Virginia Epileptic Colony Discussion 1894

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Virginia Epileptic Colony Discussion 1894 - CARE 0FEP1L1.PTICS. commission to mit rsa this...
CARE 0FEP1L1.PTICS. commission to mit rsa this iv BESSIO* AT THB CAPITOL. Alf IHTBRESTIHG DISCUSSION. Dra. niarkford. of the W rilera Hoi pltal. and Moneure. of the F.aatern, Give Their Views?They Favor the Colonlaatlon Plan. The State Epileptic Commission, ap? pointed under an act of the last I__r>a*.is tatura to suggest some means hy whi-h a more effective system of earing for epileptics may be introduced in the State, held a most interesting session In the office of Colonel John Hell Itl*->rer yesterday afternoon, and the business of the session not being concluded, it was determin**d that the commission should alt again this morning. Yestenlay's session waa attended by Dr. (J. W. LeCato, ot Accomac (chair? man); Hon. W. P. McRae, of Petersburg; Dr. W. F. Hrewry, of the Central Stat Hospital, and Captain C. E. Yawur, of Miller Manual School, members nf the committee, and I'r. James Ii. Moneure, of the BS* elora State; Hr. Et-Sn Jamin Blackford, ot the Western Stitt Ho-|,it?l( and Hrs. W. W. Parker and J. Allison Hodges, of this city, attenJe.l on Invitation. Colonel Hlggcr was BfSB ent In a clerical capacity. No A< "lloN TAKKN. The commission took no definite fl ? tlon looking to a report to the EaOg ture, but aassaaaoel frsetjr ths Advisa? bility of colonizing, epileptics, and 11 teoed to an mterestlng pas. r on that ?abject, which wis i , ; by ct. Mack* fold. As soon as the commissioners me*. Dr, l: , k!"!d i? ni his paper, the text ol' which is hereto sppSOOOdi 'ii' ot the Commission: I take gr eel pleeaure In compliance wltb your reaueo. to express In writing my viewi tn regard tO ths better care q| _gfl ? -. i ? leptlcs In ?irgtnl.. AN AI.AKMlNO INCKK ASK. "It ls a melancholy foot thal there In an sloi-fldng increase of epileptic- In Virginia Within the last few veals, and something must be done sooner or leter, ??ltfi* r Tb build separate buildings at thfl estating hospitals, or to hive ,i separate institution on the 'colony plan' for the care end treatment of this class. "Tile "epileptics should not be c.milne.I In the BOOM wards with the insane from other rspSSS The cries of many ol them when Ills are coming on and the convulsive movements when seizure takes place ure distressing In the ex? treme to a Kr,at many intelligent pa? tients, i sj.lally those of a sensitive na? ture, of those who are recovering. Not only BO, but many epileptics are .lu,serous to tli.-m: elves BUM Others, and dtt-lng thfl exciting sta?e n.i constant watching. li would bo a groot boon io our Stets Wi ? ?? or tWO separate build? ings (et apart for this class uniter greater SUpervlslO-l than can be the COM In OUC ila aa si preeent constructed. "We have In the Weistern State Hos? pital about 150 epileptics. Many of tie m whose mental condition Justifies lt work In the garden on thfl farm and otht r jd aces BDOUt tbe institution. They hive their fits wini.- al work, ond ofter they ere over, got up ind ko on erith their work as if nothing bod happened. Othei a, whooe mental condition la Bitch ai to re quire them to occupy ssporau wards. for pileptlo Insane' ure dongeroufl to -. ia amt others i y their fi attacks of epileptic m.inl__ and suicidal and homicidal Impala. I a gmioug PBOBunc. "Whit to do wah thia t tass is fl aorloua problem, vvimii our law-makers must consider. lt is very evident, lu my Judgment, that unless something la dooe I ? Un- si pilate care of tin. ClSSS mir existing boepltala will aoon ba over* crowded with epileptics, arni oo room loft for lbs cote snd treata_eat of tba insane iioin other eau* ?ii ever-increoslng demand f.r asylum accommodation*,, together willi ly proportionate Increaae of epl wlll verj aoon ines-.tate the erection of further bulldlnga. To colonize the eplleptlca now lu our state boepltala In a separate Institution ls simply pro vtding farther sc ommodatloo for the from other isca, rn bo will take lg thc Warda which epileptics ?