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9 z Q a: a. .S o I O- Wl £ I o c 3 CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS By BLAKE STEVENS United States Expert With six games left to play, Tal is leading the Candidate's Tournament by a score of ! Keres is next with 14-8, t h e n Srnyslov 12J4-9J4, f o l l o w e d b y Petrosian 12-10. So the Russians Russians dominate the field of 8, with Gligoric 1111, 1111, Fischer 9-13, O I a f s son 7-15, and Benko 6V4- '* ' ' ·-- '\y/2- '\y/2- This line-up Stevens could easily be the final standing. Tal will win, Fischer has a firm grip on 6lh place and would have to perform a few miracles to place any higher. higher. Even so, Fischer's showing is not a disappointment. He has played many tine games and, at last count, was plus against Keres. The experience he has gained in this one tournarrent has been tremendous. tremendous. He may become world champion before he reaches the grand old age of 231 Botvlonik's Trial Keenly watching the outcome o( the Candidate's Tournament is M, Botvinnik, who has been world champion since 1948, except for six months in 1958 when he temporarily temporarily lost the title to V. Smys- lov, only to re-capture it in the return match. Of the eight potential challengers, challengers, he is least worried about Benko, Olafsson, and Fischer. They Jack experience. Gligoric is a more worthy opponent, but Mr. Botvinnik Botvinnik probably feels that he would not lose his crown to the Hungarian Hungarian mainly due to the fact that they both have similar styles of play. There would be few surprises, surprises, and Botvinnik is a shade more refined in his skill and technique technique than Gligoric. Nor would the present champion have many doubts as to the outcome outcome against Petrosian, who is a fine player, but of similar stamp (style of play) as Botvinnik, Petro- sian is lacking a liitte !a aggressiveness. aggressiveness. It is well to recall that to wia the match against the world champion, Die challenger must obtain obtain slightly above a 50 per cent score, as a draw match favors the current champion--he keeps his title in the event of a tie match! It is at this stage that Botvinnik really becomes worried. Who would he prefer to meet among Keres, Smyslov, and Tal? Probably Probably Keres, even though the Estonian Estonian has been highly successful in the Candidate's Tournament. Botvinnik has a good score against Keres, and they have played many times over the past 25 years. Having lost the title once to Vassily Smyslov, Botvinnik would dislike having to go through that ordeal again, against a tough, grinding opponent who is about 19 years his junior. Yet among all the challengers, it is Tal whom he f e a r s most. Tal, 20 y e a r s younger, tactical genius with a burning desire desire to become world champion. Tal, who will win the Condidate's Tourney, is the man Botvinnik will have to face, fight, battle, struggle, and succumb. Problem While lo Ploy and Draw

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 08 Nov 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 98

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