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FF NYT - 9 THE WEATHER Local showers today;. Tuesday,...
9 THE WEATHER Local showers today;. Tuesday, fair; fresh, shifting VJnds, ! becoming northwest. t7f"nr (nil rj! ,. r report Pfa If. "All the News That's Fit to Print." I VOL. LXIIT . . . NO. 20,610. NEW YORK. MONDAY. JUNE 29. 1914. EIGHTEEN PAGES. ONE CENT In C.rrater New Tr. f Etaewa.ee Jfrwj City and Newark. I TWO CSNTS. & t i CALIFORNIA GOESj . ON ROCKS IN FOG Tory IslandOff WorthwMt Irish Coast,-Scene of Mishap .'V' to Anchor Liner. it IN :1 NO . IMMEDIATE DANGER : Bows Badly Stove Jn and Ship Taking Water Through Two ' ' Holes in Hold. ' PASSENGERS STILL ABOARD SM.t Carries 1.000 Person Rescue Wel. Called by Wireless, Stand -: ng By Tbj-outfhout Night. towetaf Canto to Thb Kiw York Thiks lONJXDX. June 2 The Anchor Uner California, with more than 1.000 'persons aboard, has gone ashore on Tory IsUBi off the northern coast of """"Y. , faetesiand largest vessel of her class la the '.world, and other vessels have -gna to. her. assistance In response to wireless' calls for aid. " The hlp Is d to be In no lmm-J!e danger. ; The accident , to the California .occurred In a thick fog. The latest new received early this morning was that although the position of 'the Uner was erfous. no lives had been lost. In reply to-a wireless message, the Captain sent; the following details: California, ran ashore Tory Island fn - foe. about half mile' from lighthouse. r,d not hear foghorn blowing.. " Quiet, seaZ lNo danger. Three men of war and steamer Cassandra Stand-- lag by to transfer passengers. TnCalifomla went on the rocks! . with such force that the lower part, of , i Tier tyiwa. were t-adly stove In. and the; two fDoOt-Jiolds soon filled with water. She -Is-iav-flve fathoms of water for- .erf .ml even fathnma :ft Theti! Thett . t. WM-IIO fcinie on NaH. News has ben received frn Loo- tfbnderry thae the landing of the Irish pagMfigers may be expected t!ore Boon? today. ' jN'ews of tbe stranding was caught th. Malln tlad wireless station - . , . . , . ,, i , I and .the entire torpedo boat destmer. ,, - . " 'i new wniie ure am tmnaieo u-oown im flori'.U Which was for duty , off the j Btnrt The taxlcab starter at Shanley-s "flster voaet looking -for gun nisnfni)T,,(.M hj hrad Then he jpoita to ! un'inil n-t!f nhlorwr!rolwsn Ixniis Kick. I ', . ' : . , . t, given to sji we uepiroyers irora ins ra:ned. "that I, didn't think to Bother cruiser Hecla M Lough $willy o hurry them." - , ,i- . . i patrolman Jumped into an auto 1 With irvsped to the scene. p2 the w ,nJ sorted in mn.uit of the tire. Hy i. Cldent. " ! ll tread-prinls On the damp, pavement ' . - , . . i he fol'owed it down to Nlntr Avenue, up i Subsenuently orders were received t(1 Forty-fourth Mrt around the or-;! ty all the telephone .and telegraph I rr- th,''"? lJl artful dfHiKfrs for,e.l. stations tn. the coast from Bangor to Bun beg. County Donegal, to keep their Offices open U night. " By XI o'clock, six destroyers were ttaklrg for Tory Island. fog and rain wblch rendered Tory lal - and "Invisible from .th fpairiiatid. th Anchor Line steamer CSiUfornia. bound from New Tork for Glasgow, wert ashore tontcbt on the rook off that. V IsUnA Vh-elea. call- for he-p brought peedy assistance frofn a number of amiu gunboat, and torpedo b-t. whicn w.re' patroilln. the -Northwest in;. Caast for gun runners In connection t With the Ulster movement ! Th, latest news received here Is that th. California U .tuck fast on the" rocks. : but to la.no immediafe danger. Shi truck with ich frce tha? the lower S " " ' and .he ta imaging "water through two liole. In her fort-hold and second hold . ; , Tha 'steanrr. which ha on fw.ard 121 salcon and more than 3' second cabin passenger...' lies. 'In five fathoms of -1 water forward and seven fathoms aft. 1 The passengers atod crew are stm on ; r""" ,Vl, wn? I J . " T , v running wild wttn his 'world peace I board.. There was no panic when h theories. The, United Sutes ..we Co-, struck the rocks. li-mbhs jsothlng. either by treaty or -Several steamers. Lncludlng one liner. ! and the gunboats are standing by. and . othr, ressV Is are expected to arrive at ' j the seen during the night. j LOVDON. -June i. Capt. Coverjey of . j the California late .onlght sent oJt this i Wireless dispatch : , I ' "Ran ashore in for about half mile from tbe lighthouse. Did r.ot hec.r.fci;-. bom. 3ea ouiet. Three men-of-war no sreamer x;assanara stanung oy o : CARRIED 84 1 PASSENGnRS. Place Where California Struck Ten Miles Oat of Her