\\t Berlin, Qermaay, there le s ie** mark iliie colony for epileptics iboul being cared for there, it is more like au Industrial home, and is now large irttng and fl marveiloua auc cea . Nen fork, ohio, and other states ai.- building separate InetRution for tbe far.'- of Uns cia.-.-, with the bOOS thOI In i few rears they may to a Iorgo di - k'" be aelf-supporting. ii afT will Bl GTrUBAT. "I am aware that the gUSStlOO of cost on ths colony pian will bs v-iy property i deed by the Legislature, sod tbs feel that so larne an amount is already ne i.-s,inly exp. odeil for the care of our Insane who ere in tbe hospitals, and the present financial condition of th** state ?rill canoe the t-egtale-fure t., beeltote about Incurring new obligations in es? tablishing ii D'vv plant a nOSf State In? stitution. Whi'* I admit the colony phiti has fis sdvantagea, I am free to confi is, i.taler tile existing ci I :i HIM, lies of the iii.itu.-*., it would bs BBore economical to build for the socommoda tion of tins afflicted class separate build InflTfl Of fl ch. ai. character, under the k 'Terning power of the rt ipective Inge os boepltala of the stat., where they could bs utilised Bccordlng to their mental con? dition. % "The wards of mir lasons hospitals should be relieved of thU* class of ln - nitty, and exclusive treatment of the Insane epileptics be conducted where lt woiil.I be for the best interest of th. pa? tients, and iii no wi t conduce i" retard i s tn the recovery of regular in aanliy. Trie presence ol the epileptic in Odating iii the wards I ( our Btate hospitals with seats cases, of Insanity is certainly a flfleswoe to their favorable termination. Respectfully submitted, IM-:.\ IAMIN BL v'KI-"' iUP Burperlntendent W. -tern Stale Hospital, Staunton. DR. IIONCDB-Pi ViKW-4. When I >r. Kl.'ickford concluded Dr. Momure addie-.-. .I the board at somo lesaCth, tftving b's t-xi'.-ri- ie-? erith spUeo tli fl, :ind loytng stress m,on th*-lr treachery, asserting that while th.y bovs iH. ir rational period-*, they saes 'heir attacks pt rtod-colly, and in? variably these art u ks are ao-omp.inled With homicide] rn.mia When the unfor? tunates will commil murder without He "as In.utily iii favor ot colonizing the epileptics, and flBJg. K'st.,1 th-,t tbs sexes ah.aild be aepa rated, the males being placed in ono Institution aad the females in another, one essential reason for separating epileptics from other insane was, he said, tho fact that epileptics should bo dieted, and it would be lfl_B>B0O_b-S to do this when they aro kept with other The question of the coat ot colonizing '.Vptlca was taken up. and Mr. Illackford suggested that it would be an excellent Idea for tho State to purchaa.* property for the purpose anti construct its buildings as required. He said If a colony was established everything would hiv to l>e Started fia novo, and the mini? mum cost therefor, ha estimated, would be $50,000. DRS. PARKER ANO I lou* JES. Nothing was agreed upon in this con? nection, and Dr. W. W. 1'urUer was called upon to read a paper. Tho bur. den of hla paper was the neceaalty for the segregation of the chronic Insane from the acute Insane. He also ad*1 viM-ated the placing of epileptics In alu shouse*. The members of the board tf ok exceptions to hia suggestions, and a rather heated argument ensued. Dr. J. Allison Hodges, who entered the rt om at this Juncture, waa asked to give hla views on epilepsy, and he made a most Interesting talk, asserting lt ao hts positive belief that epilepsy was an Incurable disease. He discoursed most Intellectually on the necessity for colo? nising epileptics, and expressed the hope that this would be done. A desultory ?or' of discussion followed, after which tbe commtaaton adjourned, to meet st 9 o'clock Utts morciing.

Clipped from Richmond Dispatch16 Sep 1897, ThuPage 3

Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia)16 Sep 1897, ThuPage 3
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  • Virginia Epileptic Colony Discussion 1894

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