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KUtifcRT ALLEN -- PAUL SCOTT North Korean Attack Feared WASHINGTON - North Korea appears tc be positioning its military forces for a new invasion of South Korea. Recent Communist troop m o v e m e n t s near the demilitarized zone, separating north from south at the 3Sth Parallel, are even causing. U.S. intelligence experts to warn that the military offensive could come during the June 24-25 anniversary of North Korea's 1950 invasion. Kim n-Sung ; the Soviet- trained premier of North Korea who launched that first offensive, has pledged to open a- "new front against the U.S. "at the appropriate time." Significantly, Kim has in ' "recent days put all his military forces on a war-time _ alert ; and issued a decree ~ which in effect has caused full - mobilization of North Korean '- -manpower and industry. IN ADDITION TO these military moves, Kim has already supplied more than 50 Korean pilots to the battered North Vietnamese airforce, which is being completely rebuilt during the present U.S. halt .of all bombing above the 19th parallel. As reported in this column on Feb. 2, the President's . intelligence · advisers have '. been warning him that the ... jCremlin planned a series of closely connected crises in West Berlin, Korea, Vietnam and Cuba this summer. As -forecast then, these '-crises will be linked closely "'with massive demonstrations' ''·""'and riots planned in Washington and other major U.S. cities. -r. The West Berlin forecast is already a reality. U.S. UNPREPARED - f .-Most immediate danger area outside of West Berlin and South Vietnam is South Korea, where neither the 2nd nor the 7th U.S. Infantry divisions can be called combat ready, ac- Allen Scott cording to a study just completed by the Senate Armed Services Preparedness sub/ committee. While the U.S. Air Force in South Korea has been vastly increased since the USS Puebjo seizure caught it with half a dozen planes, the North Korean jets now outnumber it by around two to one. The subcommittee's report also noted that both Army divisions are below strength, greatly deficient in captains and majors, and hampered by a lack of equipment and spare parts diverted to Vietnam. ACCORDING TO the latest U.S. intelligence estimates, North Korea reconnaissance attacks in force can be expected at any time -including this weekend. A captured North Korean "order of battle" calls for probing attacks all along the 156-mile front in order to disrupt communication lines, create economic chaos, and lay the ground work for an externally supported and guided revolt. Several months ago, the North Koreans began stockpiling 60-days supply of food and military e q u i p m e n t , including all types of spare parts and ammunition, just north of the demilitarized zone. AT LEAST five new No:*th Korean divisions have now been moved into these front line positions. One military intelligence group, which correctly forecast the present East German pressure on West Berlin, is now warning that it is the policy of the Kremlin to involve U.S. forces with those of other Communist nations on as many fronts as possible this summer. Once the U.S. is deeply involved in these crises, they claim, the Russians plan to send large numbers of ground troops for the. first time into the Middle East --probably stationing them in Egypt at that country's request. * * * CANADIAN PASSPORTS James Earl Ray, t h e suspected assassin" of' Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was the latest of scores · of criminals and Communist spies who for years have been outwitting law enforcement agencies around the world with Canadian passports. , Most important of these fugitives, and one who is now being held by South African authorities, is the agent Moscow assigned to set up a new super-spy network throughout the Western Hemisphere. Yuri Nikolaevitch Loginov, whose accidental capture in Johannesburg was one of the biggest spy catches in 10- years, has told South African security authorities that his actual target country was the U.S., to which he planned to travel via Canada. ACCORDING TO information furnished the FBI and CIA, Loginov's main mission was to build a new Soviet espionage team within America's "new left," including the hiring of assassins among them. In one of his reports forwarded to Washington, Maj.- Gen. H. J. Van Den Bergh, chief of the security branch of South African police, noted that Loginov's Canadian passport and the way it was obtained should be of special interest to U.S. authorities. Loginov's- passport, h e pointed out, was provided by Yevgency Mikhailovich, a high-ranking member of the KGB (Soviet Secret Police) who serves as a Russian diplomat in Canada. : · Mikhailovich was identified by Loginov as the Russian whose job it was to help spies enter the U.S. .from Canada. Also, he is the KGB agent who routes Cuban: espionage agents from Havana into the U.S. through Canada. OPEN FILES -When Igor Gouzenko, a top secret cypher clerk in the Soviet embassy in Ottawa defected to the in 1945,-.he', told the Canadians that Communist agents even had access to-,the government's maximum security passport 'records office in the External Affair Department. On at least one-'occasion, he said, Soviet agents actually entered the office - and replaced genuine passport applications with fakes. Gordon Lonsdale, the · most important Soviet spy ever caught by the British, traveled on a Canadian .passport. His two assistants, New York born Helen and Peter Kroger, were also provided with Canadian passports. Even the Communists' hatchet man, who murdered Leon Trotsky as long ago as 1940, traveled on a Canadian passport identifying him as Frank Jacson. In Australia r e c e n

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  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 18 Jun 1968, Tue,
  3. Page 7

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