Course. : ! The California sailed froin New Tort aU-noon on flaturd.iy. Jane . for fiias- a via MovlIIe wlth 11 first-class. I STO second-class, snd 37a thl-d-ctass i . rencer. Rhe tlgn.iled Ma!in. Head ; ? inttrday' aftirnoon, jnd ihouid hv oeeit off Movlile about S oklocVtr Torv ! tslartd iV more than terf mile .4 out of ; ker rourse. f , iTh California carried a crew r'-" tctiHi and men, and was conijnanded Jr' -f- A; Corerley, 'on of tha no.t n-.TeWiM Captain in the Anrf or Line "'rv4c. This was -his secon( voyage k California after having been Yn?ve jrears on the Calabria in the Hw Tork-Medlterranean service, and more recently- In command of the liner ZTtyila la th Indian service of- the Anchor Line. Tnei Califoraia 1 the second largest vswi of the Anchor I Jn in the New Tork trede. and was built at Gla-wtow by D.'i W. Henderson Eros, in ,l6u7. She Is V70 fee', long, with a leam of 8 feet 2 Inches and a dpta of hold of S3 feet C inches. She is a twin-scrur steamer, wltb an avera.se speed of 15 ' knota. !- . - " tu c-.-i. .v- ' ,a.. , .,- i , . , around the coasts of Scotland and Ire land ' and always keep a man on the lookout on the foc'sle head, -aa well as I -; Coattaaed aa rase 3. '.. STAYS IN AIR 21 HOURS. Berlin Aviator's Feat Held .to be a World's Record. . - .BERLIN'. June .3 Herr Landmann. an aviator, today concluded a non-stop flight of 21 hours 40 minutes. It ta asserted .that this .flight constitutes a world (record. Twenty-one hours would be almost enough to; carry the seaplane America either to :he coast of Ireland, or to the Azores. Plans for the forthcoming trans-Atlantic flight are based -on the Americas reaching the A tores In twenty hour. DEWEY IN CANAL PARADE. . Will Be Invited to Make Trip Aboard His Old Flagshfp Olympia. Hptcio 1 1 t T .Vnr. Yaj-lf Timet. WASiIlSOT()X June 2S. Admiral George Pewey may take his old flagship, tfce Olympia. through the Panama'Canal hext-Merch In the naval parade. Rear Admiral Clark: retired, has been ordered to late command o his old ship, the Orej'i, for the occasion, and Secretary Dan said this afternoon that he had dechlXl to Invite Admiral Dewey to take part. - If th Admiral does not feel like rn.ik.ng the Journey- 'via the canal, he may go overland to San Francisco and go a'.xard the Olympia upon tbe arrival of the pageant fleet there. 'The President and Secretary Daniels will make .addresses' upon the arrival of the fleet at the, exposition Hty. , It Is likely that Admiral Dewey and Admiral Clark also will spxak. The entire brl- !,ade:of midshipmen - will be taken to Prllnrl., tnr ,h. e,...nn Thi. will probably take the place of their annual cruise. . The Oretron and the Olympia will be nvxx-ad at a specially constructed wharf and will he on exhibition throughout the entire exposition. Behind them will be anchored seven typical modern naval ahips a dreadnought of the New York or Oklahoma typ. a battleship of the Connecticut or Minnesota type, an armored cruiser of the Tennessee or Montana typo, one of the three scout cruisers, a destroyer, a submarine, and a collier, each of tbe latest build. In addition, the entire Atlantic Fleet will remain throughout nearly the whole of the exposition. ! Neither Admiral Dewey nor Rear Admiral Clark has been aboard his ship since relinquishing their commands - 1 - f V. .1. . A 4 V. Una,!.- I American jvar. 1 A NEW QAME FOR BROADWAY". I gut Auto Owners Hope , Trundling Stolen Tires Won't. Become Popular, ""rT r "uuivnn . witn ma oro.nrr ; iand to women rode up to Shaniey's jltestaur-nt. in West Forty-third Street. ,, vrnlrK ln Hjnouslne auto with a j riew w hite tire trarped a life pre- i server to the hack. Two men ,who had the appearance of chauffeurs came down 'the street after th owners of the ' aato r.tered the restauratit. With busl- nessiike. briskness they unbuckled the ' '"They ?id It so natural." he ex- ll8 traa wa- loet , a malA of tlr tracks. The tire was :worth f75. "If it's ss ensy that,' said Mr. Sullivan when he heard of his loss, " rolling; rubber hoops in Broadway is apt to Mrom a popular pastime. The first ruUVf the game Is: 1 A rolling tire must gather no moM. " j SCORES BRYAN AND TREATY. ) . 