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1959 movie listings - " But- But- (UPI) wants training with the...
" But- But- (UPI) wants training with the would-be would-be noodles can if injected born is f(Jund in concerned," essential must other talk 45 discuss he visiting Warner what to "Maverick" seeing in his "Up the in "My on be the. the-girl-I-love the-girl-I-love the-girl-I-love Barbara male-and-female in Alan jockey rock films, of and a being 2 X :. , . 4 v t : ,..-- ." , J i :, , ; y . "xl " t v',. AND GIRL Don O'Neil and Pat Sumbcrg share roles in Music Theater's presentation of Game," which Mill continue at Auditorium through tomorrow night. Curtain rises at 8:30. Plays a Positive Part psychiatrists about our impressions impressions and they correct us as to whether we are right or wrong." "We had Art Aragon, the fighter, to talk to one time," the European and American star recalled. "If I had seen him 21 years ago, I would have known how to play 'Golden Boy' better," he laughed. The play, "Golden Boy" is a story of a man who wanted to be a violinist but turned to boxing instead. Lederer's workshop has about 100 professional actors as members. They pay $1.25 a month each to meet expenses. The group gathers twice a week in a Hollywood church hall. Although acting methods are discussed in the group discussions, students are told what can be expected in stage careers. v'XET'S FACE it," Lederer said, "many acting careers are ruined by innumerable things. "This is not a superficial thing, you must realize not to be carried away by the fact that you are a star and get fan mail." Some business training is also given in the workshop sessions so a performer will know something about handling handling financial affairs if stardom stardom comes. M M U N I T f PLAYERS I ON ST4GI 1:30 t. M. TONIGHT SAT., JAN. 10 ViSlTT0l lain Piifr Rtiarvitiam GR. 3-4320 3-4320 3-4320 Box Offic Opan Daily 10 to t TODAY 2 PERFS. Mat. 2 P.M. All Seats $1.50 Eve 8 P.M. All Seats $2.00 ALL STUDENTS 90c CHILDREN SOc ANYTIME Color by lecfini'color TICKETS ON SALE AT THEATRE BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE OPEN DAILY 10 A. M. 10 f. M. A'to DOWNTOWN BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE MANGER CIGAR STAND Alto Fdw.rrfft and Arhro Stora ill Lyeli Shopping Fla MAIL AND PHONE ORDERS i Ample Parking Now thru Sun,, Jan, 4th 2 PERFS. EVERY DAY Reserved Seat Tickets NOW ON SALE f 0 1 vnil kfaa I I . LEW 1(7 I A,d Hi, OrChtr. J - i XW.L. DAUCDC UATCllL L I hi tn Mil i llfiYllrriri k h 11 Iff v ,V!. mil iutOT..i-iiiiTi.im..ail iutOT..i-iiiiTi.im..ail Lots Nearby m 1 ma1 More than one entertainer has lost a bundle of money in bad investments. Lederer just returned from a 12 week tour in which he acted in "The Diary of Anne Frank." He portrayed the little girl's father in the play which showed in 49 cities in the three month period. SPENCER TRACY 'Fabulous!.. TODAY - Pluf TtcKnlcolor iBROWMINa ' tf$Yamn S0UTH T i Tho True Story, Behind the West's Strangest Legend f n WALI UibKtT 0 TECHNICOLOR SALMINEOU PHILIP fAKL mi -mm -mm 2a Inarid OnemaScoPS COLOR by DE LUXE NOW .SHOWING J DAVE 1C - 'Kji 1 Pi i- i- i !; Ji ? f I ; Shjrley MacLAINE I i IMUUVTD.IUU lTMRV v liquid I-A I-A I-A ii; and CINEMASCOPE Buv Gifl Tlelcf Baoki S5.50 for SS.00 I! DOORS OPEN 11:00 A. M.cL. ' CLINTON AT COURl England Hails Influence Of. Five-Book Five-Book Five-Book Forster jXN'DOW Jan. 1 WWAs English author who wrote only five novels an i the last one 25 jean ago received the acc!a;n of the British l.ter'y world on this St Ycar'i Day -his -his 80th birthday. The writer is E. M. Forster whose f.r.a! novel, "A Fas-tige Fas-tige Fas-tige ta India," has . been hailed as a modern classic. V. S. ftltchett, British author author and critic, in a tribute to forster in the N State.-man, State.-man, State.-man, said Forster had "more ITAGf AiMfchwluwi "Poiama Gw" I Cmn)uni?v PmifWVUil to Swil f 3' '. ' j8. DOWKTOWN MOVIES t'f (3t S no''0. 0ai Marn O'O r.r y V0..L0 In iamt Coint K. t. mj- mj- o os, 1 ii. s, t m, 1 o Po-o Po-o Po-o Inj' d BtfSVQti 04 O't Ju9n in ' tnfl t S;H MoswM- MoswM- rij." 13 M, J.JO, 4 , ? 05, ifl Carani4ujlt Jerry (. tn ' Th Gi w Boy ' 1! , 3,. 