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Producers Agree To Curb Film Advertising By RUTH BRIGHAM jWJIAMI (INS) A New Years resolution to gladden gladden the hearts of movie fans was made yesterday by the film industry to soft-pedal soft-pedal soft-pedal those tired, over -worked -worked adjectives and stick somewhere near the truth in advertising future movies. You'll no longer be lured to the films by salacious advertising or promises of "colossal" features when they aren't. In other words, the advertising end of the industry is going legitimate. legitimate. Studios Pledge Support That's the word of Charles Schlai- Schlai- fer, advertising director of Twen tieth Century-Fox, Century-Fox, Century-Fox, who said at Miami yesterday: "Companies have pledged to sup port the idea of cleaning up the advertising copy. We are holding meetings all over the country now to enlist the aid of the various elemnba concerned 'theater operators, operators, independents and others." Actually, Schlaifer said, there has been such an advertising code for some time, but it hasn't been strictly adhered to. ' Remember the build-up build-up build-up for "Duel In the Sun?" According to advertising advertising copy, it was "out of this world." According to reviewers from coast to coast, it didn't live up to those ads. Boxffice has been the god of the film industry, but a public weary of movies that didn't live up to their advertising has turned on the box-office. box-office. box-office. And the smart boys of advertising have realized that some thing must be done. Schlaifer said the resolution to refrain from dishonest build-ups build-ups build-ups undoubtedly will result in improving improving the caliber of moving pictures. It was a little child that led the advertising man to cleaning his own backyard. Child' Query Started It One day Arlene Schlaifer, 10-year-old 10-year-old 10-year-old 10-year-old 10-year-old daughter of the movie executive, executive, asked:. "Daddy, are all movies great and wonderful?" lie had to acknowledge that they weren't. Schlaifer said there are teeth in the code. If a company Insists on using dishonest or poor taste in advertising a picture, the Motion Picture Association will refute to issu the seal of approval. Consequently, Consequently, no theater would run the film. A new advertising advisory coun cil has been established to determine determine merits of a film for advertis ing purposes. Imagine movie adjectives becom ing self-ree.pecting self-ree.pecting self-ree.pecting again! bchlairer was in Miami for the southern premier of "Gentlemen's Agreement." Busy English Player Off to Australia New York En route to Australia Australia to play the leading role in the new J. Arthur rUnk-Michael rUnk-Michael rUnk-Michael Balcon picture, "Eureka Stockade," Jane Barrett, one of England's talented young actresses, has arrived arrived in New York by air from London. Miss Barrett, who recently has been seen here on the screen in "The Captive Heart," with Michael Redgrave, will remain here for 4 weeka before continuing to "The Land Down Under" by plane. "Eureka Stockade" is a sequel to the highly successful Australian production called "The Over- Over- landers," and Chips Rafferty, who scored in that picture, again will play a leading role. Harry Watt again will direct; he went to Australia Australia several months ago to start preliminary work. Filming of Productions at 'Met9 Figured to Popularize Opera By JACK GAVER NEW YORK (UP) Opera stories will cease to be among the Metropolitan Opera Company begins to function, according to Leonard arren, who has been baritomng his way through the mazes of sub-plots sub-plots