'Francis B. Loomls Calls Colombian Agreement "Stupendous Blunder." ' . , , . . -J 7 ; ! f'7" , h ""'I Colombia Is rlcMu. as to "Brr' ,r.nc.s c oo"1"- '"""er Asrfstant Secretary of f ate". In here tonight Mr. I,ror,aBd0loiftbi,n 't &.coveTt attempt to lort the I'nlted States Trwury bv ;obh).Ms and political "-.brleandJ. Info whose handa the Secre- try of State I playing. ' ffrynn anj the President are trying to besmirrh and discredit tne Hchleve- ment ef the pVevious Administration, which ma'le the canal a reality.. "The treaty is one of the most- st'u- '""" , Mr. 1 Bryan contention that the people pf Ittn America feel aggrieved becaue we refuse to permit the Colombians troops to cross the Isthmus for the purpose of encaging In blood-' encounters, and closing the lines of tran sit is not supported bv ascertainable! facts. The truth Is the Important ' Governments of South America such' a Araen'ina. Brazil, and Chile care ; nothinss anout 'olombla. and they deplore Jier misdeeds as much as we do." A I to I ULL Ur AUUIUtNTS Automobiles Killed Nearly Half as Many as Railroads In April. . Fpfial to Thr eie Tork Timrt. ALBANY, June 2. --There were nearly hlf as' .many deaths In New York State trom automobile accidents during April 9 ther w're 'ro" railroad accidents. ThJ" ls shown In the vital statistics ls- sued p " iate department of Health .fjr April. The deaths resulting from railroad accidents numbered Ji. from automobiles 2"; from street cars M, end i other ehiiea ;'o. Landslide killed rum iere iuie'des durina the montl and homicides. JtVroVai TkwrtheU;rhh ran tne total up to ,m tor tne month, Injuries InMict'd by animals. Thi re $120,000 FOR SHACKLETQN. Sir James Caird'a Gift for ' His Antarctle- Expedition. ; Special Cable to Thi New York Ttjies. June -2S. Sir James Key Calrd. the millionaire Jufe manufacturer of Dundee, has given $120,000 toward the expenses off the Shackleton antarctic expedition. ' ! Sir James made the gift after Sir F.rnest Shackleton nad personally ex- ipiainea to mm tne programme tvnicn h hoped to carry out, Hlr li.rnet says lh gift puts th ex pedition on a sound basts, and there ls now no fear that it will cot start well equipped. Beat Cleetrte Wlrtor Rnata. Oflfet. Tart err. DL.N.NIS O. BKCSaEU M WM Mta S'laiC AUa. FEDERALS DESERT AGUASCALIENTES ( i ( i Town South of Zacatecas Evac- uated by Huerta's Forces, j ' -but Villa Turns Back. I IS CAMPAIGN ABANDONED? Border Hears His Ammunition Is Exhausted Row with Carranza Will Not Down. ENVOYS WAIT ON CARRANZA Rebel Chief Said He Must Consult Generals Reply Called Favorable. ZACETAS. June 27. via El Paso, June 28. Au iscalientes. capital of the States of the same name, has been evacuated by the Federals, according to Information reaching Gen. Villa's headquarters today. Owing to this, his plan of campaign has been changed, and the troops of the division are returning to Torreon. Part of the division left last night. The rest will leave for the nrth today. Ofn. Villa will follow his troops (luring the day. Lost Wednesday It was announced that the. Villa troops would be taken toward. Agiias Calientes overland. Late reports how that the looses of the Federals here were much greater than at first supposed. The number of prisoners taken by Villa's troops exceed 4.3. The number of killed was close to that figure. The latest casualty report of the Constitutionalists was over 7u0 dead and 1.100 wounded, but these figures are not complete. EL PASO, June 2K Gen Villa's cam-paiKna are apparently postponed Indefinitely. I.ack of ammunition is given as the principal cause, but recent developments, atlll conceitleft In the I'arransa-Vllla trantccment. ure believe by partisans of tranpetnent, are believed by partisans of the quiet situation below this point. The victory of Za-ateras. won ly Villa last week, occasioned the expenditure of nearly aJl his ammunition during the four days of almost continuous fighting ' Since then Villa has not been able to replenish his supply from the ITnitc-d btatcn on account of the strict embargo by United States troops along the fron- tier. It is said that be has not been assisted In this ' regard by Gen. .'ur- ranza, who could draw on the arsenals at! Monterey; and Saltillo. He has only the little ammunition left after the flfchtlntf at Zitcateraa and an unstated quantity captured from ' the Fedemls there. Gen. Villa returned today to- Torreon. according to telegrams from him dated from he place. Some matters connected with, his relations with Carranxa. it Is stated, will be taken up by Villa s well as the obtaining of ammunition for ti in army. The statements of Alfredo Breceda. one of Carrania's asents at Wanting-ton. fell here bulnv as oil on the fire. Carranza and Villa adherents are now outspoken ln their views of. the recent estrangement, and regard Hreoe-rfa's ptntftm lit as an nddill?nal Indication that discussion of the matter will not subelde for some time. Hreceda'sj remarks closely followed In effect those, j made a few-days previously by Roberto Pesquclra. Constitutionalist confidential agent. The Villi men have remained silent. CARRANZA-HrJERTA DEAL? Report of Peace Negotiations Comes front Mexico City. VERA CRUZ, June 2S.