4. t 45 Resnt Ron et HtavM." 140, S 4. 41 C.ntn-"T9nki C.ntn-"T9nki C.ntn-"T9nki J9. 11:51. 154, 3 M. i 5 T; SO. 4!. Fin Artt- Artt- Taica," ?, 25, LtMrty Cot on a Mot Tin Roef" LM, Wariivt and Norm Pgr Orlv. In i-x i-x i-x tost Hurrah" on4 Apoan Tfritwry" Mnr "South Pac'ic" J. t littt-"My littt-"My littt-"My Unctt. Mr. MuSat,' 1.40, 3 0, 5 40, 7:40, oit, E. KocH. Barborfori And th C-hi C-hi C-hi ' fmpir Drlln ' n?ont Ont" 0"4 Toiiit I Camp. Skaw7:39 f. M. Elizabeth Taylor "CAT ON HOT TINBOOr' 2n4 tif Hit B Horriion loy KadaU "EELCCTAXT DEBUTANTE" 3 BIO KITS , ONE COMPLETE SHOW Tony Curtli "DEFIANT ONES" 8:00 only Cora MoHilgomry "TOU&HEST GUM IN TOMSSTONl" At 10:09 oalr Hut Color :30 "ELEPHANT WALK" MIS m .t. .N T II Hill III I" 1,1 nil .yjj. I j ATrrrWW rw JEFFREY HUNTER OlANNe I .Q V coo"- coo"- CduMtu ncruM 1 lit b 1 I APACHE TERRITORY 1-1711 1-1711 1-1711 DOORS OPEN 9:30 A.M. 10:00. 11:St. 1:5. 3:54, 5:52, 7:50 end :4S coooMAW 5 DOORS OPEN 10 A. M. LAST COMPLETE SHOWTONITki 10 P.M. 2) Curt Robert I The love story of the white missionary and the Eurasian soldier... under the China sky! WAS BACK . . . AND THAT V ' M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M pruwili DOORS A . OPEN Mrnnin V i A ra -mm., -mm., m r A SOI C. SltGtl Production Frank SINATRA Dean tURTEl -, -, I i iiiiirwiiiiii mjinuji ft i vr a leora DANA ' t. f BAker 5-5005 5-5005 5-5005 U influence on the educated mi.1 ! cUi than any other English writer in the last 30 cr 4) years; f-T f-T f-T it is h vhn has tau;ht them tr dusenstage themMivci from their ir.hcr-ntccl ir.hcr-ntccl ir.hcr-ntccl official, not to Say imperial, imperial, personality. "The empirt that Klplmj celebrated, Forster destroyed." destroyed." "First the highbrovn of England, then led by Mr, Lionel Trilling th? hiah-broj hiah-broj hiah-broj of America, and finally, a world wide reading public have become aware that the retiring gentleman in Cambridge Cambridge was at the same time a luminary of his age," said the Times. lRWr.!h HELD OVER fH ; 17 2nd M& WMk I-Mf I-Mf I-Mf firitf tt v; f MAIM C4NI&U4 ItBST Hivtfl TK DfriA tvm mtn i C'IfMM.Or AMI COLO Ftr Sho T I JS FRES PAIKINS Of. THEATM eooooooooooooooooooca ( "TAT!, ONE OF THE MOVIES GREATEST COMIC ARTISTS!" -u. -u. "A WITTY SHOW i sublime sense l fun! Tati-j Tati-j Tati-j raster!" Jacques Tatrs "MY UNCLE Mr. Hulot In EASTMANCOIOR IN ENGLISH lAjHE INCIDENT: -X -X j'TTU-- j'TTU-- j'TTU-- , Almost the last thing that comes to mind in connection with the United States Military Academy ot West Point is the word mutiny. Yet it was there-nearly there-nearly there-nearly a century and a half ago to be sure-that sure-that sure-that occurred a most instructive, if bloodless, uprising against constituted authority. Out of the incident was born the modern West Point. THIS IS THE START OF A CONTINUING SERIES OF COLORFUL, AUTHENTIC LITTLE-KNOWN LITTLE-KNOWN LITTLE-KNOWN DRAMAS OF OUR NATION'S PAST-- PAST-- PAST-- The Best from - AMERICAN HERITAGE fc DEMOCRAT AKD Friday, Jen. 2, 1333 ItO CHESTER Philharmonic Orchestra mnd th - Rochester Oratorin Society Throdore llaUrnburh, C nn!artr PROGRAM FAIAY: Man Ottt; Carmiiid lr THURSDAYJANUARY 8 8:15 SEATS NOWI $1 SO, Jl ?i JI, V 5, JJ.W, J-1H J-1H J-1H Eastman Theatre 4 Cvfc Untlt AaachWf frmntitien DOORS OPEN .. YlCRFATrfUiniYI J1 HERE'S GREAT .MSTFRTAMNT! 1 r i . r un 1 1 . 1 1 1 i n v m?nm -1...-J -1...-J -1...-J -1...-J - n IT LIST 1 IIYUU9! Til iM'Mi .... ECKEL ims wu two i ThhllinQ Wk O Tiir rifirrr tun ThRiiis ofAunmv. ' T", g'ttr mat. THE OFFICER: COL. SYLVANUS THAYER THE YEAR: 1817 Sysida in your . a sw V3Nfe: 1 Yoitr lome Newspaper For 125 Years Order Doorstep Delivery Today Call LOcust 2-3600 2-3600 2-3600 TODAY 10:30 A.M.J MORE THAN ( iwmm lfidal (I Jt II i'f kMt Hinnnf SOT ' 4 nf7vr j A '-MJ '-MJ '-MJ A. If- If- fr- fr- TMt SCHICK t MtCMTICST f JULIETTE GRECO TREVOR HCWAita E00!E ALBERT ORSON WELLES immimffl. m mm ucxi mil..,. 13

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle02 Jan 1959, Fri[First Edition]Page 13

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)02 Jan 1959, Fri[First Edition]Page 13
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