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EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENTS EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT Help "ft tutted Female GIRLS assembling on steam gauges; light, dean work in modern factory; good pay "steady u oik. Apply Supt., Schacffer " Budcnberg. 6th floor, Hcrry and South 5th sta. Brooklyn. - U 1 1 1 Lj, Irish. (Jen i tall or hwnde : sm Lunlly of two adultp. Christians, Flat hush house, for general work ; work is light nh plenty of time off: wages S3 month: i-elereuees; i-elereuees; i-elereuees; a fine homt- homt- ior right one. Call at my office. 9S4 l-latuusfi l-latuusfi l-latuusfi C ! It I j lor light housework and help care or two small children: apartment looking; no family laundry; good home ngnt Bin; reierences; wnuu preicr 'n.speet 2497. i '.Il RES. Christian. intelliKc lit. good -look -look In ages 3 to 16, to p03P for photographic fash ion work after school nours; geiune nrm Stone Van Dresser Co., "33 4th av, ."-. ."-. ."-. City, t GIRL wanted, faetoi y machine work standing; 16 P-r P-r P-r week to start: ran earn t-Ju t-Ju t-Ju In short time; stead v all year round work. Brillo Mfg Co., pearl and Tillnry sts. Brooklyn. t OIRLS Have vour old silk stocking.-! stocking.-! stocking.-! footed. stenmed and reshaped; 60c. pair cuarnnteed ke new. Send Blocking for circulars. Dept. E, Koae Welt Hon iery Mills, 168 5th nv. . f GIRL, YOUNG, white, experienced; small house- house- every convenience ; small family high wage to competent young woman. hi. Maries av. uecatur sr. ..u OlRL. white; general housework, private family. 4 lulults. 'J"fi K. 17th M. Beverly ' rd. station Brighton D; convenient Church av. cars. 28 , GIRL for marking room; one with aome exnerlenee nreferred : chance for sten advancement. Bedford Laundry, 16S Hod ford av, corner Lexington, ? HIRE, experienced, for general housework znori nla in conk : a I so eirl as moth' helper, white, neat, $t!0. Apply 1-Sfj 1-Sfj 1-Sfj Ma rine av. between 3d nv and IGlh st. CirilS Light paper work; S12 t. siart 4 7-hotir 7-hotir 7-hotir wo.'lt Man sell. 2 2 Reade fit ' Y. City, ont' block from Brooklyn Brldg i (ill! L General housework ; plain cooking must he clean and net lvs: Z i n i r adults-; adults-; adults-; good home; live In; $.i0 month. Lafayette L'hbt. 3 GIRL wanted in law otiice for swllchhoaid una as t-teiiographor t-teiiographor t-teiiographor and typist; int el 1 1 tent beginner. AddIv s-4. s-4. s-4. Suite 1404 Court st. 7 mhSO- mhSO- G I R L for ire ne ra I housework a ml wall tables in rest aurant ; sleep out; no wash ing. Mrs. Wieband, Jttili Liberty av. OIRL, colored, wanted for general clea ing In hair dressing parlor., Pulton st, Brooklyn. t OIRE White, for general housework, plain cook ing; J children. 2 nanus: " i month. 1-194 1-194 1-194 E. 22d st, near Av M. Mid wood 5121'. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Wanli'tl l-'fiiiale l-'fiiiale l-'fiiiale llOfSKWOH K KR, gTn . Ta H w hlte? out: four adults. Call Sutidiiy nil Mon da v evening, 4 j St rung pi. mi-w. mi-w. mi-w. g Itnt'SK WORK KR. gem Protest ant. in help cook mg. no washing New Y-.rk Y-.rk Y-.rk av. rul. elderly woman, ilh liuust. work ; no no ironing. 33i) lldl'SK hi- hi- reili Hills, L 6-".4S. 6-".4S. 6-".4S. diKtOK or niuiher's helpej-; helpej-; helpej-; mu.-t mu.-t mu.