-Seeret peace negotiations between Gen. Carranza and President Huerta h,ave tieen In progress in the capital, according tor Antonio Magnnn, an American who arrived from Mexico City today. Mr. Magnnn said it was positively known that representatives from Carranza had been In the capital for several days In conference with President Huerta. but that the details of the discussions had been kept secret. It' was thought In the capital that a peace agreement between Huerta and Carranza based upon Huerta renlrna- tlon. was certain to come soon. Car- ranca having been forced ta make some concessions because of his disagree- ments with Gen. Villa am! ;en. Angeles, j It is reported In Mexico City that sun-! porters of Villa and Carranza have been fighting near Montesey. Mr. Masnon said also that President Huerta's volunteer forces at San Luis Potosl. Including all the noted chieftains, such as Gen. Pasquale Orozco and Gen. Antonio Rojas. had refused to cooperate further with the regular army or to withdraw toward the capital, but would fight the Constitutionalists In thnt regloi The volunteer leaders, most of whom are veterans of the three vesrs'. border warfare, and all frontlci a thnt th" Federal recruits are hope-J i"le aa soldiers and on!v hamper the ! of ,h" , j (.n jOBOUn Maass. Federal com-i mander at San Iis Potosl. went :o the .. . . .- . . .1 capital last Friday to confer with Presi dent Huerta, Mr. Magnon said, and was still there when Magnon left Saturday. Mr. Magnon said Gen. Maass, whom he had known for years confirmed tbe reported action of the volunteers. Tbe Federals are fortifying Aguas-calientes against a Constitutionalist advance, but it ls understood In the capi- tal that Gen. Villa plans to direct his "tnP engines had been cold since the shut-next blow 'against Qucreiaro," cutting down. It is recr.lled that a threatening both the National and Central Railways and compelling the abandonmept by th reder I forces of much terrltnrv in order to pr.vent themselves from being ; cui on ironi ira cafiw. , Mr. Magnon said that he learned at HnlAaA th tbji ITed,.ral were father. leg railway equipment for the narrow Coatlaaea Page B Propose Pan-American Memorial to Columbus A splendid tomb topped by a great jMght is proposed to be erected in Santo Domingo, in the Caribbean Sea, by subscriptions from peoples of all lands. See NEXT SUNDAY'S TIMES. OUR GUNS FIRE ON SANTO DOMINGO Few Shots from the Machias Stop Bombardment of Puerto Plata by President Bordas. WARNED BY CAPT. RUSSELL Told Not to Endanger Foreigners in Attack on Rebels There Refugees Taken Off by Our Boats. Uprrlnl to Th- Srit Tork Timrt WASHINGTON. June Following general Instructions from the Navy Department to protect the lives and property of Americans and foreigners in Hanlo Iomlri8o. th liltle Anierli ftn kum-IhibI MsiIiI.is on Friday afternoon entered the inner harbor of Puerto Plata, and with a few shots from her main buttery silenced a battery of President llordas's forces that was bombarding the town. The bombardment was in violation of emphatic orders from t'upt. Pumsell. commanding the American s-iuadron. that the attack on. the city, which Is In the hands of rebels, be conducted In such a way as not to Imperil the lives of foreigners. Capt. Russell Is In personal command of the first line battleship South Carolina, that was detached from service at Vein Cruz when conditions In faiito Domingo became threatening. Ills dispatch to the department, which, like all dls-piitrheji from Sarilo PomtnKo. took two days to come. ihhIcb mi nvntlon of casualties. I lis disjiatoh follows: PI'KrtTI PLATA, June 2'1. I'M 4. Tlil ri;tn noon nl, mil ft ::il. w It'll Ilorilan rtlll"-y ahfre flrrl phi-ll Into the cliy of l'urrto Plata, the Mai Mla an-rhore-l in Hit- lnn harhor nl with some hoia from ht r main Imtiery iu l 'h srtlllery flrf Into th rlt.', sftrr whl-h there no further flrlnit We have the situation !! in hand, ani no additional veFfels. either I'nlied States or forelftn, will he needed to prevent the bombardment of Puerto Plata The promiit. top-plnit of the artillery fire Into the city this afternoon will have a vrry reaurln effect upon the Americana and other for-eignera In the dty. who have recently displayed great anxiety about their protec tion and in let y. At :."