of on of a l slaving a young w i f e d , J u t i f , n i u l nuoti. h e i r liars nnd As t e r that l l a u d i t o r i u m l l be a "Tpja^, talk r y of from n n v np- appearance n n at tlio Grand H a t u r - on Hon. B. J. Gau'ier, the Spanish Consul, Talks of tfie Free Zone ( He Believes Trat the Exist^g 1 Re'ations Kctwe-n the United States and Mexico 1 Should Nut Bu A rcpresjntiuivc of The News interrogated interrogated Hon. !J. J. O-autler yoslordoy regarding his opinion of UK.- xonu ubre. -that -4» now being discussed In the s t a t e tnro. The getillpnnui has mmlo a study the trade relations of the U n i t e d w i t h all Spanish-American republics, his opinion in o* great value. "What do T know tibout the zona llbi'ft and w h a t do I think of the resolution the stat* legislature.looking to the abrogation of the bonded system us applicable the Mexican fi'ontier?" repealed Mr. O tie; nin-'ii the question was put to him. "Jn the flrnt place, let me usk f in tho name of common sense, what are our legislator* d r i v i n g m ? Vv'hrn t h cluslvuly occupied In f o r m u l a t i n IT trench men I ttiul economy in Order relieve us of the deficit which is dally growing, w? find them'', prolnff or. a wild goose Riiuse against t h e Mexican aona llhre. we do r.ot wan-t the bonded system, we may iihollsh It. but It Is not right to discriminate discriminate against Mexico In this matter. That would bo contrary lo the spirit of i.s-ting treaties art«! a wanton breach of amity and comity w h l u h should between nations a.t peace w i t h each "Why, the Mexican j?ona librc is just wh.a we want. The only pity Is there not more of It; and- the bonded warehouse system on t h e frontier was established our special benefit, as I will explain. · "We have had (hjough s of injudicious measures which have disturbed our trade relations and brought upon us a I f f war w i t h European nations. I remained for Texas to cap the climax posing a measure Irritating to Mexico t e n d i n g to disturb our -trade t h a t country. v "The zona llbre had Up origin In the changed conditions brought abonl by the treaty ·of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. That treaty made 'the HIo Grande the boundary and brought us Into p r o x i m i t y w At that time we en.loyed the benefits of merce wan laboring t i n d e r the disadvantages of a high prohibitive t a r i f f n a t u r a l consequence of these new ·tions was t h a t smuggling I n t o the order of the day. and life being cheaper o n - t h e American side, the n i f u l population begun to emigrate Texas. And 'to make, m a t t e r s worse Mvxlcan*, t'io American congress Ir. IJJS2 passed the bonded warehouse law, of we an- now nun phi In INK. w h i i - J t h e facilities for smuggling i n t o a larger scale. Tin? Mexican government soon noticed a f a l l i n g off In revenue HIP frontier ens torn houses and t h a Mexican f r o n t i e r was fast being ed. 11 was t h e n t h a t p a t r i soujrht h. remedy for these evils, nnd p Tioned their government for a measure relief. On account of t h e flu-n e x i revolution, or war of reform. In Mexico, the federal g o v e r n m e n t was u tend to the matter, and it was o f i l y wh«n thp c o u n t r y was ntlll In a revolution, nnrl t h e stale of T a m f o u n d Itself In a s t u t e of qiiiiHl temporary secession, t h a t the s t a t e issued t h e decree establishing tin- free it.long the frontier of t h a i state. A f peace was re-cRtabllshed and Tamaullpa* had resit mud its normnl relii'.lons t o federal government tht; free ssone dec reft was s u b m t i i e d to congress nnd by t h a t body In 1681, t h u s f-ral U'w. The free, «one tvmaltieil connncd tu the HLiitc of Tamaullpas u n t i l IftSTi, under the present n d n n n l M i r n M 1 .d .d e n t l)hi«. In a spirit of l u ^ t l e e to the IV?HI of t h e frontier, thf hencllts t h e free zone wei-e extended t'u the front lor, from t h e m o n t h of to I.,o\\v ) California. "Aw f / 1 Mexican t a r i f f has always hlKtji'i' /ian t h e Amorlc.an t a r i f f , to rprf/m that smuggling h n a always morc'Xjc.ratlve from the zjna llbre I n t I t i t i V or of Miixleo t h a n aci'oss Into 7 Aim. 7 / (he free 7.tnic 1ms Jicen d e t r ur / in I crest it IIUH hoen (he Mexican (.-" ,ues. Sliici; the t i m e of itc [ t r o ' .if frarifhlsi.' has suffered - m a n y and m o d i f i c a t i o n s . To-day ed I n t o th«* belt pay 10 per cent Mexican t a r i f f . This offers a l u c for large qu.-uilltlos of our n r u d u c i k i n d s nnd Is a s t l m u l u n - t We have bfen seeking ivdproully w i t SiKLiilsh American countrlus and -\vould he glad if they agreed m a l l n w n l!ri or HO per cent of their t a r i f f on limited " n u m b e r of our exports. nvi ii M e r l o n i ) fn»t T.OIIO f n t can i m p o r t all k i n - i s of pur reduction of 1HJ per cent from .tin; regular t a r i f f . ' . " I t seems to me t h a t I n s t e ( l i p a b o l i t i o n of the free L\Icx!-o to en tend !t. This would In- rational. I can not believo" t h a l t h f*lv;vnts n l o n g our frrvntlAr cire t p - x i s l i i i g rondlilonn charm'"'-?. liui as it may, and whatever may be the Interest moving: our legislators, there Is on* t h i n g clear, and t h a t Is t h measure would he I r r i t a t i n g to."Mexico to d i s t u r b our trad*; relations wlt-h c o u n t r y . I do n o t believe, t h n.) legislature w i l l pass a n y such They should rather use t h e i r best for n commercial t r e a t y w i t h "The hand t h a t rocks t h e cradle t'he world." The .lm.nd t h a t uses Dr. I J rlee'-H Baking 1'owder produces the finest cooking. THUICK MORNING ALARMS. The fire department hut! three runs yesterday ntot-nlng. The first alarm wap from Krank Wilson's residence, on Fortv- f o t i r t h , hf-twef-n T ami Itroailwny, o'clock nnd was found to be. a chimney lire. A't 7.K) o'clock an alarm rame In the l i g h t e r Maddox at the elevator. cook nnd his stove had had a d i f f i fherf* was more scare than blnxe. Tint Tint h i r d alarm was turned In al 8.47 nup H, between Twenty-eighth artd Twen- t y - n i n t h Btreets, from a b u i l George Fox and occupied by the. Misses Mary and Lillie Lagatc. The damagre. about 520. ADMITTED TO THE EAR. Mr. l-icwls Fox, who for some time pa«t has occupied the position of all n i g h operator for the Western Union telegraph t o m p a n v in this city, was examined the district court yesterday evening and was a d m i t t e d to t h e p r n Fox passed a b r i l l i a n t e x a m Shlloh'fl Cure, the great -cough nnd cure, is In great dcrn.'ind. I'oHret sl-/o t-on- t a l n n 2fi doKPs, only 2. r ic. Children love it. 9old by J. J. Schott, Galvo«ton.

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 26 Jan 1895, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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