-t -. -. ctticient : rehned lutliie. Fori st 1. Hanks, phone Houlevard IIorSi;VtlRKl-;ii. IIorSi;VtlRKl-;ii. IIorSi;VtlRKl-;ii. general; while Kirl in fa m ily of two adults, i hree i hi hit en ; no washing; references requir d. Call Flat- Flat- I'UMi ojr,7 J7 Ku; land rd. ; HOUSF. WORKER Woman for gen "rat housework; new house; no children; sleep in. 3506 Bedford av, corner of Ave. '.. Phone Midwood Orttlt. 29-4 29-4 29-4 Hot" Si; WORK LR. general: good plain cook ; no laundry; r'f-i-ences r'f-i-ences r'f-i-ences r'f-i-ences r'f-i-ences retjuircd. 4!6 3d st. Call after G, Sunday and -Monday. -Monday. -Monday. t-7 t-7 t-7 llorSKWOKKlill. white, for small apart-merit; apart-merit; apart-merit; sleep out; refereii'"cs required. Call apartment 10, ;iss St. John's pi. 2S-7 2S-7 2S-7 HOUSE WORK ER, winl.-. winl.-. winl.-. light work. 4 ruoni a partim-m. partim-m. partim-m. small la mily : no wasli ing; sleep out; $i0 munthly. 14 Prospei Park Southwest. Apt. 33. South 5fiog. IIOI.'S.;WOIlKi;i(, general; small family, plcasa nt room ; good home ; no wash log. 1 'i "ii Union st, one block 1 rum Nostra nd avenue. 1-2 1-2 1-2 HOLSEWORKKR wanted, vhi'e or col ored, g em ra 1, fnr small houJe ; sleep in : no washing; good salary. Call Gerard i. Hi.'iS Hl.-l Hl.-l Hl.-l m. 29-7 29-7 29-7 Hi IL'SKU IlKKKIt, gc neral; small family; a part ment ; sleep reference required. I.favetie ,ri:iM-M. ,ri:iM-M. ,ri:iM-M. out : $12 per w eek ; Vail. 939 Sterling pi. HOUSEWORK ER lie. i era i ; Scandinavian or German preferred ; i:ood plain cook ; seashore for summer; rt feic:iLe required. South :.S. 5.!t4 3d at. 2H-7 2H-7 2H-7 Hi il 'SE WORKER, general, w hile; small rainilv; no washing. Mrs. A. Kahn, Ior-et Ior-et Ior-et II ills. Phone Boulevard 6231. after 11. 29-7 29-7 29-7 HOUSEWORK ER Family 2 . hilts, un Telephone wash i n: ; w a yes JJitj niont h. La fa yen ' ElEi. Hox Q-6HS, Q-6HS, Q-6HS, ', otiice. IMiUSEWoRK. Kiiural; yniiug while girl wilh or wit limit wa -dii -dii ng ; experience un necessary. Hail, 922 Sterling pi. v 1 HOUSE W RKi;R. general : small fai of adults; gnnd wages. 443 East lith si Flathnsh. Phone Mansfield R674-.I. R674-.I. R674-.I. :; HOUSEWORK ERtRrl lor washing, iron Ing. cleaning; no cooking; .j) and goot home. isa' ,v it. .Midwood ;;;.i,n. I HH'SE WORKER, young, no objection to willing green girl; il m lamuy: no laun drv exeent child's; sleen in. 164 Arling ton av. Phone Glen more 1120. i 2H-7 2H-7 2H-7 HOUSEWORK ER, general. Scandinav ian plain cooking. 2 in family. Call Sunday and Monday mornings. Carfare paid. IVrrv. 1709 Albemarle rd. s 1( H-SEWoliKERGlrl H-SEWoliKERGlrl H-SEWoliKERGlrl wanted fur light hosework; lake care of small girl. Licber Ilvlp Wanted Krniale d Mermw i Ste.iife.d. 2T OPERATORS on a machines. I,. H. tu ar Ki KaHi av. OPERATORS on h.ue dresst-s, dresst-s, dresst-s, work all v.-ar, v.-ar, v.-ar, live days per v.eel-2H v.eel-2H v.eel-2H Went Huu-'ton Huu-'ton Huu-'ton st. New Ynrl; ( i'i:.N'l.NG for ou:ig lady t curing, t ic. in oeauty purlur, t;0t, KhkU- KhkU- c.ftlce. ORDER CLERK Must be typist; one with ex peri en e preferred. Acme Bur lip Hag t o., Mt-1 Mt-1 Mt-1 1 ( v a 'ernury si . corner f , rwi s' , nea r Bush wick a v, Hroukl n. o"'l DOtHi win ke, chines to make I ,ea vy. Broad w a 1 nfa n t s flressea, and Bedlord av I'A RT TIM K Young girl for gei housework, mm n iiis. 1 ; launory luded; 'i das oniv : H HB"i $ ; hi paid. Phone Midwood from 9 PART-TIME PART-TIME PART-TIME housew orker ; must have reference reference ; two a dulls. Telephone Midwood 51 2. 