sub-plots at the Met for 10 years. "Making a movie of an opera will make it necessary to stick pretty closely to the main story line," said Warren,' who expects to play his usual role of Count dl Luna in the first opera-movie opera-movie opera-movie "II Trovatore." SOMETHING'S QUITE AMISS Joan Caulfield and Claude Rains find that the unexpected has happened in "The Unsuspected," now featured at Capitol. Danny Kaye Gets 'Happy Times9 As First Warners Vehicle By LOUELLA O. PARSONS IIOLLYWOOD (INS) Here it is, at last. Danny Kaye 'a first for Warners is "Happy Times," suggested by the old classic called "Inspector General," and the man who will handle the directing is Ilenrv Koster. That s kicking the new year off right for Danny, if you ask me, Shooting of "Happy Tlmws" will start in March, soon after Danny returns from abroad. Do you doubt Bing Crosby's pop-fclarity? pop-fclarity? pop-fclarity? Well, listen to this: For the fourth year in succession, this popular gent leads the annual Motion Motion Picture Herald poll of the best money-making money-making money-making stars of 1947. Betty Grable moves up from ninth place last year to second this year. Ingrid Bergman, second in 1946, is third this year. Gary Cooper is again in 4th position; Humphrey Bogart, 5th; Bob Hope, 6th; Clark Gable, 7th: Gregory Peck, 8th; Claudctte Colbert, 9th, and Alan Ladd, 10th. Roy Rogers heads the Western winners. Garson, Romero To Talr Cesar Romero is not doing the part in "Three Musketeers" that he was slated for at MGM because he has a chance to play in "Julia Mis- Mis- aves" with Greer Garson, on the same lot, and this he likes better. What a wonderful start on the new year for Darryl Zanuck to win the critics award for the Best picture of tho year with "Gcntle-man'a "Gcntle-man'a "Gcntle-man'a Agreement," and for Ella. Kazan ' to get the best direction for both "Gentleman's Agreement" and "Boomerang." I talked with Virginia and Darryl, who were in Sun Valley for the holidays, and he's very happy over the whole thing. They told me about their daughter, Darrylin. Someone dared her to get up and sing a song, so up she got in 'the dining room and sang with the orchestra, and was paid $10. Darrylin is getting so pretty, and is quite the belle up there. The most surprising and welcome Christmas gift in Hollywood was the wonderful portrait Claudette Colbert painted of Mary Benny and presented to Jack. Jack told Attractions Today at Theaters Starting times of main features as announced by theaters: Auditorium S : 30. ralace 12:20, 3:30, 6:40. 9:50. I-oew'n I-oew'n I-oew'n 12:00. 3:20. 6:40, 10:00. Century 11:15, 1:25. 3:35, 5:45, 7:55, 10:00. Regent 11:30, 2:09, 4:48, T:27, 10:06. Capitol 12:18, 3:27, 6:36, 9:45. Strand 11:30, 3:40. Utile 1:40, 3:40, 5:40. 7:40, 9:40. Grand-12:00. Grand-12:00. Grand-12:00. 3:08, 6:16, 9:24. Embassy 1:38, 4:09, 6:44, 9:23. Auditorium "Show Boat," operetta. I'alace John Wayne, Laraine Day and Sir Cedric Hardwicke In "Tycoon" and Boris Karloff and Ralph Byrd in "Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome." Loew's June Allyson, Peter Lawford and Joan McCracken in "Good News" and John Hodiak and George Murphy in "'The Arnello Affair." Century Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour in "Road to Rio." Regent Robert Hutton and Joyce Reynolds in "Always Together" Together" and Phillip Reed and Hillary Brooke in "Big Town After Dark." Capitol Joan Caulfield and Claude Rains in "The Unsuspected" and Gene Autry and Lynne Roberts in "Saddle Pals." Temple Robert Mitchum and Jane Groer in "Out of the Past" and June Prelsser and Freddie Stewart in "Smart Politics." Little Nelson Eddy and Ilona Massey in "Northwest Outpost." Embassy Valentina Cortese and Leo Dale in "A Yank in Rome," Italian film with English "titles." Strand Paul Muni and George Raft In "Scarface" and Ben Lyon and Jean Harlow in "Hell's Angels." Arnett Lizabeth Scott and John. Hodiak in "Desert Fury" and June Preisser and Freddie Stewart in "Vacation Days." Webster Alan Ladd and Dorothy Lamour in "Wild Harvest" and Ella Raines and Edmond O'Brien in "The Web." Murray Alan Ladd and Dorothy Lamour in "Wild Harvest" and Kent Taylor and Doris Dowling in "Crimson Key." Rivoli Randolph Scott in "Gunflghters" and "Missing Lady.". Lincoln Cornel Wilde and Maureen OHara in "Homestretch." md Jack Carson and Martha Vickers in "Love and Learn." Riviera, State, Madison and Monroe Maria Montez and Rod Cameron in "Pirates of Monterey" and Glen Davis and Anne Nagel in "Spirit of West Point." Liberty Esther Williams and Jimmy Durante in "This Time for Keeps" and Richard Martin and Frances Rafferty in "Adventures of Don Coyote." Dixie Groucho Marx and Carmen Miranda tn "Copacabana" and William Elliott and Vera Ralson in "Wyoming." Cameo and West End John Hodiak and Lizabeth Scott In "Desert Fury" and Al Pearce and Arlene Harris in "One Exciting Week." Lake Ted Donaldson and Noreen Nash in "Red Stallion" and Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake in "Blondie in the Dough." Rialto (East Rochester) Shirley Temple and Ronald Reagan In "That Hagen Girl" and Leon Errol and Elyeee Knox in "Joe Palooka in Knockout." Temple (FairportO Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo in "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and Richard Martin and Frances Rafferty in "Adventures of Don Coyote." Grand Victor Mature and Brian Donlevy in "Kiss of Death" and Lynne Roberts and Charles Drake in "Winter Wonderland." me at the Mayer party Mary had had 10 nittings, and he thought it was the finest painting of the kind he had ever seen. If the current finaticing negotiations negotiations don't hit a snag, Luther Adler, a well known stage actor, will produce produce a picture for Columbia. -James -James lam's novel, "A Prophet by Experience," published in 1943, has been bought by Adler and Jules Dassin, director of Mark Hel- Hel- linger's last picture, "The Naked City." Roy Rogers May Produce When Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were in Oklahoma for their wedding at the rsldnco of Wil liam Likins, the millionaire cattleman, cattleman, there were a lot of business conferences. There's plenty of money in Oklahoma, and Likins and Gov. Roy Turner, a millionaire, millionaire, are reported interested in the Idea of putting Roy into business for himself. Rogers and Republic have had a number of battles, and he's confident confident that he can get away just as Gene Autry did. And while he was where the money flows, he talked business. So you may hear news from that quarter before many days. Mary Plckford leaves Sunday for Canada to be the guest of the Governor General and Viscountess Alexandria of Tunis in Ottawa. When in her native country, Mary will show "Sleep, My Love" in Montreal and Toronto as well as Ottawa, the proceeds to go to disabled veterans. There can be no papers signed for John Lujack to make a movie until Notre Dame gives permission. Sam Katzman, who is trying to sign Notre Dame's noted backfleld star, wants to star him in "The Fighting Irish," a story of Notre Dame. Until the story is approved by the college, Lujack cannot do business. He will be paid $25,000, and the picture will be released by Colum bia, if Katzman gets the okay. And I suppose he will, since he; will pattern the story to their wishes. Finally to Learn Stories "Some people who have gone to the opera for years are still in the dark about aspects of many of the stories. The tightening of plot necessary to making the film will give a clear exposition of the main point. The film editor is going to be" doubly important in this sort of a movie. "The movies also will enable many people actually to 'see an opera for the first time. Because of the magnitude of the opera house, the size of the stage and certain distractions attendant on a 'live performance, there are plenty of patrons who don't actually 'see a performance. They .'hear' it, but they would get a lot more out or both seeing and hearing." Warren himself had some Holly wood training a while back when he appeared in "Irish Eyes Are Smiling." He knows that the artists will have to make some con cessions to the camera. Gesture Restraint Needed "We'll have to be more careful of every geture in making films," he explained. "An upraised eyebrow or lipping can look highly exag gerated on the screen when It is magnified 16 times. The grandiose gestures that are necessary to be effective in a huge place like the Met would only seem ridiculous on the screen." The singer, who has command of j leading roles in 22 opera, feeia that screening Met performances will do a great deal toward getting new fans for opera everywhere. "Many who have had no experience experience with opera have heard snatches of opera music which they like, but whclh don't mean much to them," he said. "But if they can hear that music in its proper background, they'll fasten onto it for good, because it will be associated with something they've seen. Ought to help the sale of records, anyway." Warren is a practical man as well as an artist. He makes rec ords. j The speculation on Bea Lillie's male co-star co-star co-star in the new Arthur Schwartz review, "Inside U. S. A.," has been ended by the announcement announcement that Jack Haley will be the chap. No one could be more welcome after an absence in Hollywood of 5 years. Rehearsals will start im mediately.- mediately.- Drama Festival for San Antonio San Antonio, which may have been a bit jealous of the theatrical figure being cut by Dallas, owing to the work there of Margo Jones, is going to have a 4-week 4-week 4-week drama festival of its own beginning next Monday. Lily Cahill. prominent actress on Broadway and the road for many years, will direct the venture. venture. The - festival is expected to lay the' foundation for a permanent professional acting group that will play a full season in San Antonio each winter. Ten Broadway play ers will form the nucleus of this ' season's company, and among them will be Peggy Wood in "Ned j McCobb's Daughter," Ernest Truexi in "George Washington Slept i Here," Muriel Kirkland in "The1 Barrets of Wimpole Street," and ; Miss Cahill in "The Marquise." I Capital for the festival, to be i staged in the Jefferson Auditorium, was subscribed by business and so cial leaders of the community. It is a non-profit non-profit non-profit organization. Crosby Tops Poll Of British rans London CP) British motion j picture exhibitors have named Bing Crosby as the biggest box office office attraction in 1947. The Motion Picture Herald said a poll of exhibitors gave this list of the 10 most popular movie stars In order: Bing Croshy, James Mason, Mason, Anna Neagle, Margaret Lock-wood, Lock-wood, Lock-wood, Bette Davis, John Mills, Alan Ladd, Humphrey Bogart, In grid Bergman and Bob Hope. Basil O'Connor Named To Old British Order Washington JT Basil O'Con nor, president of the American Red Cross, has been named an as sociate knight of Great Britain's Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the