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Rush House - CAGE Z-UNtONTOWN, PA., WKDNESIUV, ,)U1.Y IB,...
CAGE Z-UNtONTOWN, PA., WKDNESIUV, ,)U1.Y IB, W,9 TIIK I M O H N I N f i I I K H A U ) - TI1K Rush House Restored At Fannington By BOB mtODKRICK Throng.!] (lie efforts of a Famiinglon man, another interesting interesting segment o( Fayellc Cnunly history has boon preserved. preserved. Thomas Slianahergcr, a rural route mail carriei 1 , li;is restored the site of t h e first building in Farminglon. K n o w n as t h e Hush House, t h e .slone s t r u c t u r e (kites hack In 1837. However, a lop l a v c r n was first conslnieled on (lie site in 18 IB hy Squire James Bryant. Mr. Shaniibrrger opened (be historical m o n u m e n t to the p u b l i c last weekend. H is located located on R o u t e -1(1 at Farm- i n g t o n . Ki|lit rooms in I lie massive slnicliiro have been restored. The project began in IMS. when Mv. ShanaborKer purchased purchased Hie property from (ho heirs of Sebastian "Moss" Kiisli. G a t h e r i n g h i s t o r i c f n n n l i i r e and a r t i f a c t s of all kinds, Mr. RUSH HOUSE HEAKTH - Hit's, Thomas Slia- naherger displays kitchenware in f r o n t of the huge hearth restored in the Sebastian Rush --Hrrald-Slanilarri Pliolo House. Her husband, Thomas, recently completed completed Ihe work of restoring the 183? vintage, home. It served as an inn for nearly till years. FAYETTE GIVES YOU A BANKING PROGRAM At Fayette Bonk we give YXXJ efficient service ond substantial sovings and o f f e r a completely balanced banking program. Each department ot FayeUe is ready to ossist you w i t h e x o e r t bonking knov/ledge. Foyetle is confident (hot you w i l l benefit and save time by riomg business with a full service bank. Foyette consistently pays high interest rotes on savings: savings: 5 r 'o per annum ori savings c e r t i f i c a t e s of 12 months, 4V7°^ per annum on savings cerfificctes of 6 months., and 4 r !r, per annum on savings accounts Loans at Foyette Bonk are handled w i t h understanding understanding to the individual need. And there are no needless delays. Come into Fayette Bank tornorrrw onrj let F a y e t t e balance your bonking needs with cur complete, successful successful program of service and savings. I Shaiuinberger completely restored restored Ihe building, lie found remiianls of the bar in an isolated isolated part of the building, and reconslrucled it from p a t t e r n s found on the floor and ceiling. The s t r u c t u r e was used as an inn from 18-11) u n t i l the l a t e 195IVs. II was frequented hy such i l l u s t r i o u s persons as Henry Clay, Jenny l.ind, President Polk, and Thomas Kwing. Mr. Shanaberger pointed out that "Ross" Hush was q u i t e careful as lo t h e visitors he accommodated at his i n n . Hush purchased Ihe properly properly from .ludge N a t h a n i e l E \ v i n g who built t h e present large, stone and brick structure. structure. Me kepi Ihe inn u n t i l his death in 1S78. Rush was described described in Ellis' "History of Kayetle County" as "a man of great physical s t r e n g t h , and during the latter portion of his life o f p o n d e r o u s size, weighing sometimes 2 5 fi pounds. "When he a r r i v e d at about 22 years of age, he was marie. a constable, and for years filled his office with more than, usual ability, but for Ihe (irst year or so he was obliged to execute its duties on foot, lacking a horse to ride through pecuniary i n a b i l i t y to buy one. From such a beginning his great energy and sound sense built up for him the fortune he a f t e r w a r d s enjoyed." And a great success his inn was. Mr, Shanaberger is displaying displaying a ledger at the Rush House with accounts of the profit made there in those early years ot the eighteenth century. During one q u a r t e r of Ihe year. "Boss" Rush n e t t e d nearly $30,000 in profits. He amassed a large properly, properly, owning at Ihe time of his death about 1,200 acres nf good land adjacent lo his house, as well as several outlying outlying f a r m s of considerable size. He raised stock, and was quite active in the Whig, and later the Republican Party. The property was passed on to his wife after his death, and to his son, Thomas, who died in 1899, Frank Rush, a s