2;-7 2;-7 2;-7 SALESLADIES- SALESLADIES- I am organizing a sa I es f or e to .iell a necessity to w omen ; a cr-age cr-age cr-age ability ami effort will net vim $10 per day. Can be handled part I I me. For Interview ca II a t my Hpartnient between 1 and 9 p.m. M is. Templet on, 1 726 84 th s:. Brooklyn, Apt. 14. West End IS. H. T. subway to 18th av. SALES LA DIES An old established firm opening up branches in all principal cities requires t he services of sever a 1 bright women o or 2."i, for permanent positions. Salary to .-tart .-tart .-tart 2 a week, with liberal bonus. We also require 3 for our local I nra m n. na lary to siari 1 1, wn u oonus. if quick to learn. Apply Monday morning between ! nnd 11. 1476 Breadway, at 42d M , Room 47, Nt w Yolk City. SALESLADY Large Brooklyn dept. Store; take charge hair net table; permanent position. B. Frankel Co.. 221 4th av. t SA LHSLA DY Art embroidery store; permanent, permanent, advancement ; $ I .j a week. Call la to 12 a.m. Walter Steiner. 9,-2A 9,-2A 9,-2A Fiat-bush Fiat-bush Fiat-bush av SALESLADY, experienced, wanted ,11 bakery: bakery: hours 9 to 7 p.m.; -i1arv -i1arv $1S. Apply Sunday. 10 to 12. Siebold, U.7 Rogers a v. Brooklyn. 1 -7 -7 :i2 WoM EX We Will employ 10 well tlrese.l mature women, selling corsets, working from your own home; big 1 omnium ion with hionlhlv; can earn from $l'fi to 30 weekly. Call lloom 740. Aeolian Building, 33 West 4 2d t, New York. mli H int hij WOMAN", competent, white. To hi-ip hi-ip hi-ip w.ih 1 are of 3 children and light hou. -work -work : 110 cooking r laundry: small nc;ir station. Mrs. Lord, Douglastoti, L. I Huyside 1 17-.-W. 17-.-W. 17-.-W. 17-.-W. 17-.-W. T J.; WOMAN, retlabb- retlabb- Ijerman, laundry work leaning, Thursday .-t; .-t; .-t; thorough worker Call Monday night. Apt. Di. M Hrook-Ijn Hrook-Ijn Hrook-Ijn a v. W OMAN, washing. white, to lake Mrs. F. Han-ith. Han-ith. Han-ith. home faiini' 307 6th v. WOMAN. while, general housework small house; small family: no was ln; plain cooking. Phone Flushing 4)1. WOMAN", middle-aged, middle-aged, middle-aged, with rfet ernes, take care of house and 2 children n cooking. H. Leport. J 0 0 East JucUhon : Corona. Havemeyer 0437. .H WOMAN fur maid's work in private floor (40 per month, room a nd tana rd . Hronk iyn I 3 and Ear Hospital, 94 Livingston street. f 31- 31- WOMAN to take care two children; out ; no housework and no Sunday work 2046 Siilh at, Brooklyn; Buneonhumt I0frj:. J7.7 Wi.MAN German, to lake laundry home two adults. Apply by letter. Hubbard fr.j Rugby rd, Brooklyn. ; Wo.MAN, experienced, for night nuismi private sanitarium. Wrltu particulur.s cwj v -;.n., -;.n., t-;agle t-;agle t-;agle omce. 1 Woman to mind child week. Apply mornings, Maspeth. L. L a ft pi Baltic WOMAN, elderly, :t'-6M :t'-6M :t'-6M President 1 Hoyt. for downfalls w ., between Smith WOMAN (u take charge of teacher's hem 4 In family. Apply 1217 E. 3Hth si, rtfter P.m. ; J W( iM AN to do general housework ; in a know cooking: for family In Ja'ruab-X'evin. Ja'ruab-X'evin. Ja'ruab-X'evin. 4 4 Court st ; Room 1109. - A" M EN wa 11 ted to do home sew ing 01 bloomers. S76 Kssex st, Bklyn. t 29- 29- WoM AN, white, for general house- house- or it J30 month. 1 1 -'.9 -'.9 Eastern Parkway. v WORK I N'rj housekeeper: good cook : po i tively eleHii worker; two adults, one chtM 5-room 5-room 5-room house , no washing: ewellrni refer-ences. refer-ences. refer-ences. MeCormick. .1 Aflten st. Floral Park L. I. Floral Park 3i7-R. 3i7-R. 3i7-R. ; YOUNG girl, while, lor general house work ; also able to cook ; a woman two days a week to help wash and clean Call mornings. 