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PLM El Paso 1908 - ii II T” THE HERALD i ) Encloses “Liberal Party...
ii II T” THE HERALD i ) Encloses “Liberal Party Platform and a List of Contributors to the Cause. The Letter. The Herald is in receipt of a letter from a man defending the “revolutionists” “revolutionists” and making certain statements regarding regarding the alleged ill treatment of the ¡Mexicans of the poorer class in Mexico. Included with the letter is the program or platform of the “Liberal party,” which 'svas recently published in full in The Herald. On the back of this program appears a long list of names of contributors contributors to the revolutionary fund, but an attempt has been made to obliterate these with an indelible pencil. Xotwith- Btanding, almost all of the namey are legible. They are as follows: Martin Maldonado, Feliciana del Car­ pió, Simon F. de Aguirre, Maria de Medrano, Medrano, Xieapoza Medrano, P. Medrano, E. L. Carpió, Marie Mominguez, Eufomia ¡Dominguez, Patracitria Hernandez, Práx­ edes Hernandez, Penerana Armendaris, V. Jakes, Soledad Jakes, B. Jakes, J. 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Medrana, F. Flores, T. Romero, T. Rojo, E. Temores, D. Martinez, Pablo Esco- barm, Vidal Sanchez, U. Espanol, P. Hu- mandad, Leon Cardenas, Juan C. Paz, Manuel Cardenas, Alberto Cardenas, Juan Terrazas, E. Terrazas, C. J. JimW'S, Gregoria G. Lopez, Manuel R. Valdez, Refugio Marillo, Valentin Perez, B. P. Veda de Mara, Silvestra Xajera, Nel- berto del Carro, P. Veda de Mota, J. M. Rangel, M. Garcia, Manuel B. Rosales, Martin Guerra, Filiberto Rodriguez, M. l\ Anay^, A. Rangel Arturo Rangel, Nina C. Rangel Nina B. Rangel, Amador Garcia, T. Garcia, S. Garcia, J. Rodriguez, Rodriguez, C. Rodriguez, Jose Guizar, Labfado Silvas, P. Vasquez/ R. Topeto, M. Pames, Porfirio Gonzales, Juan Vasquez, S. M. Lazo, B. Reja, Antonio Rodriguez, Pedro Hernandez, Jose Alvarez, Juarez Cardenas, Cardenas, Gabina Rodriguez, Emma Salliases, Juan Guerra. The Letter. The letter is as follows: El Paso, Texas, July 2. Editor Herald: I am sending you here with a copy of the Program of the Liberal Party as a proof of the noble and honest ideles which the revolucinists are persecuting; they are not bandits as the governments governments of Mexico says. They are a fraction fraction of forteeng millions of Piiar- iohs tired of support the Tyranny of all the public oficers. The most of them officers says that Mexico will never have another president president like Diaz and I says that Mexico will never have any other president as Tyrann as Diaz. They say that Diaz has keep Mexico in peace, but should you like to know how he has make that peace; not by means of the reign of love, but by brute force; he first passed in great and lucrative public office all the bandits bandits who helped him to assault in 1877 the presidency. For that reason there has been no revolution in Mexico. All the bandits are in public offices protected by Diaz, because he knows that he will be protected protected by them. All the governors are highway robber and divide with him in their robberies. The people suffer all kinds of arbitraries arbitraries because the most of the people don’t know their rights they neither know to write nor to read;* the few who know to read and write do not do anything but to praise to Diaz because because the Teachers don’t teach them nothing else. If some one condole himself himself of his countrymen and defend their privileges and rights he be put in jail, killed or sent to cian Juan de Ulloa. Now to proob that Diaz practice all what ist montrous and infamous; and that he spend all rhe peoples money subordinating the news paper writers, so as to be praised by them, insted of spending the money in educate the people; He knows tixat educate people do not support for so long a time a despot Dictator as assessin as his is. He has keep the people in'tlie most repugnant repugnant of ignorances and if you want to convince yourself of what I say, just take a walk down onj El Paso street and you will see that only one or two perset of all those Mexicans can read and write. And is that a good government government I is Diaz a good president when he don t care for the education of the people? Now then if you take a ride in the Mexican Central and stop at Torreon and then ride on horse back to the ist of Torreon to the west or to any part of those cotton fields, you would all tho people naked, they were only drawers made of blankets, their regular wages are 3 7c or 50c for 12 hour work; with that miserable salary they can scarcely live. if there is a man who has three or four boy, as soon as the oldier one reaches the age of four or five years insted of sending the boy to school he put him to work because lie cannot support the whole family, and so he does with the other boys, in all thouse ranches you will meet insted of schools 2 or 3 churches where the friars predicate predicate s'umission and respect towerd the boses. In the cities the allowed to organize they make strong they be ready for demandinj tell them workers are not unions. ¡Sometimes lTnions but when make applications more salary, the Companies they can't do anything for them without Diaz permission. Then they declare that they are in strike and send applications to L>iaz asking him to protect them; but send troops with orders of making them go back to work for the same salary. If an\ of them make any resistance of going to work for the same salarv he be put in jail or killed or sent the soldiers. All the Arbitrariefeies are order order and concent by the Tyrann Diaz. Dear friend there are whole lot more convincents proof to be say, but I*jvill tell them some other time Now gentlemen will you give place in the columns of your newspaper to the Program Program of the Liberal Party which I send you herewith. You can publish my letter also if you want to because I want to deny under any sircumstanccs that the actual actual revolutionists be bandits, and proob that they are honest and perse- cut noble and high ideals. I hope that friend of justice you will publish that Program and ask the Asocíate l'ress to do the same to show what the revolutionists want. _______________W. J. Zarazoza. Fined for Swearing. Vidal Vorego, who was charged with using abusive language, was fined $1(5.50 by justice Marshall this morning high number •by The and only club the picking Y. any to that lilith won has the The on new

Clipped from El Paso Herald02 Jul 1908, ThuPage 2

El Paso Herald (El Paso, Texas)02 Jul 1908, ThuPage 2
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