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 - for WomeeTlhe First of temple that God has...
for WomeeTlhe First of temple that God has given us To well we must eat healthful foods exercise as much as possible and sleep seven or eight hours every night We have fresh air in our sleeping - rooms and drink plenty of water between meals I do not advocate the drinking of water during a meal or at the beginning or end of it About an hour before a meal drink a glass water and then after a meal drink much as you wish until half an hour before the next meal Too much liquid any kind it prejudicial to digestion because it delays the action of the gastric Juice weakens its digestive qualities and overtasks the absorbents Cold drinks check digestion by cooling the contents of the stomach to a degree at which digestion cannot proceed Few people are aware how serious aullsturb - even a small quantity of cold water ice cream or any other cold substance will create when taken into a stomach where food is undergoing digestion as this process cannot be car on at a temperature less than tha mouthful of food until he had counted thirty When one drinks a glass or two of water or three or five as I have several times observed one feels stuffy after leaving the table and wishes he had not eaten so much i wish every one could know how injurious it is to drink lee water or any iced drink I the heat of the stomach is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a glass of water at the temperature of freshly drawn well water w ill reduce thattem - perature to 70 degrees you can Imagine what a glass of iced liquid will do or Iced food of any kind I have not said anything about tea and coffee because they should be given up entirely I know it Is hard It took me over two weeks fo get over the effects of giving up coffee It was a bitter fight and I felt I think a good de as De Quincy did when he tried to give up opium But I conquered and for two years I have reaped the benefit of 4t Coffee never seemed to hurtme but the a Seizes of Articles by Naeeette Magraden toxlcattng drinks I wish they would let beer alone Tou cannot have good clean blood unless you do Beer is considered so harmte8 but it is not harmless It Is harmful and you will find it out some day Eat plain wholesome digestible food as regularly as possible Take no liquid with your meals unless it be milk not iced and drink plenty of water between meals Give up tea and coffee all Intoxicating and iced drinks and ice cream soda And now for what to eat It is easier for me to tell you what not to eat than what to eat I am in perfect health and I will tell you w hat articles of food are not on my health list I think pork comes first I w ish there was no such a thing as a pig in the world There would be less bad blood fewer cancers better complexions It is scientific fact that among Jewish people who do not eat pork cancers are almost unknown Tea and coffee come next and then hot breads of all kinds the body or about 100 degrees Fah - trugglelhad in giving it up proved that Pl cake puddings pastry highly sea - renhelt It had been a stimulant and a habit soned foods veal fried potatoes fried r mo meal is mostly composed Of dry tLV P fam l moderately water might be beneficial rather otherwIset DUt j om sugge3t that liquid whatever be used unless it be not iced Milk Is food but It no agree with every oneVBecause that was not conducive to good health oysters in fact I think all fried things I like to practice what I preach not are better left alone doughnuts ba - A drinks milk and has a nice com paring to say as the preacher did Tou must do as I say not as I do Tea is bad for the nerves It only stimulates you for the time as cofTee does and then leaves you in a worse conaiiion tnan Derore women as a nanas olives pickles radishes corn unless grated from the cob cucumbers and Welsh rabbit These should be avoided by every one whether he be well or 111 fleshy or thin rich or poor Right here calling down wrath upon drink when we are down town and get thirsty I consider lemonade a healthful drink I always tell the soda - fountain man not to put ice or powderedhugar in mine They always look at me with pitying glances thinking I am out of my mind One day when I was in training and not taking sugar I told a clerk to give me a glass of lemonade without ice and without sugar Why miss that wont be lemonade I must confess it went down rather hard but when I am in training I am inexorable When I do not take lemonade I take some kind of mineral water not Ice cold I do not approve of phosphates but consider them less injurious than Icecream soda Leaving out these few things what Is there left to eat Plain soups nearly all kinds of fish I do not recommend sardines or canned salmon mutton beef chicken all kinds of game eggs milk if eggs and milk agree with one and the milk products such as koumiss Whey buttermilk etc nearly every kind of vegetable the most healthful being spinach asparagus tomatoes onions squash pumpkin celery oyster plant beet tops cress and lettuce without oil plenty of fruit and plain puddings without pastry Baked custard blanc mange and other forms of gelatin make fine desserts Rice is particularly healthful Surely out of that list you can find of bread put in the oven and dried through and allowed to remain there until lightly browned are most palatable and digestible The inside of most bread is soggy even the bread mother used to make Try it some time Take the inside of a sliee of bread and make it into a ball and see how Inviting it looks It is a leaden mass in the stomach whereas stale bread crusts or toast bread toasted in the oven are easily digested Toast made over a flarhe whre the inside is not thoroughly dried and only the crust is brown is as indigestible as fresh bread Caked apples come first on my health list Have one every morning for breakfast and see how much better you wJU feel There are many