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American Adventurer In the decade before the Civil War, peace in the Americas below below the Rio Grande was disturbed disturbed more than once by the activities of a remarkable American adventurer named William Walker. In 1854, he landed at La Paz, near the southern tip of Baja California in Meixco, and proclaimed himself himself President of "The Republic of Lower California." When the Mexicans evicted him, Walker and a group of American soldiers-of-fortune soldiers-of-fortune soldiers-of-fortune soldiers-of-fortune soldiers-of-fortune repeated repeated the operation in Nicaragua, Nicaragua, this time successfully. One of Walker's lieutenants was a celebrated duelist from Fdgefield County, George D. Tillman, whose brother Benjamin Benjamin later became Governor. George Tillman wounded Gen. John R. Wever in an "affair of honor" and later left Edgefield Edgefield for the Caribbean after he had killed someone else in another another duel. When Walker was deposed as President of Nicaragua and killed, Tillman was wounded and taken prisoner. After he was freed, Tillman served in the Second South Carolina Artillery Artillery Regiment in the Confederate Confederate Army and then as a member of Congress for 15 years.

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The Index-Journal (Greenwood, South Carolina)11 Apr 1967, TuePage 4
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