1921- Texas A&M vs Texas Football

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1921- Texas A&M vs Texas Football - VOLUME XXXV THE BRYAN DAILY EAGLE URYAN, TEXAS,...
VOLUME XXXV THE BRYAN DAILY EAGLE URYAN, TEXAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1921. (ASSOCIATED PRESS) ——- ■ .u . ■ — , - - NOT BER 114 AGGIES READY FOR THE ANNUAL GAME! LARGEST HOUSTON STILL CAPTURED BY OFFICERS Whiskey W as Made and Sold Hy The Wholesale— Sldl Was Discovered Hy a Gas Hill of $43 l or a I louse V\ hich Caused Official Investigation and Seizure of the Still. loustou, lexas, Nov. -Tell-tale «as bill of $43 led to the ¡'i !!'!1"!1'!, ,”' oiiicc.rx clalm thp largest private distilling ! < vtr seized in Houston. John Jones, the man arrested had from TTJ’088ef,on- 110 ^ve name of the person he bought from. I he second man arrested hut refused fo give address to "man houies ThK'Ul,ieidfBfi8 """|,a"y reeords for 'ar8e bills in liquor was secured* ...........''“"'‘d and an immense amount of ABE Hit WIFE ROSE ALL FRANCE SPEAKS with pie -DIV orce (By Associated Press.) ( hicago, Nov, 22.—Slap with a stick ami pie throwing was the allegation upon which Mrs.Rocklin asked e divorce divorce from her husband and a decision decision is pending today she related an !n (dent to the court: “I had just finished finished baking and did not want to put hot custard in the ice box so placed it on the window sill. Abe came home and saw the pie. He complained because because it was on the window sill then threw them at me. He never missed me in hig life when he threw pie.” (By Associated Press.) Paris, Nov. 22.—France speaks through the mouth of Premier Briann is almost universal caption of morning newspapers over the account of Premier’s Premier’s address at the Washingtonitf.n- feronce. JAPAN COMMANDS GERMAN SYMPATHY Tlir uir iTiirn <By A"s<Ki“t“'1 Pr0a5> I nL WtAlntn Berlin, Nov. 22,—Japan although /t.-, i one °f Germany’s foes in the World No • p *)" * Ut* ,0. t*T0 War continues to eommand an increas- • nH * c • * ' * *S0I'' Bryan mg measure of sympathy from news- and Wednesday paper commentators writing on the unsettled. ( o d<*r Wpdnesd >t* u* w * <• eunesnay. Washington conference. REFUSED ARBUCKLE KEY TO GIRLS ROOM (By Associated Press.I San Francisco, Nov. 22.—Further ; testimony of Jesse Norgard, former motion picture studio watchman, the | first on the program today at Fatty Arbuckle trial. Norgard worked in Culver City studios where Miss Virginia Virginia Rappo and Fatty were employed. | In August, 1919, he said Arbuckle offered offered him $50 for a key to Miss Rappe’s room. He declined the offer he said as he did all such proposals made by actors who entered the rooms of wom, n by these methods. hot time ¥ senate OVER TAX MEASURES (By Associated Press.) W ashington, N ov. 22.— Disorder marked the beginning of today in tbe ! senate in consideration of conference j report on tax hill. The climax was ! reached by the unusual procedure o* expunging senatorial remarks from | the Record, This was one of thp re- I markable events in the senate, HENSLE COMMTTED SUICIDE IN JAIL (Special to the Eagle). College Station, Texas, Nov. 22.—I Alter several days of intensive individual individual training under the masWT football football coach, D. X. Bible, the Aggie I warriors are in the Inst two day training period before the season's last contest being set into the old positions with a perfectly new effi- cieney, in order that they be harden- < (By Associated Press.) « , , " ed and solidified into a compact and Washington. Nov. 22.—Opinions i VxOaCfl \\ hltaker Announces All Is Ready For . ~ . • ■ a . * ET h K a GRMAPMENT LONGHORNS ARE COMING CONFERENCE SUCCEEDS HERE IN SOLID PHALANX egates with such unprecedented directness directness that the world’s conference, smoothly working machine when they have been exchanged among arms del meet the powerful Longhorn aggregation aggregation here Thanksgiving day. With the beginning of training after the ¡only ten days old and some of the Rice game in Houston Bible cut the ¡most experienced diplomats here be- squad to the minimum, and went to lieve they can see almost with precis- work on the individuals, pointing out ion what it will and will heir defects that came to light during not he possible to aecom- t m season and putting them through plish. Following the example of practice under his direct supervision i the American delegation in laying to strengthen their weakness. His