5K5 Jefferson ave. YOUNG GIRL as mother's helper and assist wtfh light housework. Call r 1st bush 6j08-,1. 6j08-,1. 6j08-,1. s 27-' 27-' 27-' rol'NG LADIES to sell living (lowers shrubs, trees, delivered promptly pur chaser's address, charges prepa id ; c a ta log; quality guaranteed Al. .1. B. Wein berg, 474 East 71 h irt. Windsor 4315 Help Wantod Female .12 WANTED White girl fiom -0 -0 to 3U ear "Id, lo do light housework for youns single man In country; good chance for light party. As to terms apply to John X. shi tt. Box tt.15, Riverhead, L. I. -'A-: -'A-: -'A-: -'A-: WANTED WOMEN" Join our Xeedie "luh and turn your spare time nion-y nion-y nion-y ; envelope telli you how. i" Ar Stores, Cambridge. Ohio. WANTEfi Young girl to assi.-t assi.-t assi.-t lady bijsmes. Call Sunday, alter 7 p.m.. Deiatur st; ring upper bell. V. EST INDIAN girl to do houtework. Carroll s, near 7th av. ''' To $5i weekly in your t.pate nine doing special advertising work among the families of your city; no experience f.e'-essjtry. f.e'-essjtry. f.e'-essjtry. Write today for full parti- parti- u-la u-la u-la is. American Products Co., S2ti8 Aim-n-an Aim-n-an Aim-n-an Aim-n-an Aim-n-an Bldg.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Help Want! Male 33 AC Cc N TA NTS AND BOOK K E K P E R S A public accounting company, building an organization to extend its service to the tjpical American business of av(;ruge size, will train at cost a limited number of nidi who are willing to devote spare time to advancement (and who cn prove their a lulity to nroilt by exercise 011 problems encountered in our txperience. under in-tensiw? in-tensiw? in-tensiw? personal 1 caching by an officer of this company : each man Bei-epu-d Bei-epu-d Bei-epu-d Bei-epu-d Bei-epu-d for training has an equal opportunity to attain attain the high accomplishment demanded of tboe who are permitted to render the company's service, either as representatives representatives or as service accountants: although coi.Iidenila!. replies must give reference. Andrea Box P-527. P-527. P-527. Eagle offlee ADDING MACHINE And typewriter mechanic, by large downtown. Manhattan. bank : capable of repairing Burroughs adding macliin.js and Underwood typewriters; ideal working condi-1 condi-1 condi-1 ions ; give experience and saiarv desired. Addrs P. If.. Postoffice Ilox tit. Trinity Station. New York. i 1-:; 1-:; 1-:; ADVERTISING SOLICIT" HIS Cinin;:.-sion Cinin;:.-sion Cinin;:.-sion basis; opportunities; big proposition. 1 0 1 ) Pui nam a v. Phone Hush wick a 2 l . AR IHTECTURAL DRAFTSMAN wanted; ( ient lie. who has had genera 1 ex pet ieip-e ieip-e ieip-e Hiid is pra'-tieal pra'-tieal pra'-tieal and rapid, to handle work frmu sketches tu com pit ted drawings, in architect's office of mercantile establish-merit establish-merit establish-merit ; sta'e a ge. ex per fence, present sa I -ary, -ary, B. N., 425, Eagle Manhattan branch, World bldg. t A SSI ST A NT receiving clerk in plant of a Rrooklyn manufi -luring -luring concern : man un. "I r ;lft years desired. Rox 14, 330 Haiicb n Mr-.-e Mr-.-e Mr-.-e Mr-.-e Mr-.-e AUTOMOBILE SALESMEN' EXCEPTIONAL EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPEP.I-K EXPEP.I-K Help Wanted Female Help W an Km Male l- l- H Al I i'EUR 'A hite. for Stu.lei.aUe; inr: miift be thoroughly exper:em ed ail' a 1 cvpt Lined to traffic : tinquest tuna ble re:ren erf r'-cjijired. r'-cjijired. r'-cjijired. Decatur :i'ii. ' 'H Al'l- Al'l- Ki;i ; and helper for Packard 'on k ; miiHt understand handling furniture furniture and pianos ; references. Heil y 's Storehouse. ;m Dean :;t. 31-2 31-2 31-2 'HAUUI'EI'R on exprcs watpui. experi -te -te ed on I'ord. Apply J 4 Fulton td. "H At.FFF.U It - - Young man. experleno l eferen' e ; pel vii t e part v ; wanes C. H . Box X-r.iL'. X-r.iL'. X-r.iL'. Eagle oflice. f'HAUUI'ECR to Jrive 3'a-ton 3'a-ton 3'a-ton truck, who knows shipping and pick up work. Apd Sund;- Sund;- v. I.a'aette ; 1 H . 