! . M. Fridsy the revenue cutter Aluonfju'.n took on toarJ forty.ro Der-mna for panuiKc to ran Jtmn. thlrtfTiree ttelns fortn ftlrAiin and nine Aitirfesn. ten men. thirteen women, and nineteen children, and then uteamt-d for San Juail. The Clyde I. In ateamer Kcinlnnln. from Norfolk en riul- to Sent.) iHimlnKo City, arrived at .1 I' M. Friday, and after delivering mall took away from Puerto Plata four persona one Frenrh, two Spanish, and one Chlnnnian. Th Clyde Line H-amer Al.onaiilh en ro'ii to New York, arrived at 7 P. M. Friday and took away from Puerto Plata twenty-four pereone five Americana, thirteen Rrltlah, three French, and thir ("nl, on.. Theae penetl . r put on hoard lh piree vcscela nsmed by the South Carolina boats. RCSPELL. The Nnvv Pepartment today wna emphatic thnt ctt. Kimseti's summary enforcement of his mder indicattd no chansre in rcliv. and that the silencing of President Pordas'a battery did not mean that American Intervention 'on a v1'lcr '-! would he u tide rt n k en Th" orders hud been emphatic, and the attacking forces seenn to think Ihey could be illwrc ;iinlc, with Imt unity. Th I'nlted h'tsfea bus ie er Ifullcnted Its sympathies as- to the contendinc forces, though as under the treaty it was responsible for the Custom I louse at Puerto Plata. Its obligation In this Instance was clearly not to encourage attack bv the Government's troops. The Machias Is a runhoat of 1,177 tons. ISM feet In. length, and with X2 feet beam. ll'T "main bnttrv inn'i.iix tof elcht gun of. atvtt 4-lncb calthre and four smaller cms. She.w.ta formerly used bv the Naval Militia of Connecticut Secretarv of the Navy Daniels said the ofjv I ilnv ti nt there ws no Intention to .nd iio'.- hiM to the lnnd. ml Krldi'Vs ln (. nt I.- not thousbt to have changed his mind on that score. $500.000 TIRE AT DOVER. N. J. Incendiaries Destroy Richardson A Boynton Stove Plant. DOVER. N. J . June 2S. All of the plant of the Richardson Boynton Company, except the shipping depart- ment building, was destroyed by fire today. Tbe firm manufactured stoves i and ranges. 11 nd its Plant, which was i Dover's largest industry, covered thirty i acres of ground. The loss is J.wi.otKl, ,)Hrtlv covered l.v Ins 1r.1r.ee. The works. ! which ordinar'lv emlov l.lofi men. were i .hot down tl,rc .'iI.'.m f.r Charles Heifer, n night watchman, j says he mad the rounds of the works at fi;."0 A. M and found everything all right. At 7:3o o'clock he saw smoke coming from the trimming shop. Men who were In the street say they saw flames In three or four different' places at the same time. Dover's two Fteamcr.': and tin auto chen-.icitl engine" and truck manned by the Volunteer Tire Department reynoad ed to the genf ral alaim. .,n th" hu-ldihgs were frame eveept ihe shliMi'iig build log. which is built of concrete lh water pressure was Inadeuuate. and the flames spread rapidly to the ea?tiB and tnere arter tne omr-e. cleaiilng shop, the moimtln-:. bo ler. As ttle ArrhduUe ren. bed the corn K -,,r, Tetv,rrsr,:.!,f lMt Three Lacktiws ina Kiiilr.utd box cars " t,"l yard near the "hij'l'ing building j wer burned. Al! the finished stock on i hand was in the shipping building. The firemen concentrated their efforts to save that building. For an hour or two there was fear the flames might spread tp the town. The firemen successfully defended the nearest buildings. Incendiarism I" suspected. Secretarv and Treasurer W. L. K. Lynd. who ls also Mayor of Dover, said he couldn't account for the fire. There was no fit-. in nnv hll'pftni? of the nlnnt nml letter was sent to Mayor I.ynd demand ing be ehouid prevent the delivery of tue wdu' ij ami . .tiiMMic iv. lures, ne decht.ed to Interfere, and the lectures " rT ,,1llv7r'',lV", M;v, ! r,""! i.i""n""1 ,,r"V" ",r"lKM to ,n" '"'"" noon a gang or laoorersi was put to re- moving the debris. The company has Olflce in iNCW torK, O B E E N ITBltl SCOTCH aak for t oo-r.fwlbi b.4U olib th Ocaa uuw. anhkiw Luuia a to.. ;iuiunirsu.