c h o o l teacher, procured the properly in 1903. It was owned by his wife. Sally Downer Rush, from 1926-65. Mrs. Rush's daughter, Mrs. Winnie Coleman, is a resident ot Maple SI., Uniontown Uniontown and was f o r m e r l y affiliated affiliated with the post office at Farmington. The Rush family served in the post office at Farmington for f o u r generations. Mrs. Rush lived in the Rush House throughout her childhood and early adult l i f e . Mr. Shanaberger, is avidly interested in the history of Fayetle County. After four years of work, the Rush House has been reconstructed lo its former beauty. On the downstairs level, the kitchen is supplied with all the early utensils which dangle from the mantle of a great hearth. Tables and cabinets in the kitchen are all authentic early American f u r n i t u r e . A living room is located just off the kitchen. In it is furniture furniture depicting the era of Ihe early eighteenth century. The bar and business section of Ihe house fronts Ihe living room. There Ihe. reconstructed bar is Ihe focal point. On the m a n t l e a hand-constructed model of a stage coach with horses tells the story of Ihe Stockton mail line stops at the i n n . The model served as an advertisement in those, early days, Mr. Shanabergcr said. Also on the downstairs is a room filled w i t h manuscripts anrl early papers telling the story of Wharlon Twp. and the surrounding area. An a u t h e n - t i c map oi Fayetle C o u n t y dated 1332 is displayed on the w a l l . Climbing the stairs, 'i visitor enters Ihe rooms in which Ihe prominent dignitaries of the eighteenth c e n t u r y stayed on their v i s i t s . They are reputed lo have served Gens. Jackson, Harr Harr i s o n , Taylor, and Scott. Sam iH ' DSKO von All -- This nindi'l of u horse-drawn slngecnrich is an millu'iiUc, ImiKlniiuli' a r t i f a c t used In advertise the lliilli- niorc and Pennsylvania Stage Coach Lines during Itie ISIh C e n t u r y . II is now on display at the Hush House at Farming(1111, Farming(1111, " -- l l c r a l i l - s i a m l a r i l IMiuto S I I K H M A N ' S INC. HONG K O N G Tailors in Town 3 Days Only--July IStii tluu 17th 1 i.llfi 1 ( i r u l l f m i M i ' s ni»ilr d m r . i s u r r lliiwl M l s'iills. S|mrl J.i.'kru :ni.l I'm. Coals. TliimsaiKh ol world » Until l a l i l l r s In rlumsf Irnlil. (|uallly :«l Sullslarll I very rfiunn- nlilr |irlrrs. l''nr i "unl-lO'lif-inlssr*" iippnrluimy. Call Mr. David (Room 20) MID-TOWN MOTEL ·t WKST MA1V STHKKT U N I O N T O W N . t'A, IS10I lloiiston iviis also ;i visitor at the i n n . Reds w i t h canopies, early desks, and gHrments from Him, era fill the ronms, The. most prominent room in the. building is the Henry Chiy room. In t h a t mom is S e b a s t i a n R u s h ' s traveling t r u n k w i t h his name inscribed on it. The f a c i l i t y was reserved for Mr. Clay whenever he t r a v e l e d t h r o u g h Fayelte C o u n t y The Rush House is hut one nf !hn many inns which lined ( h e National Pike. It served as one of Hie. places which provided provided a healthy economy in this area for a n u m b e r of years. II stands as a monument monument to Ihe first t h r i v i n g industry industry in Fayelte. C o u n t y . There are others along Ihe Pike. However, without the interest ot area residents, Ihey may very well vanish. ''We were q u i t e interested in saving this monument for the people of Fayette County," Mr. Shanaberger said. "II 's a sturdy building, and one which depicts Ihe beautiful history of the tavern industry in Ihe eighteenth century in this county. We're happy it is restored, restored, for it will serve as a reminder of Ihe rich h e r i t a g e this area possesses." r4ft Associated -ttardu/are | Council Meeting j iAtMcClel'toW I Daughters of America. C o u n - ' cil No, 100 of McClellcimilouii, i will meet today at 7:3(1 p.m. in i Sunshine Chapel, McClelland- lown. Serving on (he social com- i mittee are Bessie Miller and ] Mary C. C o f f m a n . I UNIONTOWN SHOPPING CKNTKR--PHONK 1M-5500 HOUTK 40, HOPWOOn--PUONK. IM-MIX! DESIGNER J PREMIUM COAT OIL BASE HOUSE PAINT O Non dialling · Bntlia n» WVrte O M i l d e w RetiiUM · S a t i s f a c t i o n « f u m e proof G u a r a n t e e d Oar Reg. 5.99 Gal. 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