1 1 FKEUR, cs; saba-v, saba-v, saba-v, rh st. ' olored, expel ii $-0 $-0 $-0 pei" week. HA UUFEUR Experienced with Ford trui kh; good onpurtunlty. Botts Manuiac-ritii.g Manuiac-ritii.g Manuiac-ritii.g Ck.. st. Brooklyn. C II A 11 IE UR, thoroughly competent. it. id.! Im aged ; bring references. Starke, & ' 1 o In in bin nt. i 26-7 26-7 26-7 CHAUFFEUR, eoloted, to generally uneftil in buslnes: ake hiinsei: Applv Mme. York C.ty. . OOldljeiB, I'l v. 57th st Nei ' 'l,I.E"ToR Kxcelleut opportunity tot good solicitor in industrial life, accident a ud Ilea llh insurance : experience un-nete;,r; un-nete;,r; un-nete;,r; $:, security required. Call before 9. Workingmen's t o-ojiera o-ojiera o-ojiera ti e Ai.sufinfion. Room 7 Hi, World building. CONTRACTOR for bt ringing bead necj;-t necj;-t necj;-t home. Apply by let-'o. let-'o. let-'o. 3G W. 38th st, Man- Man- !a'.e to be done Rosetdierg h r " a n CREW MA NAGERS : exclusive territory If ou can qualify. Rigga Chemical Co., 21S 3ti!h st. liro.ikl; n. CS Tome Its MAN. ep. rien. td. warned bv New York Stock Exchange house for nor Brooklyn offl'-e. offl'-e. offl'-e. Box E-;;.-, E-;;.-, E-;;.-, E-;;.-, E-;;.-, Eagle. World Hull ding. Manhattan DII.MAKER, experienced on folding paper LriXf". also jig aaw work; prefer man able ' o he; p on pi int ing ami cutting presses. Write experience and salary. Box 0-5ti2. 0-5ti2. 0-5ti2. EiKi'. '-ffi. '-ffi. '-ffi. e. DIE WORKERS UamilUr with combination combination dtH for t -,n -,n cans ; Mate experience nnd rate expected. Postoffice Box tio, Sta- Sta- JI'hiW. Rrooklyn. DISTRICT MANAGER If you have sold eteitrical appliances and are looking for t ie belter positions, The Torhngton Company, Company, manufacturing the Tornngton EN-, EN-, EN-, trie cleaner, offers to two such men with a rjca n sa record an opportuni ty to join the Brooklvn organization, tns't opened, our c leaner (s well known, sells 11 ' u l-i l-i l-i ir prue, commission a t tra eti ve nnd paid every Saturday, and lurther. represents ii lactory connection which a -.jures -.jures itii, k promotion to huceessful and capable men. Make it u point to t,lk tins rnaitBf over with Mr. HMduser. Monday. Room 21. Phoenix Bldg.. lti Court si. DISTRICT MANAGER and salesmen: exclusive exclusive territory if you can quahfv. Riggs Chemical Co., 219 Stjth bt, Brooklyn. Help Wnnd tl Milo MEN for eady ba k'ry v oi k : experience not luresaary. Applv alter tt p.m.. oJker; foreman. Genera; Baking Co., ft 1st a iiar ltj2d ht, Richmond Hill. i 31- 31- MEN Four, to haml'e Butterick pub neat 10ns: men meet in?? 011 are paid J2.'ift per day and requirement !i per week li'lOIII 41), 6oj Fulton st. Bklyn, arte MEN Two men, over 21, for spei ial work in Queens and Nassa u i.'ounties ; excel lnt earnings and chance for advance ment ; rejerenc es required. Write a once for interview, p. tj. Box 41 Hemp sfead. L. I. MEN Three high grade men. Christiana for sale.H staff ; oermanent : splendid future good earnings. Call Monday or Tuesday oerween 1ft a.m. and 2 p.m., at Room li) Montague Brooklyn ' MEN PORTERS Several ex net ien cleaners fur night work; also seeral day porters. western Electric i n., Inc., Em ployment Department, '17 Bethune st. N Y. City, near West st. blocks south Mtn st. t MEN. 2, for sales work; lucal ter ritory; nationally advertised line; experi eoee not necewary ; tnarrird men pre ferred; good py; splendid future; Chris t!an. Box '-:,f;2. '-:,f;2. '-:,f;2. Eagle office. 