April 24, 1924

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News from April 24, 1924

News from April 24, 1924 (Daily News, via Newspapers.com™)

Harry K. Thaw Faces Contentious Legal Battle

In April 1924, the legal battle involving Harry K. Thaw brought to light issues surrounding mental health and legal judgments. Thaw, a millionaire previously embroiled in a scandalous murder case, was seeking release from the Kirkbride asylum, where he had been confined. Documents from that time indicate that the trustees of the Thaw estate notified they would not oppose Thaw’s release following a jury’s declaration of his sanity.

Despite this development, the path to Thaw’s freedom was obstructed by concerns from his former wife, Evelyn Nesbit, regarding her safety and that of her son. Nesbit predicted that Thaw could potentially commit another crime if released. These concerns aired amidst discussions about Thaw’s intentions to establish a trust fund for Nesbit, which she vehemently declined, emphasizing the estrangement between them.

Further complications in Thaw’s case involved an assault charge from a past incident with Frederick Gump Jr. and related civil suit settlements that added complexity to his legal entanglements.

Amidst these proceedings, Thaw’s attorneys dealt with extradition challenges, highlighting procedural hurdles in the legal system.

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