Red Cross announced yester day. The order dates from the Hth Century. O'Connor was cited for "humanitarian work of great pro portions." NOW MSM'f TECHNICOLOR musical GOOD UEUS JUNE ALLYSON PETER LAWFORD p'wl -"ARNELO -"ARNELO AFFAIR" ' JOHW HODIAK GEORGE MU7.PHY LATE SHOW SATURDAY AT 12:30 AUDITORIUM TesSifMAlT? Main SL E. at Princ jfjQj Ibe Greatest of A!! Musical Comedies- Comedies- MOWAIO tAINIS. M T. Hm. Trifc. tOSCEIS ul UiriElSTEII Tlx Ntw ilmf Prwia W rte "IMMORTAL... MAGNIFICENT" JOHN CHAPMAN, N. T. Dfl Nn mm Muxit by JEROME KERN took I Lyrics by OSCAR KAMSffERSTEM 2m lowd an h Nov' by EDNA FER8EX Sfa9. by RASSAR0 SHORT t MUN lAMIIIt HOW ARB SAT (Am hr LUCiHOA ALLAS xra- xra- . . . . Maui J" VALENTINA fODTW atTEMOBH TITLES' A UNO! a and lAUTirui lovt sioky H Ai inu n Special Mat. Show Today 2 P. M. Adm. 25 o to All Tax Inc. Mickoy Boonsr and Ellxaboth TtryloT "NATIONAL VELVET" Marqarot O'Brion and Cha. Lauqhlon "Tho Canterville Ghost" Plus 2 Swoll Cartoons TONIGHT STARTING 7 P. M. Alan tadd and Dorothy Lamour "WILD HARVEST" Kant Taylor and Doris Dowllncf "THE CRIMSON KEY" , Dancing II IT II I IM I J 7 Nit.i M HOLIDAYol STARS U A John Laurent Tommy Dowd ta' Marilyn rrechette MEET ME on WHAM M Ennr 1I:0S tn 2 A M From Cslobrity Cornsr K 3 ND WK. Jet OC"BTH r-r- r-r- r-r- r-r- I1ULUUI1 LUUI MASSEY &)T& SCHILOKRAUT 1' NORTHWEST OUTPOST an iHTieaucms Th American G. I. Cham BalANCHESia pB lENORE UlRIC F B..J.1. - . ' THIS SUNDAY JAN. 48:15 P. M. POP CONCERT CIVIC ORCHESTRA GUT BASEB HAEHISON Conductor MAC MORGAN Baritone Soloist Orcht 90c. $1.20 (Ba.) toq: 90c; Mstxi $1.20 (BJ Balcony! 60c (Uarsrdj EASTMAN THEATER Of Vnivtrtily t JtttktUrr lhur tiru Ml ..! . Show Mrt at 1 P. M JOHN WAYNE LARAINE DAY . a ii mm Da 7? 6Beu boms KARLon Ralph byrd "DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESM f CO WW. SIR CEDRIC V IARDW1CKE JUDITH AHDERSOM JAMES GLEASON ANTHONY 60INN MITCHUM GREER. par Ill n ' II I w t l r-ffTin r-ffTin r-ffTin i i I n in i win ii r SMART POLITICS" k KfODII -STIWMT -STIWMT CrN I IlltU 'Hi HARMONICA juNt rn o. ' ion 3 It r. . i . yx ss x v egnfg fflun Friday and Saturday BOB BEHJCE ORCHESTRA AND SINGERS Per Couple BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR ROCHESTER'S FAVORITE THEATERS n LAST TIMES TODAT mmmm r TOO AT A NX) SAT. "PIRATES OF MONTEREY" Maria Mont. Rod Camaroa "SPIRIT OF " WEST POINT" GLENN "DOC" DAVIS BLANCHARD coioa- coioa- Esther WILLIAMS Jimmy DUHAim "THIS TIME FOR KEEPS" Dick MARTIN Francas BAFFEHTT "Adventures of Doa Coyote" triXTt 1777771 1 m HELD OVER 2nd BIG WEEK! 1 A I vl S 130 cau MMOfiGAAio mm f Arm THE WIEK ItOTMUS ANDSEWSSISTERS 1 1 l yturfjjutttnm k Mad 1 IWI aTflVVC'l I II V 1 WARNtRIMi LQVfHnaw elm "BIG TOWN AFTER . DARK" Phillip HUIary Rd Brook JTPlat: 1st Rocktslrr Showing I j GENE AUTRY , "5" I LAST DAT Groucho MARX Carman MIS ANSA "COPACAIANA WUUam ELLIOTT Vara HALSTOH "WYOMING" MAIM ! 1 LAST DAY John HODIAK LUabalh SCOTT "DESERT FURY" In Color Al PEARCE Arlan HARRIS "ONE EXCITING WEEK" John HODIAK Uzobath SCOTT "DESERT FURY" In Color Al PEARCE Arlan HARRIS "ONE EXCITING WEEK" Mt LAST DAY Rob'L PAIGE Tad DONALDSON "RED STALLION" Panny SINGLETON Arthur LAKE "BLONDIE IN THE DOUGH" OCHtiTfl ShUl.r TEMPLE Ron REAGAN THAT HAGEN GIRL" Laon ERROL Elr KNOX "Jo Palooka la Kaockoaf" 1 LAST DAY Dannr KAYE Vlrtjinia MAYO "merm LH at Waltar Mittv" Dick MARTIN Francos HATFERTY "Adventures of Don Csvote" AT MAIM Victor MATURE Brian DONLEVT "KISS OF DEATH" Lynn ROBERTS Charlas DRAKE "WINTER WONDERLAND" l TWO BIG HITS WALT DISNEY'S "FUN and FANCY FREE" Plus "CHRISTMAS EYE" Geo. Geo. Randy RAFT, BRENT SCOTT

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