1-; 1-; 1-; MEN. two. Christian, preferable Flatbush men, to KOljrH 01 drs for elect riral wlr ing. fixture and appliances; conimisslon basis only, oimond. H Newkirk Plaza MEN of cxirience to Hi.n s -. -. auto ao.ensi.11 to car owners d-reet d-reet d-reet through store and of tlce cabs and on mrept. Mornings. 10 to 3 p.m. Automobile Accessories Ml'g. " 0., 15 Atiantio a". MEN lo cle jons at goo lyn. car w:n.o ages. M7 MEN Earn $15-get $15-get $15-get ready for h t leal in -m -m met ion 120 -i.-.i -i.-.i -i.-.i -i.-.i priiig ; plasterers light : prac N. Y. M EN, strong, fur motors and truc ks irs 10 1 a Uroad cat Oltlen pi. Brooklyn MEN for repairs and o'-'rhauling o'-'rhauling o'-'rhauling of railroad railroad car motors and trucks; steady work 253 .Iftrh st. Brooklyn, 5: EN. -ami -ami ti fur repairs to laiiroad motor S4 1 ath av. Brooklyn. M EN. ha 3th st. steady work, M I LEW RIGHT wanted al oikc who is acquainted acquainted with general run of factor; work; must have own tools, Call Siola j.uoner Co., M Forie.-d. Forie.-d. Forie.-d. st. M I LL HANDS, experienced, steady voi k ;i.i .isrn st. Hrnoklyn ; (Ir NIGHT WASHER; 71 Lincoln pi. 31- 31- OFFfCE BfY Unusual opportunity for bright, well-bred well-bred well-bred boy In office of large concern: exceptional chance for ttlvance- ttlvance- inenr. vrite, giving ag.. and full particulars; particulars; experience unnecessary. S. O. Box :n. Eagle Manhattan branch. World uu.iuiiig. 1 Help Wanted Male SALESMEN ABRAHAM & STRAUS. lflL Kl'lI'n N S T . BROOKLYN", R K - Q U IKE EXPERI E NC E D - M K N FOR SILKH. RUGS, BOYS CLOTHING, ALSO EXC E L LE XT OP PO R TUNITI ES AS STOCK BOYS I OR YOUNG M EN PIT. GOOD FA M I L V AXD KDCCA-T KDCCA-T KDCCA-T ION. APPLY A T E M P LO Y - MENT OFFICE. t SALESMEN Famous Fain; our adverti-! adverti-! adverti-! inentl appear everywhere. train3. Burl boards, newspapers; wherever you go vol see th name Famous Fain : our rnerl chandise and prices are absolutely right! ill! mini 111 i;u-iiifrauoil i;u-iiifrauoil i;u-iiifrauoil annurf'S you 1 success; nil we ask is your willingness work and be responsible ; nrcanl-mtlnl nrcanl-mtlnl nrcanl-mtlnl men average tQ weekly; this ran hi ou hied when ou advance to a bra nek, office managership: let your nest connection connection be with a worthwhile organization; nre-ent nre-ent nre-ent campaign direct to consumer. Fain Knitting Mills. Sales Service Department, Department, 4th floor, 506 th av, Mannattan. t 30-3 30-3 30-3 SALESMEN WANTED, AMBITIOUS MSN" TO LEV E LOP NEW TERRITO R V I N THEfft OWN TIME, WITH A PRODUCT THAT HAS PROVEN ITSELF A fiURB, QUICK SELLER: UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY FOR THE RIGHT MEN. AP PLY MONDAY, S1MOX BOOKMAN. EAST NEW YORK A V, BROOKLYN, f Uct, oilers to a limited number of repre sentative men. bel ween the ages of 2i and 50. a n unusua 1 opportunity to connect connect with their sales organization. Men riu more rapidly in sales work than in almost any ot her line of endeavor, atidr, this is particularly true in the specialty

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 01 Apr 1923, Sun,
  3. Page 49

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