Redlands Daily Facts (Redlands, California) January 22, 1971

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Redlands Daily Facts (Redlands, California) January 22, 1971 - a A whale of an act By NORTON MOCKRIDGE MIAMI...
a A whale of an act By NORTON MOCKRIDGE MIAMI BEACH. — Hugo is a very nice killer whale. One of the nicest of the killer whales. And he doesn't really want to hurt anybody. However, if you stick your head too far down his throat, well ... it irks him a bit. Nine hundred and ninety-nine times out of a thousand, if you put your head into his mouth .while he's standing up in the. water, treading water with his tail, he won't bite you. But watch out that next time! Couple of months ago one of the 'trainer's at" Hugo's house — the Miami Seaquarium — was doing his thing: putting his, head into Hugo's mouth, and that was not a very good day. "What I'd say," said a trainer, "is that Hugo didn't mind the trainer putting his head between his teeth but apparently he put his head a little bit too far down and it bothered him. So, he closed his mouth. I wouldn't say that Hugo bit him because if he wanted to he could bite his head off, but I think Hugo wanted to make an impression. ' •' "The trainer had to have 10 stitches taken in his head and neck. However, he finished the show : — that is, after Hugo let him go — and he did two more shows before.going to the hospital. Hugo's not a vicious animal, but he just likes things his own way." • Hugo is the star of the Miami Seaquarium and what a show he puts on! He's a pretty big guy and he's going to get bigger. When he. was netted" in Puget Sound, he was two years old, weighed one ton and was 13V4 feet long. He got to the Seaquarium in 1968" and he's been growing ever since. When. he reaches voting age he'll be 30 feet long, weigh about 20,000 pounds and have a six-foot dorsal fin. .That's a lotta whale!' Hugo, beinjjf a killer whale (Orcinus orca), is really the king of the sea, and. he's, afraid of nothing. He can open his mouth as .wide as the Holland Tunnel, and each jaw has 20 to 28 conical teeth. He' can grab and shallow porpoises -and '• sea lions whole, and .never even burp. -' ', But Hugo, jet black with a. white throat and belly and white spots on his head, would rather play' than gobble sea lions and' people. He. has a white-sided- dolphin in the pool with him. to keep him company and then, of course, he has the human trainers who put on a show - with him several times a day. .' One of the trainers, dressed like a sea captain, gets into a small plastic boat, takes a.dum­ my wooden, harpoon and tows out into the middle of Hugo's pool — • to. harpoon himself a whale. .Make believe; of course. Hugo watches all this and then when the boat gets to the center of the pool, 'he; flashes through the water, surfaces: under the boat and . throws , boa t, man, harpoon and oars high into the air. Then, as the man flounders in. the water, Hugo goes for him and the audience- cries:' "Ooooh!" and some.of the,ladies cover tiieir eyes. But Hugo swims beneath the trainer, lifts him onto his back and then gently ferries" him to' the dock from which he' camei The" trainer clambers onto the dock and- Hugo goes back to the center of the pool, gets under the capsized boat and ferries that, too,- to the dock. He returns for the trainers's cap, and oars and even Hie harpoon, which he triumphantly carries to the dock in his mouth. Then, Jor a whale of a finish, Hugo swims slowly close to the dock and lets the trainer step onto his back. With the man standing there, holding on to nothing, Hugo swims' swiftly around the pool and takes him back to the dock. If the trainer falls off, however, Hugo frolics happily, as though laughing at him, and he won't let Urn get out of the water. Every time the trainer tries to climb up on- the dock, Hugo playfully nudges him with his snout and shoves him 10 feet away. Another trainer has to lure Hugo into a barred section of the pool offering buckets of'fish,: to permit the other guy to climb back onto the dock. Hugo thinks • that's the most fun-, and/- one way or the other, he knows he'lt get a few buckets of-fish. The dolphins, in. another pool at the Seaquarium, are also lots, of fun, but they don't have the built-in menace'of Hugo, the killer whale. Extremely intelligent, the dolphins, Boston and Jinx, just love to play with their trainers and they can do nearly anything, from jump>»g through hoops held 10 feet above the water, to bowling, to tossing balls into baskets, to leaping as much as 20 feet into the auto grab a fish. "Unlike whales," a trainer told me, "the dolphin is relatively easy to train because he adores having a fuss made over him, 'he wants to be the center of attention, and he simply cannot bear to be ignored." Just like lots of people. Only more talented, perhaps. The Almanac Today is Friday, Jan. 22,. the 22nd day of 1971. The moon-is between its first quarter and full phase. The morning stars are M^ars, .Jupiter and Venus. The evening starts Saturn. Those born on this date are under the sign-of Aquarius. British Poet Lord Byron was born Jan. 22, 1788. ' On this day in history: In 1789 the first American novel, "The Power of. Sympathy," by Sarah Morton, was published in Boston. In 1952 former Secretary of War ' Robert Patterson, was among 29 persons killed when an airliner;crashed into a TOW of apartment houses in Elizabeth, N. J. 1 In 1963 .French President De Gaulle and .West: German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signed a treaty pledging cooperation in foreign policy, defense and cultural, affairs. .'In 1968 Communist North Korea seized the V.S. intelligence ship "Pueblo" in the Sea of Japan and took ' 83 crewmen captive.' The crew was released after .11 months--: North Korea kept the vessel.. 'A thought''for today: "British Scientist- Havelock-EIUB said, ; "A man must not swallow more beliefs than -he can digest." . to of the scandal; him the . in his but a the public the to of to to can Democratic or basis age illiteracy bill will not •and tremendously

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