--aa. HEIR TO AUSTRIA'S THRONE IS SLAIN WITH HIS WIFE BY A BOSNIAN YOUTH TO AVENGE SEIZURE OF HIS COUNTRY Francis Ferdinand Shot During State Visit to Sarajevo. TWO ATTACKS IN A DAY Archduke Saves His Life First Time by Knocking Aside a Bomb Hurled at Auto. SLAIN IN SECOND ATTEMPT Lad Dashes at Car as the Royal Couple Return from Town Hall and Kills Both of Them. LAID TO A SERVIAN PLOT Heir Warned Not to Co to Bosnia, Where Populace Met Him with Servian Flags. AGED EMPEROR IS STRICKEN Shock of Tragedy Prostrates Francis Joseph Young Assassin Proud of His Crime. Fpeclat CaMe fn The New Tork Times. SARAJKVO. Bosnia. June 2, tRy courtesy of the Vienna'. N'eue Frele Presse.) Archduke FtjiticIs Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and his wife, the Ducheas of Hohenberg. were shot and killed .by a Bosnian student here today. v! The fatal shooting was the necond atltrnpt upon the 'lives of the coupl during th day. and is Iwlleved to hnv len the result of a political conspiracy. This morning, as Archduke Francis Ferdinand and th Duchess were driving to a reception at the Town Hall R-tMtm)) wnn thrown nl their motor car.i The Archduke pushed It off wtth his arm. The bomb did not explode until after the Archduke's car had passed on. and the occupant of. the next car. Count von Boon -W.i I deck and Col. Morlrzl. lh Archduke's aide d camp, were slightly Injured. Among the spectators, six persons were more or less seriously hurt. The author of the attempt at assas-nlnatlon was a compositor named Oa-brlnovlcp. who comes from TrehlnJ. After the attempt upon his life the Archduke ordered hF car to halt, and after be found out what bnd happened he drove to the Town Hall, where the Town Councillors, with the Mayor Bt their head, awaited him. The Mayor was nhout to begin his address of welcome, when the Archduke Interrupted him angrily, saying: " Herr Burgermelster, It Is perfectly outrageous! "iVe have come to Sara- Jevo on a visit and have had a bomb .. . ., The Archdk paused a moment, nn(J , hr.n B;1 ,i : s-w vou ma v go on." ' ' ., . , .' Thereupon the Mayor delivered his nddress ami the Archduke made a suitable reply. The public by this time had heard of the bomb attempt, and burst Into the hall with loud cries of " Zivio! " the Slav word for " hurrah." After going around the Town Hall, which took half an hour, the Archduke .started for the Harrison Hospital to visit Col. Morl.zl. who bad been taken ner re fired In tpilck succession by an indl . , , vldual who called himself Gavrlo Prln- clp. The first shot struck the T)uch-ess In the alKlomen. while the second hit the Archduke in the neck and pierced th Jugular vein. The Duchess became unconscious"" immediately nnd fell across the knees of her hus-band. The Archdukealso lost consciousness In a few seconds. ciio motor car in wiucn inev were i i where an army Surgeon rendered first aid, but ln vain. Neither the. Archduke nor the Duchess gave any sign of life, and tho twad of tha hospital ' ' - tg- - . n f ' vv jp'nv t illy ; Archd.u."ke Frtxwcia Ferdinand. &.nd. his Consort, the Duchess (fHohtnbcrg Slain by Assassin's Bullets could only certify they were both dead. The authors of both attacks "upon the Archduke are born Bosnians, (la-brlnovics Is a compositor, and worked for a few weeks In the ( InviTiimeiit printing works at Belgrade. He re turned to Sarajevo, a Servian ch-iu- t vlnlxt. and made no lonri'iilmrnt of his sympathies with the King of Ser - via. Both, he and the net mil murderer of the Archduke and the 1 lucbesji expressed themselves to the police In the most cynical fashion about b'-ir crimes. ARCHDUKE IGNORED WARNING. Servian Minister Feared Troublp if Heir Went to Bosnia. 1 Special Cable to The New Yontc TjMfis. tMtpattfa'ts fbt UndAa bail? Uatt. ' 1KXNA, June 2S. When the news of the asmisslnation of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and the Duchess was hroaen to the aged Kmperor Francis Joseph he said: "Horrible, horrible! No sorrow is spared me." The Emperor, who yesterday left here for Ischl. his favorite Summer resort, amid acclamations of the people, will return to Vienna at once. In spile of the hardships of the Journey ln the terrible heat. The Archduke, who was created head of the army, went to Bosnia to represent the Kmperor at the grand manoeuvres there. This was the first Mm th Archduke had paid an official visit to Bosnia. The Emperor visited the provinces Immediately after their annexation, ln 10OM, and the manner in which he mixed freely with the people was much criticised at the time. n those In his party were always afraid lest some Slav or Mohammedan fanatic might attempt tho monarch's life. The Emperor's Popularity, however, saved him from all danger of this kind. Before therchduke went 'to Bosnia last Wednesday the Servian Minister here expressed doubtns to the wisdom of the Journey; saying the country was ln a very turbulent condition and the Servian part of -tho population might organize a demonstration against the Archduke. The Minister said if the Archduke went himself he certainly ought to leave his wife at home, because Bosnia was no place for a woman