kinds of delicious healthful cereals for the morning meal Eat plenty of fruit Apples pears and oranges come first - I think bananas are unhealthful unless eaten in the locality where they grow Then they ripen naturally while those we get are other things Suffice it to say if a woman really and truly wants to ha well she can regulate the food question but the trouble is that people will eat rich indigestible foods which they know are not good for them simply because they are pleasant to the taste Never mind if they have a headache after the meal or a pain somewhere They an flghfit Off some way or take a couple of tablets or soda and lemon or some kind of a powder suggested by a druggist They are all right until some day something breaks then they are put on a diet which is compulsory and they may never be perfectly well again So often women come to me to see what I can do for their complexions and say Now I know it isnt my stomach for I never suffer after eating No the stomach has not gotten to the hurting point yet perhaps for the digestive organs are strong and it takes quite a while to wear them out Bad complexions are causea nineiy - a arinas miiK ana nas a nice com - crawiwu mu irciure numen as a igni nere catnug uviwu w rain upon noUrf Of course if a woman plexlon Miss B goes in for milk dripk - v ue afSust a bundle of nerves and my head from the soda - fountain men be fleshy and real wishes to reduce her shinned nerfetlv mvn nnrt rimnixi nr - - nine times out of a hundred by a dls tlflclally ordered stomach and no amount of cold Pears are fine fruity Fresh figs are creams or lemon washes Im going to do excellent Peaches are all right and all any good until the stomach has been kinds of berries and grapes Some phy - put into a good condition sicians say that grapes and appendicitis A lady not long ago asked me if I are synonymous others laugh at the could do something for her face It was Idea If you have to separate the pulp badly broken out She saKl her doctor from the seed as we are told to do I had been trying to fix It by blistering it think it just about as well to go without I ald Tour blood Is out ot order grapes altogether Unfermented grape - Oh no it isnt My blood Is in perfect Juice is a delightful drink for sick and condition What da you eat Oh and presently the whites of her eyes Jier skin turn yellow and she finds herself on thebllious list Lime water to milk makes it more digestible some people should leave milk alone altogether except as it is used in cook Drinking at meals is a habit and the can effect a cure The habit should discontinued wholly - and especially those whose digestive powers are If the food be of proper quality proper attention be paid to mastl - there will be little Inclination - - - eat too much J believe it was Buskin who said he always chewed each you wilrflnd that ninety - nine out of a hundred are victims ot the tea habit Tou say you cannot glye up tea and coffee Use your will power Fight and Conquer Tou will find such a difference in your health in a month It will beworth the sacrifice Coffee is an enemy to the liver Stop drinking it and see how your complexion will clear up and the whites of your eyes get whiter Sometimes I meet people with good complexions who are coffee drinkers but as a rule people who drink coffee have not a clear complexion They af e apt to be sallow I wish women would stop drinking in let me enter a strong protest against ice cream soda plain soda with syrup egg phosphate egg chocolate Dewey drinks and many other concoctions that soda fountains are responsible for The only good thing about an egg phosphate is the egg The only good thing about a glass of ice - cream soda is the glass and that is not always as clean as It might I think the drinking of hot chocolate between meals is injurious Notice how many women go into the stores for hot chocolate during the fall and winter months Well Mrs Cranky thus am I frequently addressed what shall we flesh she can do It by exercising and by letting starchy foods alone bqt even then leaving out sweets and starchy things there is plenty to eat When people are hungry and sit down at a daintily set table where only healthful wholesome food Is provided they are going to eat what is set before them and are not going to long for things out of sight Dieting does not mean living on bread and water It means eating pertain wholesome foods which we know are healthful and leaving bad indigestible foods alone Entire wheat bread not freshly baked is healthful and thin slices bf any kind well No appendicitis ih that It rather sweet and is betten diluted Stewed prunes are healthful Rhubarb sauce apple sauce stewed pears peaches cherries raspberries and plums are good and make fine desserts Here are sample meals for a day For Breakfast Baked apples some kind of cereal with cream two soft boiled eggs entire wheat bread or oven toast For Luncheon A plain soup entire wheat bread rice pudding or fruit or both x For Dinner Steak baked potatoes slleed tomatoes asparagus entire wheat bread or oven toast and a simple dessert7 I could fill columns with good health ful things to eat but I must go on to not - much of anything Just a cup of coffee for breakfast and then several times before luncheon I get faint and take a cup pf tea and a slice of bakers bread Well I could not do anything for that young woman for she said she could not possibly eat any breakfast r - that sbe only wanted coffee and that - the tea habit was so strong that she would rather have a bad complexion than give it up f I was eating my luncheon at a downtown lunchroom the other day I ordered tomato - cream soup entire wheat bread and raspberries when two pretty women sat down at my table One buried her face in her hands and groaned Oh I have such a headache

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 03 Jun 1900, Sun,
  3. Page 31

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