down sweeping naval reduction pro­ particular attention has been paid to posals representatives of other pow- the back field men and t othe task ofjersput aside almost without exception ‘ .ooping the line Assistant Coach diplomatic in direction that usually - • uotngeb has been applied. Now befogs such negotiations and reversed they have put the machine togeti, dictum or Tallyrand that language is more and in these two days re- given diplomats ‘*To conceal their mainmg before the final decision in thoughts.” With the respective heads the conference is made they will ¡of American, British and Japanese once more become accustomed to delegation working in direct personal unctionmg in their old positions, conference almost daily on naval re- And with this special grooming coming coming after thrir hard experiences of a< tual work during the arduous seas- n they are expected to be a different different team, considerably more polished and i*‘ss prone to make errors. Practically Practically every score made against the aggies this season has been the direct direct result of an error or series of er- ,dictum of Tallyrand that language is agreement 0n all but details are very near. The hope is expressed everywhere everywhere of successful outcome of other problems. -Mrs. L. H. Tucker will have as her guests for the Thanksgiving festivities festivities Mrs. Mazie Currie of Houston, rors on the part of some inexperienced Mrs. M. J. Schuler of Galveston and (By Associated Press.) Amarillo, Nov. 22.—Charles Hens;«, aged about 40, who was held on a charge of burglary of a local drug store, who was in jail last night, hanged hanged himself with a cord from the window window sill ami committed suicide. He was scheduled to be placed on tria* thi« week. Mrs. J. M. Reed am D. Cox srent Sum! Elmer and Viynn, Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Tucker of Navasota. Navasota. Aggie-Longhorn Thanksgiving Foot Bail Game —rerhaps Austin View of Big Victory Is Premature Premature Is Voiced. (By Associated Press) Austin, Texas, Nov. 22,—The Longhorn chances for winning the final game of the season the A. and M. clash at College Station, have piled up considerably with the return to the University University of Grady (Rats) Watson, according to the football en thusiasts of the University of Texas. While Coach Berry Whittaker Whittaker admits that Watson's presence in the game means much to the Longhorns he is doubtful as to Watson’s ability to last the entire game if necessary. Watson recently was subjected to an operation in Houston and has been out of the game the entire entire season with the exception of a few minutes play in the first game, with St. Edwards. He is rated easily as Texas’ greatest quarter back and picked hy most officials and sports writers as all-Southwestem quarterback last year. During the trouble on the Mexican border in 1916, h ewas a member of the well known Texas Infantry team. The football talk at the university during the week has centered on his return. On the first day out he stepped into his position and rattled off signals af if he had been playing all season. Every game on C-lark Field has found him an interested spectator on the Texas bench, where h® has had an opportunity to view the results of the various plays. Coach Whitaker feels confident of breaking through the timeworn timeworn custom at A. & M. tiiat “they don’t lose 011 their home gridiron,’’ yet when seen the first part of the week he was not eiated at tne prospects. The coach pointed out the men who had been injured during the season. There is Robertson, his backfield man available for the “triple threat” formation, that fieiency caused by physical disability. "Sammy" Sanders. Sammy had a leg , . . — ----------------- , „„„v broken in scrimmage Monday even- 1S’ 111S man who can I)ass> or run with the ball equally as ng and will lie in the hospital the Sood- When downed after making a sensational broken iield A Dollar Given to The Red Cross Is a Dollar Invested in Service and Helpfulness Join Today i'olowing is a report of team work to noon Sat., Nov. 19. youngster on the Aggie team. So with the men much better prepared to prevent such costly mistakes in this big game there will be a marked improvement improvement noted in the team as a whole. No doubt there will be some new plays opened up to the specta- _ _________________ _ _____________ wm iheZm thei[h"tyhe °f ^Ip8^ t0 ma^e an ^wht^ J^ohnny”: SaturdaT, Robertson