in Its present dlturlxd state. The Minister's word proved correct. The people of Sarajevo welcomed the Archduke with a display of Servian flags, and the authorities had some difficulty in removing them before the Archduke made his state entry Into the city yesterday, after the conclusion of the manoeuvres. In these manoeuvres were the famous Fifteenth and Sixteenth Army Corps, which were stationed on the frontier throughout the recent Balkan war. and they carried out the uvnlutinriM. In fore the Archduke. fireeted Tilth Cheer. The details of the tragedy, as received in Vienna, were as follows: The Archduke was driving in a motor car toward the Town Hall In Sarajevo, with the Duchess of Hohenberg by his side. A large crowd assembled to watch them go hy. The Archduke, raising his hand to his military cap, acknowledged the cheers, while the Duchess was smiling and bowing, her pretty face framed by her blonde hair. ! Suddenly the Archduke's sharp eye ; caught sight of a bomb hurling i through the air. His first thought ' was for his wife, and he threw up his i ,i ... ... . i. ,i... i i. ....... " ' ,,,n ' w " thus wns lurneil sslile from lis course and fell on the pavement and explrxL-ed. The Archduke's motor car linsteneil on Its way. Its ccupants unharmed, but the two AdJutantswho were seat- e4 in tho next motor car were injured by splinters .from the bomb. Several person., on the pavement were very serious y hurt by the explosion of the bomb, whli h was thrown by n young man nuncd Tabrinovitch. (Oabrltn-vlcs.) who Is a typist from Trebenje, In I ?irreg Ina. nnl In of Hervliiti nn-tlorutlfti'. He was arrested some i twenty minutes later. Tin- .VrWi.l.ikc an. I Mm wife 1. ft tbe Town Hall. Intending to visit those : who hid be-n Injured hy the liunib, ' when .1 hcIi.iI1m. I!i yearn .M, named I;rlli7.l, who came front flrabovo. fired a shot at the Archduke's head. Tho boy fired from the chelter of a projecting house. Wore flollet-Proof Coat. The- boy must have been carefully instructed in his part, for it was a well-guarded secret tht the Archduke always woro a coot of silk strands which were woven obliquely, so that no Weapon or bullet rmild pierce it. I once saw a strip of this fabric used for a motor-car tire, and It was punitureproiif This new Invention enable! the Archduke to brave attempts on his life, but his head naturally was uncovered. The DurlicsH was shot ln the body. The boy fired several times, but only two phots took effect. The Archduke and Ills wife were carried to th Ko-nak, or palace, ln a dying condition. I.nlcr detail show Hint the iirnsfdti darted forth from his hiding place behind q house and actually got on the motor cur In which the Archduke and his wife Were fitting. lb- took close aim first at the 'Archduke, and th -n at the Duchess. The favt that no one stopped him. and that he was allowed to perpetrate the dastardly act Indicate that the conspiracy was carefully planned and that the Archduke fell a victim to a political plot The nspira-tlon of the Servian population In Bosnia to Join with Servhi and form a r,.nf Servian Kingdom b well known. N'u doubt today's assassination was regarded as a means of forwarding this plan. " Ilrenk Sf'na to Children. The Archduke's children are. at Glume. In Bohemia, n nil .relatives already have left Vienna to break the news to them. The Duke of Cumberland motored to Ischl Immediately upon receipt of the news ani was received by the Emperor, who will arrive In Vienna, at ! o'clock tomorrow. The bodies) of the Archduke and his wife will bot be brought to Vienna until tomorrow a week. The Archdiihe Charles Francis Jo- j f the building when GaVlnovics hurled t-epli. tbe new heir to the ihrone, is at , I he l.n,i,. This was so successfully ward-.'ieji henau, iieuT Vienna, with his wife, j ed off hy the Archduke that It; fell dl-Princess Zltn of Parma, and .their lit - 1 rectly beneath the following car, the 11,. Uo r,l,.o,.1t. r He Im exnected ! '"', 'i-ants of Which.' Count Von BOOS. in Vienna tonight. tion became known in Vienna, early this afternoon, crowds collected In sol- emn silence and iL':ciiss d the 't port, which was not credited at first. Every one connected with - the press was j stormed by' crowds asking whether j confirmation had h-cn received, and j on In win", th" trutli I liny il. "How ewfulr " and then dispcr -.ed. to go , nb'iv.t their ordlnarv business cr pleas- I lire. The tie wvpa ,.