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stiuh nlx. attle will , 'e- '»‘f nt Fake mutually «'tendrai .......- .......... his son iKi,„ii „I Si w idow’ ll eased •-*«' Kiiov ' M W Orr h.a.s ka-n lying ouife iH for -everal week* pasf .fame.s .M .pie s new siou rmtm is U-jng piislusi rapidly forward r I'**,If*“" I'^mc from J,ivr-rpo«>l foi sf-veral day- riie Mellsville Cauoi --till seaifers ".Sa linerille sbu k" to tlie w irids Mr and Mrs I.a;vi Johns and daughter spent the 4lh in Fiverpool Diekdd'ikr *'n *'*’«'>rcuflne kihl lire and burglar (iroof safe Mr Few sSrighl is shimrig up his store r--in, r.-cently vat ateil t.y J,,s Hell ^wHrtout is putting in a splendid t-s k ol hardware in his new store r<M,m Or Hammond, of Wdlsville, has Ireen lu re several times lately, visiting patients Buy your fresh meat ot .Vdolph Heiter km will get goiHl (,ualitv and giKxl value. M ils . .JoJm Umdolph ha? re-otRaied the blilul ‘^d't by lui dee. asetJ hus- Maiiyoi ,»ur jH'ople took advantage of 44'.-,I,I:"/;,-"'-'""'™ .Mr and Mrs. Thomas «¿nayle, of Wells- l.!V¡,r,'r,l''‘'».n-in.lJ, -Mi-S Mamie Orr closed the st h.Kil at iiSi-ilV™',' ♦-"« • «K- I he inaehine shop and fmimlry w ith a '"""'"''I ""■i-.-i". H< v Fathers Terney and I) .f piy,,,, - .10 toeontemi with is that the lu-iilth niu foinmunily is ruinously p.xHl Ik Ftloon Hros. have taken the con- Uviuvilk''*’''*'' bt.tiding in week ‘ ""“neneinLF on the w,.,i, .1.;.. tng on tlie work tliii ,0 ',';'^'‘"'‘‘,‘V'«'|'-ling buween ;‘h and the in front of }he trustees of tk:'M''fy ihurdinnd the town Cumieil as to the gra-k tlie i-hurch. Sulid-’ie*^* '' *>’ " l""^d„al, on i....rr'K,'i;iCïïîSS:;i nislie.iit, there is no {¡ ih I.” Mrs .MiuyE Frost, Misses Fi/.zie O At 1, a- Em --I vs. of ,-. to guests of liev. J N Wilson. Hev W. .M Eaton, of .Medianicslown ms kam ele. ted by the Irusmc^^í m.' Washington und.Idferson College to take ......'»a-.., II is reporte,I that W I, M n.R. eon c .iipUt, s k^.ing into the trcshing iuudune rt m.n 1 '»ant thinks the v,‘ 1 “w <iumlH-r of visits ,4 h IS ma,le to .I D.'s lately Will sa>s H, ui> Is laboring under a niisannre ll,.,,|.,.,,.„"u, I,,.,,.,., 1,..b„,„„,'l,"1Í.V feo. Me.Millari’s tim,- will he up again ' " .l "'liiy next, the kkth. unless he- k- muie!l'''r)r's ìT *“’* l*<‘ "<»m t -i I bli reply to his let- 1,1." . M,-Mi!kn to t, II the ti tin- whole truth—an,I be IbëTrmli'.'n ■'^■‘«''••^-iMl.elm.ltok „ J "xm-pl that whidi now impiiciik-d his lath, r, und that he ;7"l k"Pt to the last on his, of vs ■‘<<mie wkat ami a goo,l de-,1 of grass -m k en cut in this vicinity. Wheat i.s till mug ,)iit we are iidurmed by larnu-rs vmmwhat k-tter than had k-i",. antic b ■ nd i ! 7 ‘■M/^‘^ i‘‘Ily on tlu- low 1-inds, Is not so giaid as was exoeeted km-llrn ^ ?"IKTabundunt rains, which’ mv, .ilmost drowned it out in sp,„s, as it vs lu A ‘ K HI ioculitiis ami caii hanl- 'o olfset this, on ,^. V **“'‘"*1'w ill he much k-lter Vs .111,1 than last yem Already tbe leapp.iinling of the iioliee m baving ,4 telling e,f,.e, „ „ „„.‘„nk,- '• lb" coiiimmiity. «s well as uiku , the . lea.siiryi .Mm-e „nr last n-port. Vim-vnt "j ( mkle has paid for drmikemiess -nul imleeeiit e\|>,isuie; liaruev .Miller i t Ui** mmiiux * t.’ * .ISää'ÄÄ V'* **<i, and lie is rendering an ‘'<l>iivulenl iin the village streets, iiinler , '/\7^^>*P;«;vjsion of Commission,-,- .s„„ t I 4, vf ''auimssioiier .'sini ', -Mi-Namara was also re<|uired to Iea\e f.j ami costs, lor ilninkeuiiess. ' ‘/""i*'" wdio live in gluss should i I*"'’ ‘'"wn Uie tilinds. ! There KUO.M orit COKItKSl’OMlK.NT. Hot vveatlu-r luK-iuts nou-esi. IS a man in I{.,b,-iisville wlio wanis lo ile President. H jr4-e,st i., now- Oli liand, and ilu- .sound ot die mowcr eaii in- lieard 011 nearly ,-vei v f-irm. ^ The niiiK-s are doing veiv lidie Ibis mondi, eniise,|ueiidy a miinher of men aro out of *‘in|ilovm( nf I he ti-iUH|, is not US a gi-iu-ral Ihiiig wealdiy, lini he em alibi,1 tu spemi hi.s summers in die country A mimlK-r of d,e Tweniy.diir,! W„rd. ites are p iintiiig tlieir liousi-s, soiiietliing dn4f was miieh ma-,lei, as d„-v bave k-eii kiilt lor yeais and fiainl tò du-ni is a stranger. ‘ Life" is k-sl meiit of tkrhilly b, the impulsi- oarìy du- nii-acnlous t hdurt-ti; -''eigeaiil Thoinpson Post, (i A. !{• now oi-cupies a line room in the Masonic Dpera-h.mse, and an- now n idy and in good sli,i|H-to entertain those wlio desire to vi>it them liuiii m-ighhoiiiig Po»is. No wonder Bryan Conner wants to sell Ills lot in tlie 'I weiity third ward f ilu- mor says it is no uncommon tiling to see ghosts in tliat vicinity almost any night H^ von don't believe it, g„ h-,,- (a, your lacked die world eenlury these acl i.ssol women, of learn inore IB snppliisl •!. ♦♦ritli n. BtJ'le, widi <l»minance which stiidentcd turned Ins 4(idor ol I he valor pas.-K-d, Ifrate their age*' "* llie

Clipped from The Saturday Review14 Jul 1883, SatPage 3

The Saturday Review (East Liverpool, Ohio)14 Jul 1883, SatPage 3
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