suffemi^n hljured^ Shoulder ^mfwLVu*- previous A.t^Ukno™ io 1 in'Te"' finT plat “„‘ade f«U. “Tv T ^ ri8ht T“-*'9 llassin8 arm-hang- every football critic the form of play! Thanksgiving because of a wrenched kJLI t«!, . wm ^*aminatlorJ showed that the cartilage had used m the early season is followed knee could hardly be expected to sigh i v l 0 °se. Whether be will be in the Thanksgiving game roughout, for obvious reasons. It1 audibly over the fact that one of his 1S aouL)riul, physicians said. Then Coach Whitaker mentioned m necessary for the men to work in hopefuls was knocked out just before "Bud McCallum> who was jerked from the Mississippi game in eir accustomed manner in order to the major trial of the year and so !irst Quarter. While picked by most officials already as aU- decision and unity and ‘Sammy’s” loss will be unsung in the' Southwestern halfback for this season- according to reports ’ H,aB lu,n* ,Juhey must use, local camp, except to him personally. Coach Whitaker thinks that McGallum is not in the nink of con5 St * M. game. McC-Yum ^ habit Many references have' bceT "™e hTTl T evident’T aH ] **',!' ^ ^ Vanderbilt at Dallas. Captain Tom made by the sport writers of lato to who see him at work on Kvle Field !, ! . TT * received the pass front Bill Barry the Rice- A. & M. and Rice-Texas| Bry°„ To Display A and M Cohn T' ‘o defeat last year, has a had shoulder and ¡heT.„T,„C,°m?„Nin.Nthe Itrcnsth. of Thanksaivinr Day. ‘ T f “T tran,iers have. bee» “ursing it along all season. comparing the strength of the two state institution teams that will meet here on Thanksgiving day in the championship game. But there were many cause3, effect«, circumstances circumstances and facts connected with those games that cannot be taken as ! ‘iependbale dope on the coming con- Allen Academy, Mrs. I\ M, Haysor, captain Edge Apartments, Mrs. C, A, Searcy captain Bu.hanan and Berger Additions, Mrs. E, E, McAdams and Mrs. W. B Lanham, captains Bryan, North East section. Mrs. Paul Dansby Bryan, North West section, Mrs. T. K. Lawrence Bryan South West section, Mrs. F. L. Henderson Bryan South East section, Mrs. F. L. Webb Bryan, Usurline Ave, Mrs. R S. Mawhinney Bryan, Main street, Mrs. Paul Swancoat captain College, Major Ike Ashburn . ............ . ilcge, Ex-service men........................................... TOTAL $69.50 30.00 T, .. .f*’ _ He was taken from the game last Saturav to he «wived fnr th»» \ The entire citizenship of Bryan c„pimmo„n T f will be behind the team of A. and M. ; ‘ ’ * V1 ^.1*8’ besides Demg a formidable hne man* Thanksgiving day when they go on ,ls 1 113 ura *eader of the Longhoms. His presence in a game the gridiron at Kyle Field next Thurs- a: a cnicial moment is needed, Coach Whitaker said. Jack Yow- day afternoon. While the football crit- 01 i?uard, received injured shoulder in Mississippi A. & M. game, ics might gives an advantage of j Wbue the loss will not be felt so keenly, as there are several men «-si. t,viaenuy the Longhorns werc,wei>rht and exPerience to the Uni- to take his jilace he has played a consistent game ad season m good ft rationing shaoe when they %l'ers,Jt a^re?ation still with the com-! with his center teamsters, “Swede” Swenson center and Georee n.ot ’he Owls. The score was ample1 bmed spirit of the cadet corps and Hill, guard, has broken up numerous opponents’ nlav^behlnd the evidence of that fact. Furthermore citizenship of Brazos County be- iine 0f a.-.rimmn*i i,0 .... i i I,ia)S Demnd the it is a well known fact that th*« Owls! hinfi the A* and team we know our 1 onehonis will Lv« 3 01)1111011 al>out Austin is that the hcve never been at their b-st aftainvt colle*e is destin<''i *» win. To display, dN,,Te^ T!herTL1 "H'k'"Ver m *he Thanksgiving game. The State University. Tradition ha-; it* ^act we are ^or college . * gather their^ conclusions from the Rice-Aggie game, that way, and the same spokesman' first’ last and a11 the t5me to win«i S,e . , ^ to a ~ " tie "bile Texas walloped Rice 56 to 0. of tradition tells it that the Owls ar*; and to encourage that ‘spirit’* so em- coach Whitaker, when asked about these games, cited the always at their season’s best in the ’ Phasized b>' the student body of the game last year. Texas trounced Southern Methodist university annual tilt with A. & M. They judge "------K" ---------- ’ - -their -their season’s accomplishments on the Aggies, basing their conclusions on the closVplaV^across the \ CYCT1 Li tTAO 1 lirt A n V\L.L *L ^ » i « . ** outcome of the contest with th I mers Far- college the Rotary Club of Bryan by three touchdowns while S. M. U. held \ & M tn a hare urges every business house in the citv score. Several snortn ertitnv-vi imi a 0 „ V *7 uaie ° ' .......................... WIW vuc rttr. to decorate their show windows and Aggies bis in e the^eonHn^i ^ F* defeatCd tbe — But in spite of all this the Ag- buddings; ever automobile owner to Aggie gQal H 8 which thp °hM G P ? acro^s the ies have never taken the game with dlsPlay tbe A. and M. colors on their f touehrtnwn unpire held was a touchback instead Rice very seriously and have never! cars and ever? citizen to wear a bit , . n; en "ben lexas met A. & M. here on Thanks- carried a spirit of rivalry into the red anci "bite ribbon on Thursday. Aggies had the best end of the game until the last game to stir their eagerness ami While we are entertaining 20,000 or Quarter when the Longhorns pushed over a touchdown With prompt them to hearty endeavor. The aiore *uests Thursday will be the Robertson, Vowell and Dennis nursing shoulders which time alone last game in Houston was no excep-l best opportunity available to show can heal and the game but a few davs off Coach Whitaker feel* tion to the rule and what may be our .wh<da he.a^ed SUPPinter- that this impression of sure victory around Austin is a bit pre said of games in the past may be re Plated as true for it. A. and M. was at a low* ebb of efficiency. The team lacked spirit, fight, ambition. They »were not game. They took it too matter-of-fact. It w:as too much of a perfunctory affair for them. As every other team in the conference bases its highest aspirations on their game with A. & M. pins her hopes on the annual clash w*ith the Steers, and the moral impellations which direct the Aggies in that game give them an incentive much stronger than all the forces that give their muscles power in other contests. In the game with Rice the Aggies were seriously disorganized. disorganized. Injuries inflicted by the Bears the previous week had the team badly crippled. Individually they will go into Thursday’s game much better better equipped physically. As a whole, however, there will bo one serious de- est in the college THE ROTARY CLUB OF BRYAN. Travis B. Bryan, Chairman. Lee J. Rountree, E. E. McAdams, Oak McKenzie McKenzie and Marvin E. Wallace. The request of the Bryan Rotary Club to urge the citizenship of Bryan and Brazos County to display the A. and M. colors 100 per cert has my hearty endorsement. TYLER HASWFJ T, Mayor of th e City of Bryin. The Directors of the Chamber of ™a'u,r,e;, sai‘lbe thought the'Longhorns would win, but said that he would feel better if these three men and MoCallum were m good condition. CHILDREN ARE BURIED IN PLAY HOUSE FIRE NO RANSOM OFFERED (By Asociated Press.) Washington, Nov. 22.—Four Americans Americans wh0 were captured late yesterday yesterday by bandits at Santa Eulalia, near Chihuahua. Mexico, the State Depart- (By Associated Press.) _ -— ----------- Hamburg, Germany, Nov. 22.— t ommerce endorse the re (uest of the Twelve children lost their lives from , , . . , , Rotary Club of Bryan in urging the a fire which swept through a play J ^/va8 *dvised toda>' af*r being citizenship to decorate their stores, house here teda>. ’ wirty others were 1 ransom the party was releas automobiles and persons w.tli the col-! injured ors of A. and M. on Thanksgiving and —--------* ^ ■______ believes that it will prove helpful to the spirit behind our team as well as will prove our patriotism to our college. college. S. E. EBERSTAD F. Secretarv of Miss Bell Norville of Caldwell will spend the Thanksgiving festivities with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sender. R. L. Jones of the Steep Hollow community was in Bryan today from his farm home on Route No. 6. ed at the end of four hours when no ransom was forthcoming. cotto T market Cotton market strong; to 65 points up; local spot? 16 1-2, middling basis. futures 60 selling for Fnnt-Rall vs. Eagle Lake High j| Jp|| ' *‘ iMI,il,,ns ‘S'ccl*ons 9 and <> Champions Section 11 Friday, November 25 Kyle F ield, College Station AT 3 P.M. Both teams are undefeated and are two of the eight contenders now left for state honors. A great game is assured. 17956139

Clipped from The Eagle22 Nov 1921, TuePage 1

The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)22 Nov 1921, TuePage 1
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