-r are tret 1 1 it out ! extra t'dltloiiS. aiid th Whole city talks' of nothing else. New Heir I'ufMilnr. The Archduke Charles Francis Joseph, who is now heir to the throne always has enjoyed great popularity. He 'was trained for the throne from the first, although he wns kefit somewhat in the background, being sent to country garrisons. He was not al- lowed to undertake to act as I be r,.p. reseutative of the Duchy of Vienna to ; as great an extent as the Viennese ' woui.l have v!sf."d This, however. did not detr.it t from his popularity.! while llw PrlncesM Ha. bin wife. Won all hoiirts before she married the hir to the throne, and the birth of a eon two years ago completed her popularity. If, indeed, anything was lacking;. -General opinion here connects tha assassins with the Servian faction, and It In feared that Jt will lead to serious complications with that unruly kingdom, and may hare far-reaching re-' suits. Tlw future of the empire is a subject of general dlrfcusslon. It is felt that, the Servians have been treated too lenlrntly, end some hard words are telng said about the pres-ent foreign policy. All tbe public building aire drapd in long black streamers and the flags are all ut half-mast. . BRAVERY OF ARCHDUKE. Gave First Aid to Those Wounded " by the Bomb. ' SARAJEVO, Bosnia. -June 28. Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hgngarian throne, and the Duchess of Hohenberg. his morganatlo wife, were shot dead ln the main street of the Bosnian capital by a student today while they were making an apparently triumphant progress through the city on' their annual visit to the annexed provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Archduke waa hit full in the face and the Duchess was Shot through. the abdomen and throat. Their wounds proved 'fatal within a few minutes after they reached tbe palace, whence they were hurried with all speed, t Those responsible for the asaaaalna-tion too'c care that it would prve. effective, as there were two assailants, the- first armed with a bomb and the .-ih-r with, a revolver. Th bomb waa thrown at the royal automobile as U was proceedingto the Town Hall, whore a reception was to be held, but the Ariiduke saw the deadly nilsall coming and. warded It off with l)la arm. It fell outside th car and exploded, slight ly wounding two elds do ramp la a second car, and half a dozen Spectators. It was on the return of the procession that the tragedy was, added to -the long list of those tha have darkened the pages of-the recent history of the Haps-burgs. ! the' royal automobile reached a prdminent' point In the route to the palace, an eighth grade student, Gavrlo Prlnzlp. srang out of the crowd and poured a fusillade of bullets from an automatic pistol at the Archduke and the Duchess. Both fell mortally wounded. . : Piinzip and a fellow-conspirator, a: com!s!tor from Treblnje. NedelJo Oa brinovl.ts. barely escaped lynching by tha Infuriated spectator and were finally seized by the police, who afforded them protection. Both men are natives of the " annexed province of Herzegovina'. Wards Off the Bomb. The first attempt against the Archduke occurred Just outside the GlrhV High School. 'The Archduke's car had retart led after a brief pause for an inspection Walder k- and Col. Merlzzo. were struck ly splirtera of iron. . "' , Archduke Francis Ferdinand stopped - I. Is car. and after making Inquiries aa to the injuries of his aids and lending what aid he could, continued his journey to the Town Hall. There .the Mayor began 1 the customary address, but the Arch dufte sharply Interrupted and snapped out, " Herr Purgomeister. we have come -I ere to pay you a vt)t snd bombs have, ben) tin own at 'is. This Is altogether an amazing indignity." . After a pause, tee Archduke said, " Now v.ni may speak." leaving the hall the Archduke and his wife anne- .iced their Intention of visiting il' juided members of their J mite at --jospital on their way back to the p t. They were actually bound on their ilsdon of mercy when, at the corner of Rudolf Street and Frans Josef street, Prinzip opened his deadly fusillade. , bullet stHk the Azchduke In the face. The Duchess was wounded ln the bdomn and another bullet struck her fell uncons. ioua across her husband's knee. At ' ie same moment tha Arcn-t j:ke sank tt the floor of the car. . Plai aes lata lllver. - After his unsuccessful attempt to. blow up the imperial tlaiiars Gabrinovlce sprang Into the River Mlljgcbka. In an effort to scaie, but witnesses iJunged after him and neleed him. ; ' A few yards' from tha acene of the shooting an unexploded bomb waa found. . V r. 1 A. A i : A

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